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Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, filmography. Best movies with Zavorotnyuk

A well-known TV presenter, a popular actress and just a "beautiful nanny" Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, whose filmography has more than 30 roles, continues to act actively in film, delighting the audience with her charming smile and bright images. Known to many as a popular actress, she has about 30 diverse roles in films and serials in her stock. Let's see what films Anastasia recognized as the best, and what surprises she prepared for her audience.


Anastasia was born in the city of Astrakhan. Since childhood, the girl often had to go to the theater, because her mother was an actress of Astrakhan Youth Theater, and her father was a director. This determined the choice of the future profession. In her youth she was fond of music and dancing. I was engaged in a dance studio. I dreamed of playing seriously in the theater. Contrary to everything, Anastasia decided after the school to enroll in the Faculty of History. However, she did not leave her dream of becoming a famous actress, so exactly one year later, instead of planned educational excavations, she left for Moscow, where she was received at the Moscow Art Theater. Here Zavorotnyuk falls on the course of the Vanguard Leontief. Already in the years of study she began to play in the theater. The first performance is "Don Juan". In 1993, after the successful completion of the famous Moscow Art Theater, Anastasia became an actress of the Tabakov Theater. For 10 years she played in 30 performances. Among the most famous roles in the theater are: "Ordinary story" (Nadia), "Matrosskaya Tishina" (Tanya), "Dangerous connections" (Amili), "Not all cats carnival" (Agnia), "Last" (Hope), "All As in humans "(Suzette). However, Varya's favorite role was always Varya from the Passion for Bumbarash. Like many theatrical actresses, she always dreamed of a film career. Her dream came true early enough, but the glory came much later.

The first film

Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, whose filmography begins with her first role, received it in 1991, back in her student years. In the film "Mashenka" by Tamara Pavlyuchenko, based on the famous book by Nabokov, the girl played the main role. In the same year she voiced Christopher Robin in the cartoon about the adventures of "Winnie the Pooh".

Best Movies

However, fame does not come until many years later. At random coincidence of circumstances in 2004 she was invited to the role of Ukrainian Victoria Prutkovskaya in the series, about which she does not have even the slightest idea. The series, entitled "My Fair Nanny" is quickly becoming popular, and Anastasia with her Ukrainian accent, borrowed from a colleague in the theater, turns into a favorite of millions of Russian viewers. Two years later, in 2006, a colleague in the series, Sergei Zhigunov, invited Zavorotnyuk to shoot in the film "The Code of the Apocalypse," where she appeared in a completely new image - a special agent in the fight against terrorism. Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, whose filmography is gradually increasing, has since begun to actively withdraw in the cinema. Among the most famous paintings of recent years, you can highlight a remake for the film Eldar Ryazanov "Office Romance", where Nastya plays the role of Olenka Ryzhova.

Filmography of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Since 1991, in the actor's "luggage" of Nastya - about 30 roles. This is short films, and art paintings, and serials. In any image, the actress remains bright, stylish and charming. After filming in the film "Mashenka" (1991), the actress receives the main role (Lizka) in the film "Likhaya Couple" (1993). In 2002, the famous film "Heir", where Zavorotnyuk plays the daughter of a priest, is published. From 2004 to 2008, the actress remains in the image of Vika's nanny from the series "My Fair Nanny", beloved by many Russians. Simultaneously, in 2007, Anastasia starred in films: "Shakespeare never dreamed" (Lizon), "Code of the Apocalypse" (Dasha). In 2008, the Russian audience enjoys the "Non-ideal woman" (Lubanya). In 2009 Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, whose filmography is already impressive, is removed in "Artifact" (Rita) and in "Gogol" (Smirnov-Rosset). A year later in 2010, the actress receives a major role in the popular TV series "Amanda O". Significant for the star is 2011, when she receives three roles at once: in the film "Office Romance. Our time "(Olya Ryzhova)," The House on the Edge "(Anna)," The Bridegroom by the Announcement "(Verochka). In the following year, 2012, the Russian audience also sees movies with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: "Moms" (Nadezhda Pushkareva), "Gaulaiter Hunt" (Galina), "Mistress of the White Nights" (Marinochka). The last roles in the movie are marked by the publication of paintings: "Women on the Verge" (Rudenko) and "Do not cry for me, Argentina!" (Kristina Krylova). At the moment there are new films in the production with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: "I'm not afraid anymore", "Family 3D" and "Provocator". The actress does not stop there, and is very active in acting.

Work on TV

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, a film with which every Russian has seen, is no less well known as a TV presenter. She started her career with the program "Good Songs" (CTC channel), having replaced Tina Kandelaki in 2005. In different years she led "Kitchen for Dummies", "Dancing on Ice", "Dancing with the Stars". On Channel One Anastasia was the host of the "Ice Age", "Marriage Games", as well as the show "Ice and Fire". Its co-host was Irina Slutskaya, Marat Basharov and Dmitry Dibrov. Zavorotnyuk also worked in TV programs: "Big Race", "Minute of Glory", "Smachna Liga", "Two Stars", "Nastya", "Fort Boyard", and "Like Two Drops." Anastasia can often be seen in different images, but always she is invariably elegant, charming and emotional.


Talent Zavorotnyuk did not go unnoticed. For her acting skills, Anastasia received many awards and prizes. In 2005, for the best role in the television series My Fair Nanny, the actress receives the Golden Ostap Award. In the same year, five more awards go into the star's asset: "Cover of the Year" - in the nomination "Opening of the Year"; "Top X Sexy" - as the sexiest actress; "TEFI" - for the role also in the series "My Fair Nanny"; "Woman of the Year Glamor" - in the nomination of the actress of the year; "The Golden Seven" - in the category of actress sex symbol. In 2006, Zavorotnyuk receives an honorable knowledge of a well-deserved artist, and also a Telenedelya award - as the best TV actress. In 2007, two more prizes supplement the "luggage" of the star: "The Golden Seven" in the nomination of the actress of the year "FSB" - for acting.

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