How to fold t-shirts to preserve the appearance

To preserve the original look of any thing behind it, careful care is required. In most cases, this detail is not paid due attention, but just need to know how to fold the t-shirts so that they always look like new. There are various ways of neatly folding T-shirts, and each is unique in its own way.

How quickly to fold the T-shirts so that while they do not crumple and stay in great shape? Very simple, you need a bit of skill, sleight of hand and desire. Do not think that it's very easy to understand how to fold t-shirts, and everything will turn out the first time. After all, we want to achieve excellence in this business, and not just lay it down and put it on the shelf. It would not hurt to see how the Chinese fold T-shirts, because they have this skill honed to automatism. They use their skills after tailoring, to quickly and neatly put everything together and sent for sale. When we buy a new, sealed T-shirt, we see that it is folded perfectly, that's just the merit of the Chinese. But we should get no worse, and maybe even better.

So, before correctly folding shirts, you need to understand that there are no wrinkles, dents and unevenness here, but speed, accuracy, evenness and appearance are welcomed. Of course, the first time it may not work out, but each time it will be better and better. Observing all the instructions, you will easily understand how correctly to fold the t-shirts neatly and correctly, keeping their appearance and prolonging the service life. In fact, the technique is very simple. Put the T-shirt in front of you, squeezing it well. Now take in the palms of the right and left sleeves T-shirts. Both arms are turned inside, observing the boundaries on their bend. As a result, the T-shirt should resemble a rectangle. If the shirt is large, then it can be folded several times more. For more convenience, you can use a special board, on which it is very good and fast to fold things.

There is another way of folding t-shirts, which is more suitable for saving space in the closet or in your suitcase, if there is a trip. This method is called the collapsing method. In this case, the sleeves are folded inward, and the resulting rectangle is folded into the cylinder. If you have to deal with T-shirts with complex patterns, in this case, after folding the sleeves inside, it is enough to fold the T-shirt once, until the square is obtained. The main thing is to make sure that the picture is not damaged and is not on the bend.

It is very important to be able to properly and beautifully put on T-shirts, because in this way you can always keep order in your closet, and the thing will retain its original look for a long time. The main thing is to work out the folding technique, and everything will turn out very quickly. When there is always a neatly folded T-shirt in front of her eyes, she will no longer want to throw casually on the shelf. Your loved ones will appreciate the acquired skills and ability to preserve the appearance of their belongings.

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