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The Manavgat waterfall is so important for every citizen of Turkey that he was depicted on a five-lira note, which was in circulation until 1983. This is one of the main natural attractions of the country. Therefore, all the guides recommend tourists to see the waterfall in the original. He is named on the river, where he forms a beautiful cascade. Flow height is negligible. But all the same it is worth to go to the waterfall, to temporarily change the sea rest on the river, to enjoy new impressions, to sit in a fish restaurant or cafe under shady trees and leave, taking with them colorful photos. In this article we will tell you how to get to the Manavgat waterfall. An independent excursion will be devoted not only to this one sight. Near the waterfall is the ancient city of Manavgat. And on the way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Anatolian nature.

Manavgat (waterfall): how to arrive

This amazing attraction is located just five kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. So the tour, distracting you from the beach holiday, will not be long and will take a maximum of half a day. There is a waterfall in the province of Antalya. But from the main city of the coast it is separated about eighty kilometers. More accurate address of the sight: Turkey, Side. The Manavgat waterfall is located just three kilometers from the city of the same name. So first you need to get to it. The city of Manavgat is followed by minibuses, called dolmushi in Turkey. It can be reached from Antalya and, of course, from Side. And already in Manavgat itself you need to change to a dolmush with a sign on the windshield "Selale" (Shelale, which means "waterfall"). These minibuses are sent at intervals of a quarter of an hour. On your own or rented car you can get to the city on the highway D400. North of the waterfall (in twelve kilometers) is the dam Oymapinar.

Independent excursion

For city minibuses from Managavta with the inscription "Selale" this is not the last stop. You need to warn the driver and get off at the parking lot. Where there is a parking lot for sightseeing buses and dolmushes from Side, the Manavgat falls has an official entrance. Need to buy a ticket. He stands (for an adult) three and a half lira. Near the cashier you will find guides for horses, camels, ponies and donkeys. But it's better to go to the waterfall on foot. Go straight between the rows of souvenir shops, chaikhan and cafe. And so, after turning behind the white building, you will find yourself on the observation deck right in front of the waterfall. Reviews of tourists are divided in opinions when it is best to visit this natural attraction. After the rains in the Taurus mountains, the waterfall turns into a threshold. He is just hiding in a river that has risen. But in the droughty period the waterfall flows down from a height of five meters. On the other hand, in a rainy period a natural landmark produces a more powerful impression. Water floods part of the observation deck, and you can estimate the temperature of the mountain stream - somewhere around ten degrees.

What is the waterfall of Manavgat (Antalya)

As we have already mentioned, the height of this stream is small - only five meters. But the width is quite significant. At forty meters he spills between the two banks. The falling water splits into a lot of splashes. In fact, there are several observation platforms. They are also cascaded, one above the other. And from all of them you can make great pictures. On the upper observation platform, there is no water, but on the lower ones you need to save the camera and the camera from splashing. Reviews are advised to go out to them in the shoes fixed on their feet or barefoot, as flip flops and flip flops can blow the Manavgat waterfall with its fast and powerful current. Photos and selfies make it difficult - and because of the spray, and because of the large crowd of people. Every year, about a million people visit the waterfall, and most of them come in the summer. Besides foreign tourists, many Turks come to this natural sight. Fans of hiking can walk along the paths leading along the river.

Where to refresh yourself

The Manavgat River is rich in trout. And therefore, near the waterfall, there are plenty of fish restaurants. Portions here are huge, and prices are sparing. Many restaurants are built in such a way that visitors can watch the Manavgat waterfall at their dinner. The reviews even mention one café that stands in the river itself, like a large raft that is about to be carried away by the current. As this place is loved by the Turks, there are many classical chaikhan with traditional low tables and pillows instead of chairs. Reviews recommend to order trout and taste the finest cakes. You will always want to come here again - just to spend a romantic dinner by candlelight overlooking the waterfall. And, of course, you can not leave this place without a souvenir. And the shops that sell this commodity, there's more than enough.


To inspect the waterfall, even taking into account the queues for creating beautiful photos, you will leave the force of an hour and a half. Do not rush to return to Side. It is better to take the opportunity and visit the city of Manavgat. It is very ancient - the first buildings date back to the sixth century before Christ. Like many cities of antiquity, it was abandoned for many centuries. And the first mention of the new city (called Melas) dates back to 1329. Founded by the Seljuks, it became part of the Ottoman Empire in the fifteenth century. The city is located closer to the sea than the Manavgat waterfall. At the main bridge on the river there is a pier where you can take a tourist boat. The program on board differs. Some teplohodiki go to the waterfall. But most of the ships go downstream.

Choosing excursions

The waterfall on the Manavgat River is not the only attraction of these places. And you can be sure of this by joining the excursion on the boat. The trip can last about two hours, and can be delayed up to six - it all depends on the program. Some ships simply go to the "zero" kilometer, to where the Manavgat River flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Different density and temperature of water lead to the fact that the place of confluence seems to be layered. Reviews are advised to alternately swim first in the cold river, and then in the warm sea. On the way back, lunch and folklore performances are offered. Some ships swim in the cave Altynbesik, where you can see stalactites, stalagmites and small dams. Reviews recommend to go to the lake Titreyengel. There are many trout farms on it. In addition to predatory fish, there are quite friendly and sociable bugs here.

Fans of outdoor activities

Down the river you can go down not only on tourist steamers. Active tourists go to zero kilometer by boat and canoe. Between the river and the sea, a sand spit has been washed - an excellent place for walking or cycling. There, where the Manavgat falls, there is an opportunity to ride horses or camels. You can go upstream the river - to the artificial dams Baraj and Oimapinar. The beauty of the last reservoir tourists leave the most positive reviews. The beauty of the dam, surrounded by sheer cliffs with coniferous forests, is simply mesmerizing. Some parts of the river Manavgat are suitable for rafting. Excellent alloy in the canyon Keprulu.

Reasonably build your day

Reviews recommend arriving at the Manavgat waterfall early in the morning. Most tourist buses arrive by noon. Then it becomes very crowded, it is difficult to make good photos. After admiring the waterfall and having a snack in one of the restaurants, go to the mountains or return to the city of Manavgat. In its vicinity are the ruins of the ancient Side. After visiting the temple of Apollo, the basilica and the amphitheater, you can visit the ancient Seleucia. And you can finish the day by a trip on the thermal boat to the mouth of the Manavgat River.

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