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Dmitry Maryanov: filmography and biography. Personal life and the best roles

Talented actors in modern theater and cinema are many. It's hard to remember all their faces and names. But about who Dmitry Marianov is, probably everyone knows. In his acting arsenal there are already more than sixty-five works in films and more than fifteen in the theater. Fans of his talent are now increasingly interested in the history of his life. Therefore, the topic of today's article will be the biography of Dmitry Marianov. What was his path to the starry Olympus?

Childhood future actor

Dmitry Maryanov was born in 1969, on the first day of the first month of winter - on December 1. His mother worked as an accountant, and his father was an employee of the Ministry of Transport of the USSR. When the future actor was a little boy, the question about his name was always answered: "Di-di". Even then he was not like other guys - he was special. Parents placed high hopes on Di-di: mother dreamed that her son would become a great philosopher, when he graduated from a prestigious university, and his father saw in the boy the future of a real fighter. Dmitry loved his parents very much and managed to become both of them, so as not to offend any of them.

Earlier the beginning of adulthood

Popular and popular today actor Dmitry Marjanov began his journey to the dream very early. From the first class, he attended the theatrical school No. 123 in the Khlynovsky dead end, and after the seventh grade he moved to school at the theater in Krasnaya Presnya. From an early age, Dima was an actor in a small eccentric theater called "The Scientist Monkey."

Dmitry Maryanov very early stopped playing Cossack robbers, war and hide and seek, like other guys. From the age of fourteen he began to play in real life, felt all the ups and downs when he started acting in films and playing in the theater. In addition, he managed to do acrobatics, horseback riding, gymnastics, sambo, boxing, football, swimming, street dancing, fishing and diving under the ice.


About the fact that there is such an institution as GITIS, Dmitry Marianov knew, but there is still no information about the fact that there is still VGIK and the Higher Theater School named after Shchepkin. Therefore, I decided to enter the Shchukin Theater School. But he fell into the ranks of students not the first time. In the first qualifying round, he failed the exam, but the dedication and stubborn nature helped Dima not give up. The second time, successfully copying an essay that he failed, he entered the school, where until 1992 he lived a gay and, as he recalls, an eternally hungry student life.

Student years

Dima did not achieve outstanding academic achievements, on the contrary, he was an outspoken hooligan, but teachers always treated him with special trepidation and respect, since they considered him a kind of genius. Using loyalty from the teachers, Dmitry sometimes ran off with lectures in order to feast on crabs, caviar and royal prawns, which brought his brother from Vladivostok.

Parents were lucky that they did not find Dmitry's transition age: at that time they lived and worked in Afghanistan. The son rushed to extremes for the sake of attention from the opposite sex. He fried eggs and apples, and soup brewed from beer, and even for the sake of the girl managed to be in Spain without a ticket, without a visa, and at that time, most likely, without a head.

Carier start

In 1992, Dmitry graduated from the school, left the "Scientific Monkey" and settled in Lenkom. For the first time an aspiring actor starred in the movie when he was 14. This was a picture of Fedosov Valery "Was not there." In 1986, he played his first major role in the film "Above the Sky." His hero struck many. Dima did not look like his other peers - he dressed unusually, wore an extravagant hairstyle and sang to the then unknown voice of Presnyakov Junior.

Marianov's golden hour

Other films with Dmitry Marianov were no less interesting and maximally revealed his acting potential. In 1988 a film with his participation "Dear Elena Sergeevna" was released. In 1991, Marjanov played the main role in the film "Love." These works made him famous throughout the country. But still the peak of his popularity at that time was the movie "The Fighter", where he played Marine Marines Paladin Maxim, nicknamed "Dumb" and himself performed most of the tricks. Actor and now have to perform many tricks in films and television series. He almost never uses the backup services, he does everything himself. This is helped by good physical training, acrobatics and gymnastics in the past.

Dmitry Maryanov: Filmography

Among the films with Dmitry's participation, mention should be made of the following: The Countess de Monsoro (1997), The President and His Granddaughter (1999), Maroseika, 12 (2000), The Lion's Share (2001), Rostov-Pope (2001), The Killer's Diary (2003), The Sea Star's Cavaliers (2004), Students-2 (2006), The Chief Caliber (2006), Carambol (2006), Radio Day 2008), The Bodyguard (2008), The Game of Truth (2013). In addition to the fact that the actor played roles in more than sixty-five films, he successfully performed on the stage. With his participation, the audience saw the performances "Bremen Musicians", "Royal Games", "Cruel Games", "Memorial Prayer", "Two Women", "Juno and Avos", "Barbarian and Heretic" and others.

Dmitry Maryanov showed himself as a successful TV presenter. He conducts the program "Eyewitness" on REN-TV, and earlier conducted the program "Holocaust of the Week" on TV-6.

Life Behind the Scenes

In addition to sports and women, the actor has another passion - motorcycles. Dmitry fearlessly drives a bike, jumps with a parachute. Many people are interested in Dmitry Maryanov's personal life . But only that he is still unmarried and does not plan to know about her. As the actor himself says, he is afraid of becoming dependent on someone, freedom is too valuable for him to bind himself with family ties. But Maryanov has a son, whom he gave birth model Olga Anosova. For some time Dmitry met Lobacheva Irina, with whom he met on the project "Ice Age", but their relationship did not end in marriage. Dmitry Maryanov prefers to remain in the role of the famous ladies' man and bachelor and to love all women, not just one.

Marianova Women

The list of Dmitry Marianov's love victories is no less impressive than his filmography. The first love of the actor was a classmate Tatyana Skorokhodova, a clever and beautiful Shchukin school. The girl was spoiled by the attention of stately and wealthy men and did not even pay attention to her peers. Marjanov became an exception to the rule. Their turbulent relationship lasted three years, many friends of Dmitry consider Tatyana his first wife. She remembers that they were well together, except for those moments when Dima returned home drunk after another drinking binge with friends. They lived in a student hostel, often sat without money, but that did not stop them from loving each other. Tanya and Dima together starred in the movie "Love", where the plot played the couple. Friends told them then that this is a bad omen - they will not get married in life. And it happened.

In 1994, Dmitry met Anosova Olga, but even when she became pregnant, he did not hurry to marry her. Soon after the birth of her son, Olga realized that Dima was not going to live a full family life, so she drove him out of her life. Now they communicate, mainly, on the issues of raising a son.

In 2007, Marianov was carried away by the partner in the show "Ice Age", but their romance did not last long.

Among other Marianov's passions, it is worth recalling Eugene Brik (the current wife of Valery Todorovsky) and the dancer Olga Silaenkov.

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