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American professional wrestler Jerry Lawler: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Millions of people, especially men, have at least once watched exciting wrestling wrestlers. Behind the struggle of representatives of the stronger sex, athletically built and full of courage and desperate drive, you can watch endlessly. Each battle is a small theatrical performance, accompanied by loud music and cheers of fans. The fight in the ring is not only a demonstration of male power and aggression, but also resourcefulness, dexterity and, of course, charisma.

What do we know about the stars of wrestling? A rare person will name at least a couple of names of famous heroes of this sport. Jerry Lawler - perhaps one of the most vivid characters, built a sporting career in the ring and beyond. He knows the sweet taste of victory, and the bitterness of defeat. But, despite all the twists and turns of fate, he defended and continues to defend the title of king of the ring.


Jerry Lawler (Jerry Lawler) was born on November 29, 1949, in the USA, the city of Memphis (Tennessee). From his childhood he was noted for his lively character and strong physique. For most of his life, Jerry lived in his hometown, from a young age he worked as a disc jockey and did not even dream of a wrestler career. But in the 1960s a meeting with Aubrey Griffith, the promoter of local wrestlers, turned his life around. Jerry received an offer to participate in training. And already in 1970, Lowler made his debut in the ring. A year later the wrestler won the championship title. This victory was followed by the following - at the NWA Southern Tag Championship.

In 1974, twice champion Jerry Lawler went to fight with his coach Jackie Fargo. This victory was not easy for the wrestler, but became crucial in his career. Now Jerry - not just the owner of the AWA Southern Heavyweight belt, but also the title "King of the Ring".

Five years after this significant victory Jerry "King" Lawler takes part in the championship CWA (Continental Wrestling Association). And again victory! This time the fight was with Billy Graham.

From 1983 to 1986, Jerry Lawler continues a happy career streak. He becomes AWA champion for the second time, wins the title of NWA Mid America champion (the fight with Randy Savage) and once again confirms the title of King, but already in the international championship AWA (fight with Billy Dundee).


Jerry Lawler had a very busy life in the ring. It can not be said that he was an absolute champion and did not know any defeats at all. But for his active career, the American wrestler won 140 championships (local and international). Moreover, Jerry Lawler is a three-time world champion (World Class Wrestling Association). But, perhaps, the most significant and happy event in the career of the wrestler was his entry into the Hall of Fame WWE.

Personal life

In parallel to a successful career, Jerry Lawler's personal life was no less intense. He was married three times. Marriage with his first wife, Kay, gave the wrestler two sons - Brian and Kevin. The eldest son (Bryan) followed in the footsteps of his father and became a professional and quite successful wrestler. In the sports world, he is known as Grandmaster Sexay. The second son (Kevin) also wrestled, but did not go far in it and changed the field of activity.

In 1982, Jerry Lawler married for the second time. This marriage only knows the name of his wife (Paula) and the fact that they lived together for about ten years.

The third wife of the king of the ring was Stacey Carter - also a professional wrestler, known by the name of Cat. They met at a charity match on softball. Jerry Lawler was still married to Paula and did not see Stacey as a future passion. However, over time, they became friends. This was largely promoted by common interests and hobbies, including wrestling. It was Jerry who helped Stacey in the development and development of a sports career.

Game or Reality

The list of wins Jerry Lawler is huge. He was not afraid to fight the legends of wrestling (Terry Funk and Hulk Hogan) and gained the upper hand. But the most famous of his rivals was the artist Andy Kaufman. Elucidation of relations between these men occurred in the ring, and on television, and, possibly, in real life. So, in one of David Letterman 's series of broadcasts, Lawler slapped Kaufman, which became one of the bright and memorable moments of the American show. And it was this incident that helped Jerry get a role in the film "Man on the Moon", dedicated to the life and work of E. Kaufman.

King of the ring today

Today, Jerry Lawler is 66 years old. He works as a commentator for WWE fights. Jerry is considered the most sincere and emotional commentator. He knows the ring very well and is familiar with the microphone.

And although according to age and sports standards Lawler long retired, his proud nature for a long time did not give him rest. Sounds loud music, wrestling, "Jerry Lawler" is displayed on the running scoreboard ... A well-known fighter with a height of 183 cm and weighing 110 kg again performed in the ring, worrying the fans. Of course, these battles were less aggressive and, rather, symbolic. But it seems that Jerry could not sit in the commentator's chair and even today is eager for new victories.

Interesting Facts

  • Professional wrestler is known to everyone as Jerry King Lawler. The real name of it sounds like Jerry O'Neill Lawler.
  • In 1980, Lawler was forced to take a break in his career because of a broken leg. Only a few months later the wrestler was able to return with new strength to his favorite ring.
  • The brilliant career and life of Jerry Lawler has long attracted the attention of the media and ordinary viewers. In 2002, the wrestler made a gift to his fans and fans of wrestling and released an autobiography "It's good to be king ...". The book was enthusiastically received by critics and readers. Until now, demand for it has not subsided, and it remains one of the most popular in the WWE autobiography series.
  • Jerry Lawler always had good health, which was largely promoted by the sport lifestyle. However, on September 11, 2012, he had a heart attack. The incident occurred on the air, in front of millions of viewers. Without consciousness, Jerry fell on the commentator's desk. Colleagues took him backstage and put him in an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, Jerry stopped breathing. Only after 10 minutes the doctors managed to resume the rhythm of the heart. It was a clinical death. In the hospital, Lawler was urgently operated, during which the cardiac aorta was artificially enlarged. After this, the wrestler was introduced a complex of sedatives to maintain the heart and reduce the load on it.

  • In addition to sports, Jerry proved to be a good actor, musician and politician. In the movie, the most serious film was the film "Man on the Moon" (1999), where the wrestler played himself, and the main role - Jim Carrey, who played the role of rival Jerry on the ring and comedian Andy Kaufman.
  • Also as an actor, Lawler was invited to the movie "Girls who have become dead" (2012) and the series "Soup" and "Dear, I have reduced children."

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