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Dreamy and gentle doll Rapunzel. Images of the Princess

By his arrival in the world the golden-haired doll Rapunzel is obliged to the Disney cartoon film Rapunzel. The Confused History ", filmed in 2010. The touching story of a beauty, enchanted by a wicked witch-stepmother in a high tower, and then rescued, of course, by a noble prince, became so famous that toy manufacturers could not help reacting to the popularity of the fairy tale heroes and created a whole line of "cartoon" toys. The central figure of this expressive series from Disney is the lovely Rapunzel doll, which recreates the image of the Disney princess. All pupae are provided with hinges that ensure their mobility, and the high quality of materials from which they are made allows parents not to worry about the safety of the child, his wonderful mood and calm.

Toy images of the charming Rapunzel

Designers did not stop at the only image of a fairy princess. They created several dolls, very quickly conquered the hearts of small fans. For example, Rapunzel in childhood - a nice girl in a wonderful outfit with long hair, able to withstand multiple weave braids, inflated lips and bare feet.

Another image - a doll "Rapunzel singing". It is only to touch the palm of a princess in a lavender dress , as she begins to sing in English. The dress of the beauty is trimmed with a thin lace and embroidery. In singing Rapunzel there is a comb in the color of the dress, by means of which it is always possible to bring her luxurious hair into perfect condition.

The Rapunzel Doll (Disney) for adults

For collectors, Disney releases a limited edition of exclusive doll princess options, which are quite expensive. So, in the world there are only 5 000 copies of the luxurious collection doll Rapunzel in a dress with the richest decoration and adorable, shimmering hair. The circulation of another collection doll, whose name is in Russian, "Wedding Rapunzel: Happy Forever", is 8,000 copies. The bride of Rapunzel shines in a luxurious ivory dress decorated with lace, gold embroidery, complex lacing and artificial pearls. The bride's hair-a cheerful square and chestnut curls-is very different from the long thick hair of other puppets of Rapunzel.

Puppet Princess as a means of education

Adults who decided to buy a Rapunzel doll for their little daughter, act reasonably. After all, each baby, playing with dolls, repeats the same actions that her mother does in everyday life. The girl washes and combs the doll, puts things in order in her room. During the game, she is engaged in a very serious matter - she realizes her place in the society, acquires the necessary skills, prepares for the role of mother and mistress of her home. If the beautiful doll Rapunzel has "settled" in your baby's room, be sure, in front of the child's eyes a beautiful pattern of good taste that can influence the choice of your own style. Playing with a doll-princess, the girl develops imagination, gets used to accuracy, realizes the necessity of constant care for her appearance, and her little world fills with magic and charm.

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