The most famous character of comics is the Joker. Mask and make-up with their own hands

Comics have long been firmly associated with the daily life of many children and adults. Those who like cosplaying often create masks of famous heroes from DC Comics. Who does not like to face difficulties, as a rule, creates good grimaces of positive superhumans who constantly do things with a capital letter. But is not it more interesting to make a mask of a negative character?

Speaking of the terrible grimaces of comics from DC Comics, of course, the first and only one comes to mind is the Joker. The mask of this character is creepy and frightening. As far as we know, this evil hero has two original faces. In films and cartoons, he can take both classical and completely unusual look. Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe how to cosplay Joker from all cinematic tapes, so this article will tell you the process of preparing the original makeup and creating a mask directly based on the appearance of the character in the comics. But first, let's talk a little about the Joker personality.

Characteristics of the character

How to make a Joker mask - will be described below, and now we will talk about the features of the evil character.

The hero is quite intelligent. It is worth noting that the Joker is an excellent chemist. In one of the comics, you can find out that the character has developed his own poison in several ways. The Joker is not only clever, he is also an excellent strategist. His weapon hides, masking under the clown's props. According to the characteristics of the "parents" of the character, you can safely say that the Joker is practically the best detective on the planet. Even Batman can not foresee his move in some situations.

Mask or make-up?

For cosplay, a popular character is often used - the Joker, whose mask does not fit for each thematic holiday. If there is not the slightest desire specifically to buy a grimace, which the person will wear only a few hours, then it is quite possible to make make-up. Its merits consist in the fact that it is quite inexpensive and realistic to create in a few hours. A person should not have special creative skills.

The mask of the Joker stands around 1 thousand rubles. If you do not want to spend money on it, you can do it from improvised items. Joker's mask with their own hands and make-up are done easily and quickly, so problems should not arise.

Makeup with own hands

What is necessary? All who are interested in this issue, clearly know what the Joker looks like. The mask or make-up will be identical (small differences are allowed), so for the most correct creation of grimaces you will need overhead seams, scars and cuts, lipsticks of red and black, foundation foundation, white lacquer, used for dyeing hair, hat (you can take a wig ) And, of course, a bright suit that will complement the entire concept.

A scar needs to be made near the mouth. Its effect can easily be created with the help of an appropriate tissue that is rubbed. You need to remember what color the face of a character like the Joker? The mask and make-up should completely correspond to it, therefore it is necessary to use a white make-up. Before you apply them, you should frown your forehead. So wrinkles appear, and they will be more expressive. Do not use cotton swabs or chopsticks to make the make-up perfect. On the contrary, irregularities will be quite in the topic. If there is no make-up or the skin is allergic to it, you can use the white lacquer, which was already mentioned in the article. It will be easy enough to separate the eye area. They, as well as the ears, mouth and nose should be covered. You can put on your glasses. Then it will be much easier to make a clearer outline. The area around the eyes should be painted black. The nose is "decorated" with red lipstick. The mouth line is penciled in the same color. The scar is painted as desired. It is quite spectacular to look at the option when in some places it has a white color, in others it's red. If there is a chance that the scar will disappear, it can always be glued.

Mask by own hands

In order to make a mask, you need a food film. It is necessary to impose papier-mache on it. After the procedure, it should be covered with a film from above. The basis is the most common plastic mask. The mass layer should be quite small, only about 3 mm. To alleviate it, it is better to use petroleum jelly.

Cake should be removed from the first layer of the film (the second one is not touched) and gently placed on the base. After that, you need to cut out your mouth and eyes. After that, the remaining film layer can be removed. The mask does not dry for long, after 24 hours it is already to be used.

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