Kirillovka, dolphinarium "Oscar": address, swimming with dolphins, reviews

There is one wonderful resort on the coast of the Azov Sea, which is especially popular with families with children, is the village of Kirillovka. The Dolphinarium "Oscar", which opened there not so long ago, is another way of fun and interesting to spend your leisure time, having come to rest in this place.

Visiting such a wonderful event will undoubtedly cause a lot of positive emotions both for children and for their parents. In this institution, there is always an atmosphere of good nature, beautiful mood and joy. After all, the main marine inhabitants living there are themselves pretty and beautiful creatures who can not leave any visitor indifferent.

Detailed description

The Dolphinarium "Oscar" was built and opened five years ago for the project, which took into account the best foreign analogues. In all Ukraine, in size, he has no equal, as his huge hall allows you to accommodate about nine hundred people at the same time. Tribunes for spectators are set specially so that during the whole day they are in the shade, and even during hot weather people enjoy a pleasant coolness, which is very comfortable for visitors.

The pool of this institution is also rather large and has a bean-shaped shape, which makes it very convenient for dolphins. The Oscar (Kirillovka) does not stop its work in the winter. The Dolphinarium accepts all year-round people for dolphin therapy, which is an effective treatment for children suffering from cerebral palsy and autism.

Inhabitants of the Dolphinarium

The main artists of this institution, for which viewers from all over the country come here, are three fur seals and five beautiful Black Sea dolphins. These interesting mammals live here since the very opening, having arrived here from Crimean Yalta.

Among these amazing creatures, one dolphin stands out, which can rightly be considered a child prodigy. He was able to master a unique number, during which he keeps one of his trainers for a very long time. It's amazing, because basically it's done by two animals.

Kirillovka, the dolphinarium "Oscar" have become a real home for all pets, as here they have created the most comfortable conditions for dwelling. Therefore, their adaptation was very quick and successful. Now they please all those who came here with bright and memorable performances, which consist of wonderful tricks.

Show program and services

In the summer season, all visitors expect a terrific performance with animal feeding, original numbers and the most unexpected surprises. All the cute and charming artists of this institution, together with their coach, are guaranteed to give the guests a sea of positive and a lot of inexpressible impressions.

In addition, you can order a service such as swimming with dolphins. This amazing bathing with some of the smartest mammals on Earth will allow you to forget about many worries and immerse yourself in a world of unforgettable emotions and harmony with nature. In addition, the dolphin is a real healer and can save a person from everyday stress. Also guests of the complex after the show can make a photo for memory with these wonderful animals who are posing positively with the camera lenses.

Another wonderful service of this institution, which was mentioned earlier, is dolphin therapy. These animals can favorably affect the human biofield with the help of ultrasounds emitted by them. Kirillovka, Dolphinarium "Oscar" offer everyone who wants to undergo such a course of treatment, thanks to which you can get rid of a number of diseases, stress and overcome depression. People come here for this from all over the country, as in this institution, in addition to the wonderful specialists, they can also please affordable prices.

Price policy

The cost of a ticket to the dolphinarium in Kirillovka is relatively low compared to other similar complexes. For example, a place in the VIP-lodge will cost 180 UAH (about 460 rubles.), And you can see the performance from the usual spectator rostrum for 150 UAH (386 rubles). Children under three years of age attend the show for free.

Swimming with dolphins, lasting 5 minutes, will cost 600 UAH (about 1550 rubles.), And 10 minutes. Bathing with these animals will cost 1000 UAH (2580 rubles.). Photographed with the main artists of this complex can be for 100 UAH (258 rubles.).

It is also possible to take a relatively cheap course of dolphin therapy, having come to the Oscar (Kirillovka). The dolphinarium (the prices for this service are relatively low) offers its guests to undergo a standard course of this treatment, the effect of which lasts for several months. It will cost 1500 UAH (3868 rubles) per session.

Impression of visitors

Thanks to such affordable prices and often held actions in this dolphinarium, almost all Kirillovka vacationers do not miss the chance to visit the amazing view of this complex. All who have already visited the show program in the Oscar, speak of it exclusively enthusiastically.

Viewers like that all animals are in good shape, well-groomed and can perform incredible tricks, which they were taught by talented coaches working in this institution. Also indescribable delight of the guests of the complex is bathing with dolphins, sensations from which, in their opinion, are incomparable.

Where is?

This dolphinarium is located at the very beginning of the Fedotovaya spit next to the aqua park "Treasure Island". Its exact address looks like this: Akimovsky district, Kirillovka village, Pervomaiskaya street, house 1B. You can get there by public transport, which runs to the dolphinarium from the bus station every twenty minutes.

On all questions of interest, you can call the complex at the following phone number: +38 (050) 255-47-47.

Arriving in Kirillovka on vacation, of course, at least once you need to visit the show program, which takes place daily in the dolphinarium "Oscar". After all, such an atmosphere of joy and fun can only give these cute, funny and soulful animals, who are also talented artists.

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