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Aphorisms from the "Master and Margarita". Quotes

The last "sunset" novel by Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov brought special popularity and popularity to the author. It is in this work that all the creative results of the writer, to which he went throughout his life, are collected. Philosophical search for meaning, the purpose of one's destiny - it's impossible to imagine everything without Master and Margarita. Quotes surprise and amaze with its capacity and hit exactly in the target. Fans of MA Bulgakov's work easily remember them. Quotations from the novel "Master and Margarita" are filled with irony, vital wisdom and the variety of choices that we make every day.

"Cowardice, without a doubt, is the most terrible vice"

These words are uttered by Yeshua Ga-Nozri - philosopher, vagabond, whom Pontius Pilate executes for the told truth, because he is not ready to hear and accept it. People most often from their own cowardice commit acts in their lives, which later are bitterly regretted. This happened with the fifth procurator of Judea. At the time of Yeshua's execution, he already knew that he had made a mistake, but could not correct it-it was too late. Before, he was afraid to damage his reputation, worried about his name. After a while, the most cruel ruler will agree to "ruin his career".

Without the "Master and Margarita", whose quotes surprise and amaze us, it would be impossible to come into contact with the forces of darkness and light as fully and multifaceted as it is done in the book. The second such a novel does not exist.

"The truth is, you have a headache. And so much that you think faintheartedly of death "

Yeshua Ha-Nozri remains free during the interrogation of Pontius Pilate, does not change himself. From this, without realizing it, the procurator of Judea begins to respect him. Yeshua is a strong, whole person who does not bow down before people who have power, and is not ready to please someone even for the sake of their salvation. The young man believes in a bright resurrection, in the fact that his soul will not perish, but remain alive.

In fact, many people are ready to sacrifice themselves to social norms and principles: they suffer an inappropriate working schedule for the sake of receiving salaries, and some other inconvenience. Few turn to themselves in search of a better solution, most simply go with the flow. This approach to life can not be called correct, because people deceive themselves and deceive others.

"We speak with you in different languages, but things do not change from this"

One of the brightest novels of the twentieth century is the Master and Margarita. Quotations from the book attract the attention of the reader, fascinate him with their unusual and beautiful. We remember them for many years after reading and often use them in your speech at the right time.

Bulgakov emphasizes the idea that it does not really matter how to call the usual things - their essence from this can not change. Even enemies can agree among themselves if they do not interrupt each other, and everyone starts to put into words a meaning that is understandable to him. The same thing happened to the heroes of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. At the moment when Levy Matvey comes to Voland to ask for the Master and Margarita, the dark and bright sides unite forces for a short time to solve an important issue. And then again each one goes to his side. The style of "Master and Margarita", quotes from the novel are stunningly beautiful.

"The unhappy man is cruel and stale. This is because good people have mutilated him "

No one comes into this world, being evil and cruel. The baby, when he is born, is ready to respond with love to the warm feelings of the mother and father. But sometimes it happens that instead of positive experience a person receives only negative manifestations. For a while he will silently wait for a better share and attentive attitude towards himself. However, gradually a defensive reaction will take place, and he realizes that he needs to act differently.

It is from this personal tragedy that cruel people are born who do not know what sympathy and compassion are. Without Master and Margarita, quotes from which cut into memory, the reader might not have been so imbued with an understanding of good and evil.

"After all, you think! How can you be dead ?! "

So exclaims Azazello, the same fallen angel, a demon who helped the heroes reunite. Very many take for life the external blessings and pleasures. It is necessary to care for the development of one's own soul, and not just to accumulate wealth, to buy houses and cars. The novel "Master and Margarita" is truly unique. Quotations about Margarita, like those given here, will help readers realize the value and significance of life. Each of us sooner or later is asked such difficult questions.

One of the most popular works of contemporary literature is, of course, Master and Margarita. Quotations from the book are many-sided and deep, always accurately reflect the truth.

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