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Obstruction of the fallopian tubes: how to become pregnant, how to cure

Recently, more and more often women have to hear about obstruction of the fallopian tubes. You may never encounter such a problem, but you need to know about it.

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes is a condition where, for one reason or another, the egg that emerges from the ruptured follicle can not reach its goal and sink into the uterus.

"I have obstruction of the fallopian tubes. How to become pregnant? "- this question is often heard by gynecologists in their office.

Normally, a woman has two tubes going from the uterine muscle to the ovaries. It is on this passage that the female cell moves after ovulation. Fertilized or not, it achieves its goal. If this does not happen, it may be about clogging the passageway.

Signs of obstruction of the fallopian tubes

In itself, this disease does not make itself felt. It practically does not affect the life and health of a woman. It is worthwhile to understand in more detail what exactly obstruction of the fallopian tubes is, how to determine its presence.

Pain in lower abdomen

One of the indirect symptoms of plugging the fallopian tubes is the discomfort that appears after the inflammatory process. In this case, spikes could be formed-thin films, which glued the already thin passages.

Prolonged infertility

If a woman who leads a regular sex life without the use of contraceptives, can not get pregnant for a long time, there is a suspicion that there is obstruction of the fallopian tubes. For a more accurate diagnosis, other factors that might interfere with the onset of conception are first eliminated.

If you confirm such a pathology as obstruction of the fallopian tubes, how to get pregnant without treatment, you will not tell anyone. That is why a medical correction of this disease is necessary.


How can I know if there is an obstruction of the fallopian tubes? There are several methods for diagnosing this pathology.


Quite an unreliable way, with which you can only assume the presence of adhesions in the abdominal cavity at the displaced position of the organs.

Hysterosalpingography (metrosalpingography)

In carrying out this study, a catheter is inserted into the womb into the uterus, which receives a fluid that has a certain color. If the contrast material emerges from the tubes into the abdominal cavity, then they are passable.

Such manipulation under the control of ultrasound or X-ray apparatus is carried out .

Laparoscopy (or fetilloscopy)

This method of diagnosis involves carrying out manipulations through incisions in the abdominal cavity or vagina. The plus of this method is that if a pathology is detected, it can be immediately corrected.


Of course, like any other pathology, obstruction of the fallopian tubes requires medical correction. As soon as possible to conduct a survey and choose the appropriate tactics. There are several ways to cure obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

Conservative method

Usually, if an inflammatory process is detected, it is eliminated by taking necessary medications. After this, the patient is prescribed antipsychotic drugs and physiotherapy procedures aimed at resorption of thin films in female tubes.

It should be noted that this method is effective only if the age of adhesions does not exceed six months.

The perturbation (hydroturbation)

This method of medical correction is quite outdated, but in some institutions it is still carried out. It can also be quite painful for the patient.

The essence of manipulation is that a woman who is on a gynecological chair is injected into the uterus with a tube, air or a special liquid is delivered through the catheter. Under a strong pressure, the fallopian tubes straighten, and the adhesions break independently. Manipulation is carried out under the control of an ultrasonic sensor.

The disadvantage of this method of treatment is that there can be a strong stretching of the fallopian tubes and displacement from the habitual place for them.

Surgical method

If after a conservative treatment a woman does not feel better or the pregnancy continues to be absent, a surgical correction is indicated. With the diagnosis of "obstruction of the fallopian tubes," the operation can be performed in two ways:

  • laparoscopy;
  • Laparotomy.

Both the first and second variant of treatment is carried out under general anesthesia of the body.

Laparoscopy involves microsurgery. The camera is inserted into the patient's abdominal cavity, thanks to which the doctor sees everything that is happening on the screen. With the aid of additional incisions, manipulators are introduced into the abdomen, which dissect the adhesions. If the film was formed in the center of the tube, the surgeon can not physically reach the desired site. In this case, the fallopian passage is cut in two places, after which a clogged area is extracted, and the healthy ends are sewn together.

Laparotomy is a more traumatic operation. During the procedure, a horizontal or vertical incision is made of the lower abdomen, after which the doctor finds the spikes formed and dissects them.

The prognosis after the spent surgical treatment is favorable, however, the effect of manipulation persists for a short time. A year later, repeated spikes may appear. That's why a woman is recommended to begin planning pregnancy as soon as possible after the obstruction of the fallopian tubes has been eliminated. People's means, however, also can not be discounted, although with them one should be cautious.

What does folk medicine offer?

Many healers and grandmothers assure that a variety of decoctions and tinctures can cure such a pathology. Such herbs as chamomile, boron uterus, red brush - frequent companions of patients with obstruction of fallopian tubes.

It is worth recalling that neglect of medicine and advice of a doctor in favor of folk remedies can result in rather deplorable consequences and complications. That is why it is not necessary without the doctor's recommendation to take a variety of tinctures and decoctions in order to cure obstruction of the fallopian tubes.


Many women, faced with a similar problem, say that the most effective way of treatment is surgery.

It is after surgical removal of adhesions that six infertile pairs of 10 acquire children.

There are also adherents of folk medicine who claim that conception occurred after they started taking this or that broth. It was he who helped them cure obstruction of the fallopian tubes. How to become pregnant, which way to choose? Better, of course, to consult a doctor for help.

How to Get Pregnant

Many women who encounter this problem panic and believe that they will never feel the joy of motherhood. It is not right. In recent decades, there has been a major breakthrough in the field of medicine, thanks to which there is a chance to give birth to a child, even if you have obstruction of the fallopian tubes. How to become pregnant? There are two ways:

  • Treatment, after which pregnancy occurs;
  • In vitro fertilization.

In the first case, after the treatment and medical correction, an independent pregnancy occurs.

The second method is applied, the code operative intervention has not yielded positive results.

The method of in vitro fertilization is that a woman is stimulated by ovulation, during which many follicles grow. With the help of a puncture, specialists take them without waiting for the onset of ovulation, after which they are fertilized with male cells under the most favorable conditions.

After the cells are observed for several days, then they are transplanted to the woman in the uterus, bypassing the obstructed fallopian tubes.

This method has become very popular in recent years. It is thanks to him that many childless couples can have kids.


Many women, having obstruction of fallopian tubes, can become pregnant, but not always such conception ends safely. After encountering the egg, the sperm fertilizes it, after which the movement of the resulting set of chromosomes towards the uterus begins. But the available spikes do not allow the fetal egg to pass, and eventually it is attached to the fallopian tube. Since the fallopian tube can not be stretched infinitely, there comes a time when it is torn. Such a situation is dangerous for a woman's life and requires an immediate request to the doctor.


It is worth saying that if you do not get pregnant for a long time , it makes sense to ask the doctor for a detailed examination. Perhaps you will find the obstruction of the fallopian tubes. In this case, it is necessary to conduct treatment, after which the long-awaited pregnancy will come.

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