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Excellent books on psychology: understand yourself and others

When meeting on the Internet in any case, do not write in the graph of interests "psychology", if you are not a professional. You are guaranteed to be perceived as a person who likes to complicate everything. In fact, everyone is interested in psychology, as people have to communicate with people every day, but some read books, others simply acquire communicative experience and draw their own conclusions. It is best to combine both approaches. But what books on psychology are worth reading in order to feel confident?

Motivation by 500%

The book "Breakthrough" by Andrew Parabellum and co-authors is very peculiar. Not all authors have a psychological education (Parabellum - in general, a physicist). This book offers many tasks for training in self-development. I guessed the future popularity of the book long before it soared into the top of sales, and even wrote reports on the training "Self-discipline." The authors discuss the laws of the work of the human psyche, sometimes at odds with the classics, sometimes provocatively. But the book costs much more than the modest sum spent on it. Such a book on psychology you have not read!

Tough, but in the case

How do you feel about cynics? If it's bad, then be sure to read Ilyin's book "A Practical Guide to Hunting for Happiness." You will feel that you were stretched out with your knees on the road paved with stones, but you will reconsider many of your views and become much more protected ... from yourself. If you normally carry cynics, still pay attention to this book: get a sincere intellectual pleasure. I do not know the best book on the psychology of communication. It is written in a stunning author's style. First time you will build sentences quite like the author, so impressive is the manner of presentation. And in content - this is a summary of the necessary knowledge in life. The most necessary and most important, if you do not mind being happy.

Only for advanced users

If you are an experienced reader and a thoughtful person, I highly recommend a work written in the sixteenth century. Do you think then there were no books on psychology? Yet there were, and then the clergy were considered experts. But I will not torment: the book is called "Invisible Wrangling" in Russian translation. Written by an Italian monk, translated and supplemented by Nicodemus the Svyatogorets in the eighteenth century. Why do I so warmly recommend such an ancient book? If you are not afraid of quotations from the Bible and specific spiritual vocabulary, you will find guidance on personal growth for a believer. The range of topics covered is very broad: from the problem of trust to one's judgments to the causes of strained relations with others. The book impresses with the depth and accuracy of observations. But not every person normally perceives books of this kind.

Good books on psychology from my list are written by people without appropriate education. Maybe it affected the freshness of their view of psychology and life. All books deserve at least a reading reading. Caution: after their study, the view of life changes irreversibly!

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