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Place of birth Kolobok. Where he was born?

One of the first fairy tales that little readers of our country are acquainted with is "Kolobok". Its meaning can independently determine a child of about three years: be careful, do not boast in vain. However, the request to name the birthplace of Kolobok surely will cause many people bewilderment. So, let's try to find the answer to this question.

Place of birth Kolobok under the text

Many of those who are asked this question try to recall the tale and say that the "homeland" of the protagonist is a stove. The situation changes when there is a text before your eyes. What is the birthplace of Kolobok in this case? This makes one take the matter more seriously, and a more or less attentive reader will necessarily say that Kolobok was born in a barn or susek.

The fairy tale "Kolobok", the text of which is known to everyone, repeatedly reminds about the place of birth of the main character with a song, which he performs to Hare, Wolf, Bear, and Fox. It is worth noting that the modern versions of the publication of this tale are different from each other. In particular, for Fox in different copies Kolobok performs a song one, two or three times.

Geography of fairy-tale characters

In 2011, in our country launched a project to create a geographical map, which marked the birthplace of the heroes of Russian fairy tales. Thanks to this project, it became known that Alyosha Popovich and the Frog princess are from the Rostov region, and the Snow Maiden is from Kostroma. The homeland of the beloved fairy-tale character of all children, Father Frost, is the Great Ustyug, Moscow, Vologda region.

Kolobok's birthplace

Studies of local historian Sergei Petrov helped to establish that the homeland Kolobok - Ulyanovsk region. Now the estate of the hero appeared there. Going to Ulyanovsk, you can buy as a souvenir wooden kolobyatki (koloboks).

Sergei Petrov was analyzed a lot of information about koloboks. As it became known, the koloboks are different-sexed creatures: the ostrich is a female, and the female is vibrant.

The tale "Kolobok", the text of which every child can retell, does not contain information that Kolobok's homeland is the average Volga. Apparently, it was in those parts of the grandmother, obeying the will of her husband, baked this culinary product.

So, the birthplace of Kolobok from a fairy tale, based on scientific research, is the Ulyanovsk region.

Gingerbread as a dish

Kolobok - originally Russian dish, which came out of use around the 17th century. This fact again confirms the origin of our hero. The birthplace of Kolobok is the vastness of our country.

Dishes in the form of koloboks are popular today. They are stuffed with meat, cottage cheese, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Literally, according to the data received by Sergei Petrov, the bun is the "last dough from the quartz". It must be assumed that few of today's residents understand what it is. It is even more difficult to imagine that someone bakes them according to a traditional recipe.

A deeper understanding of the meaning of a fairy tale

Attempts to determine the meaning of this tale continue to this day. For preschoolers, it is obvious, but older people start to think and understand that the significance of this simple narration is much deeper than it might seem at first glance. There are, for example, assumptions that Kolobka from this tale can also be called a "round fool." However, this does not bring us closer to understanding where Kolobok was born.

Attempts to interpret this tale led researchers to very unusual conclusions. They do not fit in with the traditional understanding of this work. There is an opinion that the tale of Kolobok is a kind of analogy to the fact that our wise ancestors in remote antiquity, living in a civilization different from ours, created a semblance of the solar system. Leaving its creators, this system chose a special path of development, but became a victim of cunning and deceit, having paid for its pride by its doom. This understanding makes you think deeply. It turns out that Kolobok is the center of the system, and the place of his birth is the whole Universe. However, this understanding can be simplified to the point that Kolobok is a semblance of not the solar system, but civilization. In this case, the meaning of the fairy tale becomes simpler. So it is: every, even the most perfect civilization inevitably dies.

Now let's try to turn to the sacred meaning of the fairy tale "Kolobok". The old man with the old woman is the personification of male and female energy, from which all living things come. The expression "to scrape along the scum" has a very interesting meaning. Ancient legends say that the body is recreated from the dust and goes again to dust. Flour is dust, and "put-scrape" is creation. The word "colo" in translation from Old Slavonic means "circle" - a symbol of infinity, eternity, soul. This understanding completely breaks all the traditional notions about where Kolobok was born. This point of view has a profoundly philosophical meaning.

Summarizing, we can say that it is impossible to understand unambiguously where Kolobok was born after all. Nevertheless, if this article is read to you to the very end, then when you hear a request: "Name the birthplace of the kolobok," you can certainly give several interesting answers.

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