Flowers with chiffon hands (photo)

Decorating the women's attire with flowers has always been popular. To keep the beauty of the decor longer, make flowers yourself with chiffon. Fine, delicate petals are so similar to natural petals that you might think you bought a bouquet in a flower shop. The technology of making such souvenirs is simple, and materials are available.

A practical and enjoyable experience

Many make flowers with their own hands of chiffon, felt, paper, cotton wool, plastic masses - in a word, from what is at hand. This kind of hobby has become quite popular lately. If you are engaged in sewing, there are always small pieces of cloth, which you can find application for. In addition, decorate the home made colors can also interior details, for example, curtains, clothes, make hair clips and hair rings.

Tools and materials

To make flowers from chiffon with your own hands, you will need the following:

  • The tissue itself;
  • Paper for templates;
  • scissors;
  • Candle or lighter for processing edges;
  • Thread with a needle;
  • Skeleton for stalk (floristic or conventional wire, toothpick);
  • Glue or thermo gun.

Everything, except the thermo-gun and cloth, is exactly in your home. The material can be bought. There are shops that sell it for weight. Usually they offer the remnants of different shades, which are suitable for handicrafts.

Thermo-pistol is a heating device in which special hot-melt rods melt under the influence of temperature. This tool is very convenient when you need to quickly connect parts or surfaces, for example, in hard-to-reach places. If you are going to be engaged in the manufacture of handicrafts or decorations for the interior, this device will come in handy.

Types of material

Before you start making chiffon flowers with your own hands, it's worth getting acquainted with the properties of the existing fabric options with which you will work. The colors and possibilities, from the point of view of design and decorative use, have a huge chiffon. The following types of this fabric are sold:

  • Crepe-chiffon;
  • jacquard;
  • Chiffon satin;
  • chameleon;
  • With spraying;
  • With lurex;
  • Pearl-chiffon;
  • Stretch chiffon;
  • With the transition of color;
  • printed.

The first is a natural silk fabric of plain weave. Jacquard chiffon is dense and opaque. Maybe with a picture. In this form, a special way of interlacing threads is used. The third kind is a perfect combination of the properties of chiffon and satin. The "chameleon" version is very thin, shimmering in different shades. The fabric with spraying is beautiful, since it has a deposited silver or gold layer. View No. 6 has in its structure a lurex shiny thread. Pearl-chiffon has a pleasant mother-of-pearl overflow. Stretch chiffon is dense and stretchy. In the fabric with the transition of color in one cut, there is a smooth change of shade from light pink, for example, to dark. Printed fabric is a chiffon with a pattern.

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities to make beautiful flowers with your own hands from chiffon. Even if you choose the simplest technology and use one template, due to the variety of shades and the quality of the fabric, you can get great floral compositions.

Flowers by hand made of chiffon

Whatever option you choose, the sequence of work will be this:

  1. Cut out petal patterns. You can draw them yourself, focusing on the image of a natural object, or take the blanks on the Internet.
  2. Apply the pattern to the fabric, circle it, cut out the petal.
  3. To the edges do not crumble, you need to process them over a candle flame or lighters. In addition, this operation will help to get a more natural, slightly curved shape. Hold the workpiece with tweezers. Instead, you can sew the petals from two identical parts, then turn the parts out so that the seam remains inside.
  4. When all the petals are ready, proceed to assembly with a thread with a needle. Some parts have to be glued.
  5. From green chiffon make sepals. Usually they are made from a square.
  6. Secure the assembled object to the stem.

A flower made of chiffon is made by oneself. So make roses, daisies, gerberas, lilies, daffodils. You can use other ways of forming the product.

Flower from chiffon: master class

Typically, the petals are made from individual parts cut out by the template, but there is a faster method. However, this method will only perform what has a mahr structure: roses, carnations, peonies.

So, we make a simple flower from chiffon. The pattern will be a long rectangle, so no paper templates are needed. There can be several such tapes connected together. The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Cut the strip of tissue. Its dimensions are determined by the dimensions of the flower.
  2. Fold it in half in length and stitch by hand or on the machine all sides, except the fold. Stitches and steps between them should be large.
  3. You are assembling the fabric on the yarn.
  4. From the resulting billet begin to form a flower, twisting the strip in a spiral and connecting the layers with a needle and thread.
  5. Stitch the reverse side if you are going to fix the flower on a flat surface, or make a sepal with a stalk for a volumetric composition.

Flower of round patterns

In the manufacturing technology described at the beginning of the article, it was said about cutting out templates for individual petals and their subsequent processing. You can simplify the work and make a flower from chiffon (with your own hands) from circles with a figured edge. So easy to get, for example, poppies or any stylized sample. The work will be as follows:

  1. Make a paper pattern in the form of a circle with cut or pronounced pointed, rounded or other petals.
  2. On the workpiece, make a few details of chiffon.
  3. Process the edges.
  4. You superimpose them one on another layers, sew a needle. In the middle, you can sew a bead or make, for example, a box of poppies in the form of a "bag" of chiffon filled with scraps of tissue.
  5. If necessary, make sepals and stalk.

Where can I apply the finished products

So, there are several ways of making such ornaments, as you can see. There are many options for using the decorative elements obtained. They are used for decorating clothes, curtains, hairpins and rims for hair, bags, interior.

Volumetric bouquets from such flowers also turn out to be very beautiful and look like real ones. An excellent souvenir is a topiary made of chiffon colors. This popular decor imitates a trimmed in the form of a ball decorative tree in a pot. To make it, you will need blanks of colors made according to any of the above methods, a spherical billet, stem for the stem, pot or vase. On the surface of the base, it is better to glue the flowers with a thermo-gun.

So, you have read how to make a flower from chiffon in several ways. The photos in the article clearly show how beautiful the souvenirs made in this technique are.

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