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Tale "The Soldier and Death": a summary

Many of us are familiar with such tales as "Kolobok", "Cat and fox", "Zimovye zverej", "Repka", "Morozko", "Vasilisa the Beautiful" and others. But very few people know that their author is a people. They were created several centuries ago. For many years they are passed from generation to generation, without losing all relevance. The folk legend "Soldier and Death" is not at all like traditional Russian fairy tales. A summary of it is given in this article. What is unusual about it? What characters are represented in it? What is the moral of the work? All this can be found here.

Heroes of folk tales

Since childhood, we are familiar with legends and legends, in which the main characters are animals, Baba Yaga, Koschey Immortal, Russian heroes, tsars and princes, Ivanushka the fool and others. In every work, truth and fiction were intertwined, a rich folk fantasy appeared, inexhaustible on inventions. Almost in every such legend is the battle between good and evil, in which good invariably triumphs. But for this to happen, fairy-tale characters must possess certain qualities. And here not only physical strength, courage, will and subtle mind matter. In order to defeat evil, sometimes cunning, savvy and resourcefulness are needed. It is these qualities that the protagonist of the legend "Soldier and Death" possesses. With the help of these qualities, he manages to deceive death itself. It should be said that the soldier is one of the most beloved characters in folk tales. As a rule, in Russian legends he appears strong, brave, and sharp.

End of soldier service

Once upon a time there was a soldier. Nes he regularly served his king. But her term has approached. And the soldiers began to ask the king for their homeland-to see their relatives. The tsar did not want to let him go, but there was nothing to be done-he had to be rewarded and free. They tell him his comrades: "Can not you give us goodbye? After all, how can we know, maybe we will not see each other again? "On the joy that soon he will be at home, he treated soldiers of his colleagues in a tavern, and all the money he sent down. Only five five copecks left him. But the old warrior did not become discouraged. He did not care about wealth. He wanted to see his family and hug them as soon as possible. The fairy tale "The Soldier and Death" tells about the generosity of the Russian soul. More than once this golden quality will show our hero in the story.

The Magic Bag

How long did the soldier go shortly and decided to go to the zucchini to drink and have a snack. He looks - the old woman is standing and begging. Our hero complained and handed her a nickle. Then he drank, bitten on a penny and went on. Only the old woman meets him again and asks for charity. The soldier was surprised and threw her a nickle again. After some time he sees the servant again all the same beggar. His heart contracted, and again he gave her a nickle. A soldier walked a mile away. And for the fourth time he meets an old woman. Only this time the servant could not stand it, he swung at her - he wanted to strike. And the beggar threw a knapsack at his feet and disappeared. Suddenly, from nowhere, two good fellows appeared before the soldier and ask about what his soul wants. Our hero realized that the knapsack was not simple, but magic. He wished himself food, drink, a pipe with tobacco and a bed to sleep with. Having adjusted all his needs, the servant asked the fellows about whether he should lie still for so long. To this the servants answered that as much as he wished. Then the warrior ordered them to take everything away and go to the knapsack themselves. Well done all done, as it was punished. About the experienced Russian soldier tells the tale "The Soldier and Death." Its author is the people. He reflected in the characters of her characters all those spiritual qualities that are inherent in a simple Russian person. This is courage, and daring, and generosity, and sometimes - laziness and impatience.

The soldier is visiting the master

Soon the road leads the servant into a single estate, in which a rich nobleman lives. Only in his house this gentleman does not spend the night, since there are devils in it. Local residents warned the soldier that the rich man was evil, cunning and greedy that he would send his guest to the devil for dinner. Only our hero was not of the cowardly. He came to the master and asked him to spend the night. And as a reward for this, the soldier fed and watered the nobleman, summoning the fellows from the knapsack and ordering them to cover the rich table. The master could not resist and stole a golden spoon from the table. The soldier, having searched it and taking the device, "dented its sides" to the stingy owner. Next, it will be told about what other vicissitudes heroes fall into here. "Soldier and Death" is a fairy tale about the great courage of a simple campaigner. In the next chapter we will see this.

Night at the castle castle

Offended master angrily closed all the doors in the castle so that the servant could not escape, and left him for the night. But our hero here did not get scared. He closed all the windows and doors of other rooms on the bolts and waited for the night. Soon a whistle was heard at the door. And then the whole house was filled with terrible cries. A myriad hordes of evil forces were breaking through the door to the soldier. "Open it, open it," the devils shouted to him. The servant thought that he was already gone. But he noticed in the corner a sack with weights. He took it and opened the door. All the devils in a sack and jumped. Crossed his soldiers and let the demons wander with demons. Then he untied the bag and shook out all the devils. Our warrior looks, and the demons are all disfigured - they can not stand up. He barked at them. The devils fled - who to where. So our hero defeated the evil spirit. The courage and courage of a Russian soldier is said in this part of the fairy tale "The Soldier and Death". The summary of it can convey the fullness of the spiritual qualities of the protagonist.

Meeting with Death

Went a service next. A thin, terrible old woman meets him on the way, a slanting back. It was Death itself. The soldier wanted to go around her. Yes, only she blocked his way, not allowing to pass. Our hero addressed her with a question about what she needed from him. Death told him that she was sent by the Lord God to take his soul. The soldier fell in front of the old woman with a scythe on his knees and prayed that she would give him a little time to see her relatives. But Death was adamant, she did not let him go and the extra three minutes. She waved her scythe and killed the servant. This was the meeting of the main heroes of the fairy tale "The Soldier and Death". Its brief content allows us to convey its meaning for the development of the future plot.

In the next world

So the soldier found himself in heaven. At first he got to hell. But the devils he "swept away" in the manor house, did not dare to drag the daredevil into the fire. They ran with fear to Satan and told how he beat them in the master's house. The devil, hearing this, and himself plucked. He rushed to the fire with his enchanters. He was like a servant in the empty hell, and he was bored. He went to heaven. Yes, only there he was not allowed. They said that it is not worthy. Our hero came to God with the question of what to do. Then the Lord ordered the soldier to take a gun from Michael the Archangel and guard the doors to the heavenly abode. So the servant did it. This business was to his liking. Here the legend "Soldier and Death" tells how the hero carries his service in heaven.

On the clock at heavenly doors

A soldier is standing, fulfilling the Lord's command. He comes to the heavenly doors of Death and asks the servant to let her go to God for another assignment. Only did not let her service. Sam volunteered to go for her to the Lord and ask what kind of people to blight this year. God ordered the oldest to be sent to the other world. But the soldier realized that his father and mother would then die. And he said to Death that the Lord told her to bite oaks for a year. And as the time is right, let him come again for a new one. Time passed, and Death again here as here - asks who to blame her now. And here the soldiers were cunning. He did not tell her that the Lord had told the most dead to go to the next world, but ordered the thickest oaks to chew. So another year passed. The third time comes "bony" with a scythe to the Lord, to ask who this time to plague her. A servant punishes Death to destroy young oaks instead of the youngest people. The story of "Soldier and Death" narrates here about Russian savvy and cunning.

Disclosure of fraud

The fourth time comes Death to the Lord for another order. Here the soldier let her in to God. The Creator saw that the old woman with the scythe looked very bad: the skinny is terrible, the look of her tortured. He asks her why she became so. To which Death replied: "So you yourself, the Lord, sent me for three consecutive years to gnaw oaks. I was exhausted, broke all my teeth. Why did I have to be good? "As God knew that the servant of his faithful ward was deceiving, he ordered the angels to immediately find him and bring him to himself. As punishment for this cunning, the Lord ordered our hero to fatten Death in the White World. So the heroes of the legend "Soldier and Death" again found themselves in our world.

Again in the White World

The servant found himself in the very place where Death had taken him. He planted it in his bag and went further in the light. He sketched stones and sticks there and marched in a soldierly sweeping step. Death in the sack is bad, the stones in her groan. A soldier does not care about that. For all her requests to go quieter, he responds with rudeness. Whether for a long time, our hero comes to the tavern for a long time. He threw his bag on the counter and asked himself for a drink. Only the serviceman had no money. In return for payment, he promised the owner to give up his burden and return in three days with coins. He agreed to this tselovalnik, threw the sack of a soldier under the counter and poured him a glass. Further, the legend of the soldier narrates about the following wanderings of the old campaigner.

Meeting with relatives

The soldier went on. At last he reached his home. How happy my father was when he saw him. And all the relatives began to embrace and kiss the servant. I wanted to visit our hero for three days home, and lived there for a whole year. And only then he remembered that he left his bag in the tavern near the tavern keeper. And although he did not want to leave his native home, there is nothing to be done - one must fulfill the Lord's order.

Death and snuffbox

The soldier came again to the tavern and began to ask about his sack. And he's right there - he's lying under the counter. His servant unleashed to find out if Death is still alive in it. And the "slave" forcibly waited for the serviceman, almost choked in a stuffy sack. The soldier decided to smell the snuff. He opened the snuffbox and let's sneeze. And Death also wanted the same. She asked for a snuff from our hero. And he said to her: "What do you need a pinch? Go all the way to the snuffbox and smell as much as you want. " So Death did it. She crawled into the snuffbox and let's sneeze. And the soldier closed it, and he was wearing it all year. And when he opened the snuffbox, Death barely caught her breath - it was so hard for her. The old woman did not spare the scythe of the old servant. He decided to spare her, too, mocking her in every possible way. Many more bullying had to undergo from him "bony". The legend "Soldier and Death" further narrates about this.

As a soldier, Death buried

Finally decided the employee to fulfill the Lord's order - to fatten the old woman with a scythe. He brought her home, planted him at the table, put food in front of her. Death began for seven. I dared everything off the table. The soldier was angry. He seized it, put it back in a sack and carried it to the cemetery - buried in the grave. So the "bony" soldier was buried here. Three years have passed, and the Lord remembered that he had dismissed the servant with the order. And he is not on time. And Death is no more. God orders the angels to find both. There were holy spirits in white light, but Death was not found. Then they came to the soldier and began to ask him where he had done it. Our hero went to the cemetery and dug out an old woman with a scythe. As soon as Death was alive. The angels took her and carried him to the Lord. When God asked "bony" about why she was so thin and tortured, she replied that the servant almost killed her. Then the Lord said to her: "Well, apparently, you will not be useful to the old soldier. Go feed yourself. " And Death again went with her scythe around the world. Yes, only she did not dare to torment her tormentor. The whole color of oral folk art in this legend is able to convey even a brief retelling. "Soldier and Death" is a work about the best qualities of our national character. In a somewhat unexpected light, here are the heroes of the biblical stories: the Lord, demons, Death, angels. But the moral of the tale remains the same: good and courage always overcome evil.

We told about the legend "Soldier and Death". The summary of the work is given in this article. In this fairy tale, the common people tried to ridicule what they are afraid of - death. People believe that courage, daring, courage are capable of conquering any evil.

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