The ring of Solomon is an ancient biblical legend. What inscription was on the ring of King Solomon?

Mysteries and secrets of past centuries attract the inquisitive minds of modern times and give them generous food for thought. The ring of Solomon - an ancient artifact, exciting imagination lovers of mysticism. The story of the magic decoration, giving wisdom, strength and enlightenment to its owner, has several interpretations. Until now, between scientists there is no common opinion about the appearance and purpose of the ring. There are at least five versions of the legendary artifact. Each of them is unique and may well prove to be reliable.

The legend of the gifts of angels to King Solomon

Great Jehovah (Jehovah) granted the king the opportunity to command demons. Eight divine angels descended to earth and gave the king a stone that gives power over the elements of the wind and all spirits. The next stone, presented to the ruler, ruled all living creatures in the water and on land. The third stone was endowed with the power of change: its owner could turn the mountains into plains, drain the rivers and make the lands fertile. And the last angel brought forth the fourth stone, which allowed Solomon to become the master of all good and evil spirits in heaven and on earth.

The legendary ruler gathered the four talismans together and encrusted the ring with stones. Since then, it has become the greatest treasure of a wise king. The power of the ring was needed by Shlomo (Solomon) during the construction of the temple of Jehovah (the Jerusalem temple).

The Legend of the Apprentice and the Demon

All the legends about the most wise king of Jerusalem, mostly taken from the Bible, so many of them echo each other. However, one of the earliest news about him, the researchers call the European grimoire. This ancient magic book is called "Solomon's Testament", it also tells the story of the magic ring.

During the construction of the Jerusalem Temple, King Solomon noted that one of his youngest and most beloved apprentices is getting darker and sadder every day. The ruler asked the young man what a disaster had happened to him. It turned out that every evening after the end of the working day, an evil demon comes to him, takes away food and money earned, and sucks blood from the thumb of his right hand. Then Solomon went to the temple and prayed until the archangel Michael appeared to him, who brought the magic ring. The ring gave the ruler the ability to tame all evil spirits. He subjected seventy-two demons to his will and built a temple with their help. Then he imprisoned them in a copper amphora, sealed it with the same ring and threw it into the lake.

But the remaining demons told people about the untold wealth of the king, hidden in a vessel. Amphora was found, and the imprisoned spirits escaped. The ring of King Solomon no longer had the same strength, and once a powerful king became a fun for evil forces.

The Ring of Solomon: the Parable of the King and the Sage

Another version of the legend about the magic ring is the most common and has a romantic connotation.

Being still a young and inexperienced ruler, King Solomon received a ring that possessed magical power. In any difficult period of life, it was worthwhile to take him in hand, as troubles left, but the young man did not attach any importance to this.

After a while his state suffered a terrible crop failure, people were dying of hunger. In disarray, the governor ordered the merchants to sell all his wealth, and to feed the people with the proceeds. And then he remembered the ring, picked it up, and ... nothing happened. On the outside, the ruler saw signs in an ancient language, which he knew. The inscription on the ring of King Solomon read: "Everything will pass ..."

Decades passed, Solomon became a wise ruler and a happy man. Now he did not part with his mascot. Suddenly his beloved wife died, and grief and longing were endless. In desperation, the king took the ring, read the inscription, but she did not calm him, but she angered even more. The king wanted to throw the ring into the lake, but accidentally noticed on the inside new wise words "And it will pass ..." So it happened.

At the end of his reign, making the final preparations before passing into oblivion, Solomon sat and meditated on his life. He took his talisman, read the famous inscriptions and thought about the decay of being. On the edge of the ring, one more phrase appeared, until this day the invisible to his gaze - "Nothing passes ..."

Legend of King Solomon and Jeweler

Once King Solomon saw a man completely clothed in golden robes, and asked the passer-by who he was. He was a famous jeweler. The governor ordered him to make such a ring within three days that would amuse the saddened, and too joyful made sad.

Not knowing how to make such a ring, the jeweler turned to Rahavam, the son of Solomon, asking for help. Then the wise young man scribbled three letters on the three sides of the ring-zain, gimel and yod, with a nail. "And this too will pass ..." - read the king, twisting the ring, and despite all his power and untold wealth became sad. And when the evil demon threw him to the end of the world, Solomon looked at the ring on his way home and became more cheerful.

The Legend of King Solomon and the Ring of Tranquility

Another version of the legend says that Solomon was the wisest ruler, but he was constantly overwhelmed by sharp mood changes. Then the king turned to the wise men of Jerusalem with a request to help him solve this problem. The next day the chief sage presented the ruler with a ring on the outer side of which was an inscription: "It will pass ..." Solomon constantly wore jewelry, and when he was tormented by emotions, he looked at the words and became calmer. But one day this phrase did not produce the usual effect, but angered the emperor even more. In anger he wanted to throw out the ring, but in time he could see the inscription on the inside: "And this too will pass ..." Since then, Solomon's ring has become his talisman and the keeper of his peace of mind.

What did the ring of Solomon look like?

Today there are several versions regarding the appearance of the ring. According to one of the most common - this is a thick ring with three inscriptions in the language of the ancient Jews. According to another version - an ordinary ring with three letters scribbled on the circle on the outside. Another legend says that the powerful ring of Solomon, the inscription in the original on which looks like this: גם זה יעבור, was like a usual round ring-ring. In the "Testament of Solomon," the artifact is described as an iron ring with a pentagram that is not oxidized by the action of water.

There is also a version that the magic ring was made of white metal, inlaid with stones on four sides.

Mysterious inscription on the ring of Solomon

Muslim legends testify to the fact that the power of the ring consisted of simple truths about the decay of being. The question of what is written on the ring of Solomon, and whether it is written at all, remains controversial.

Many Arab sources testify that King Suleiman really possessed supernatural power and wisdom due to his decoration, but there were no inscriptions on him. It was encrusted with only four magic stones. Jewish sources, such as the Talmud, say that the inscription on the ring was the name of God, in which the main wisdom of the king was.

Is the magic ring a myth or a reality?

Today, many researchers and just inquisitive people are looking for the answer to the question: Is Solomon's ring a parable or an ancient artifact? Nobody will give a definite answer. After all, according to legend, the jewel is in the tomb of the king, guarded by a two-headed dragon. And he who finds him will become the ruler of the whole world.

Perhaps archaeologists will be able to uncover this mystery, but for now humanity must remember one of the most ancient truths: "Everything will pass away!"

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