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Make the right choice of underwear is not easy. Each woman has her own type of figure, so the linen is chosen appropriate, oddly enough, but for each figure suits its style. For those who have difficulty in choosing underwear, it is necessary to read the recommendations that are given in the article below. Any linen should be free and not bring any discomfort, if it does not meet the general requirements, then it is worth to choose the other style.

What are the women's bras?

Before choosing the underwear, you should carefully read the variety of choices. Women's bras are presented in large numbers, they can differ not only in color, material and size, but also with their own unique models. Choosing the right bra will depend on the shape of the chest. Many women dream of making their forms more sexy, attractive and lush, for this purpose there are special bras with a lining, and other women, on the contrary, want their big breasts to make neat, so they opt for pulling models that allow the chest to raise slightly.

It is also worth remembering that not every bra can come up for evening dresses, sometimes it is necessary to hide straps and cups, for example, if the dress is too open, then the looking bra will not always look aesthetic, for this case a silicone model will do.

Basic types of bras

Each woman gives her preference to a certain type of bra, so it is worthwhile to dwell in detail on each of them:

  1. Classics are always in vogue, such a bra can be worn daily. He has closed cups that do not hold the shape very much, as there are no pits in it, but this does not stop the model from being used for any form of breast. As a rule, these kinds of bras are made of smooth monophonic fabric.
  2. Push-up is a special frame for maintaining the breast with cups of a special shape. This bra is suitable for girls who do not have magnificent shapes, but with the help of special silicone inserts the breast becomes bulky and increases in size. These kinds of bras are not recommended to be worn constantly, because they can negatively affect a woman's health.
  3. Its name "balconet" bra was received because of the shape that resembles a balcony. This is an open bra, which is designed for large breasts. The bra beautifully supports the breast, while it half closes it, and half opens, emphasizing the beauty of the chest and the hollow between the right and left breasts. Now, without any problems, you can choose a lace bra or a smooth one, as women's attention is given a huge choice.

Unusual models of bras

Along with the basic types of bras there are also lesser known models, which can be found in the shops of underwear.

  1. Demi is a completely open bra, which slightly covers the lower part of the chest. If you need to emphasize the decollete, then this option is ideal.
  2. The multi-wee is a strapless bra, there are more exact straps, but they are removed. This kind of brassiere can be worn in several ways.
  3. Modern women choose a model called bustier. This bra can be considered something between the corset and the bra, since the cups are joined together by a corset. This bra is suitable for women who want to pull their breasts and at the same time make it uniform.
  4. The seamless bra has no seams, it is sewn from a thin fabric and can be worn under tight clothes.
  5. For sports couturier women, sports bras developed that are made from dense fabric and hold the chest even during intense sports training.

Naturally, these are not all kinds of bras that exist, but above are considered the main models found in stores.

What style to choose for an evening dress with an open back?

To buy linen for evening dresses is necessary together with a dress and to measure it is necessary too all together that not to be mistaken with a choice. If the dress is with an open back, then you need to choose a transparent bra. It should be as convenient as possible and do not crash into the body, as this will immediately be noticeable. When the dress is worn on the top, care should be taken to ensure that the edges and cups of the bra are not visible.

For a dress that is sleeveless, the bra is perfectly fitting without strapless. In this case, you can not see any traces of the presence of the strapless on the shoulders, but the breast will be beautifully emphasized. Transparent bra is also called invisibility in another way, as to the material from which it is made, it is pleasant to the body and does not irritate the skin at all. Such a bra may not be suitable for every outfit, it should be worn in certain cases.

What is the shape of a transformer bra?

Considering all kinds of bras, it is impossible not to mention a bra-transformer. This bra is great for women who have a large breast size, and also whose breasts are small, that is, we can say with confidence about the versatility of this model. A lace bra can be worn under any clothing, but not under a dress with an open back, because the look will be unaesthetic. This kind is more classic, but the difference from other models is that the straps in this case can be rearranged the way a woman can comfortably, if you want to wear a bra under the open dress, then you can unfasten the straps at all.

How to choose the right bra for the size?

Before choosing a bra, you must know the dimensions, since the wrong model can damage your health. If the size of the bra is unknown, the size chart will help to make the right choice, in addition, it is worth paying attention to such recommendations:

  1. If you need to choose a bra for daily wear, it is best to choose it from natural materials. It is important to remember that it should be free: if you choose a bra, whose cups will squeeze the chest, you can face greater health problems later, because the blood will not get enough blood, so the blood circulation will worsen.
  2. A bra that fits the volume and size of the cups does not yet indicate that this is exactly your option, since it is necessary to pay attention that no creases appear on the skin, and the straps and bones do not press or rub.

What are the sizes of bras?

If a woman does not know what the size of a bra is suitable for her, the table will be an excellent help in this difficult choice. It is worth noting that in the US and England there are different sizes, which differ from Russian standards, since they have dimensions in inches.

To choose the right bra, you need to know the size of the bust, for this you can apply a centimeter tape and measure the chest girth. Measurements are considered correct if two main points are taken into account, namely: the size of the breast along the protruding points, as well as the breast circumference under the mammary glands.

How to correctly measure

You will not be able to perform the measurements yourself, as the data may be distorted during the movement, so it will be necessary to call for help from a friend or a close person who will take measurements, but the person himself should be at rest with his hands down. Also, when buying, pay attention to the label, which indicates all the dimensions, including the volume of cups, as a rule, it is indicated by letters.

It is best to use international, generally accepted standards, for this you need to choose the table that is listed below.

76.2 81.3 86.4 91.5 96.5 101.6 106.7 112

What should I look for when choosing a bra?

When choosing it is important to take into account not only the model of the brassiere and its size, there are many more nuances that you should also pay attention to, consider them in more detail, as not every woman is familiar with the recommendations given below:

  1. Determined with the size of the bra after accurate measurements, do not immediately run to the store to buy this thing, the fact is that not for each form of the breast can fit bras, and this means that you need to always measure how it will sit on the body .
  2. Buying one style of its size does not mean that a woman will be able to fit the same size, but already of another bra, so wearing such a bra in future will be uncomfortable.
  3. You can not follow clearly stated data in the table of sizes, because each woman's breast is individual, if one size is ideal, then in another cup can be deeper or, conversely, too small.
  4. When trying on a bra, one must be guided only by one's own sensations. Wearing a thing, you should move in it, it is necessary to raise your hands up, if there is discomfort, then you need to try on a model of another style or try to measure a larger bra.

Using all the above recommendations, you will certainly choose a bra of the right size, which will suit any clothes and will emphasize once again all the virtues of a beautiful woman that attract the attention of men.

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