"Guam" (cosmetics): reviews. Anti-cellulite cosmetics "Guam" (GUAM): reviews

Cosmetic series "Guam" from the Italian manufacturer supports women's beauty for more than 20 years. The funds of this firm have long been famous for the fact that grace is returned to the silhouette, they form an almost ideal figure, make the skin elastic and full of energy. Side effects these agents do not cause, since they are created completely on a natural basis. "Guam" - cosmetics, reviews of which around the world have created her a reputation for a unique tool. This is much more than just listing the ingredients in its composition.

Why cosmetics "Guam"?

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to say a little and about what these miraculous creams, masks, gels and other "representatives" of the "Guam" brand were made of. The basis of all cosmetic products are seaweed of several species. It is undeniable that their therapeutic effect on the skin is very beneficial. The content of a complex of acids, vitamins and minerals in them has a moisturizing, tightening and antioxidant effect.

But some algae for the extension of beauty is small, so they account for about a quarter of the total composition of creams, scrubs and other preparations. Half of all components are curative mineral salts, which are extracted from the sea depths with the help of special equipment and are thoroughly cleaned.

Mechanism of action of creams

Why do I prefer many products with extracts from marine plants to other drugs? To understand this, you need to understand their actions. On the example of drugs, we present this mechanism visually. It is worth mentioning that any cream "Guam" reviews are positive. Women note that the elasticity of the skin rises, the surface is smoothed and the color improves. Among the means for skin care of the face and body there are specific, aimed at fighting with pronounced problems. So, the funds from stretch marks reduce visible scars on the skin, equally effectively take care of the zones of the chest, hips and abdomen. Greater demand for face creams from puffiness and flabbiness.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics "Guam": the opinion of Russian women

Among the discussions in women's forums are many of those that concern the means of caring for the body. This applies to anti-cellulite drugs in general, and to special cosmetics series "Guam" in particular. The practice of observation shows that the discussion groups include women from 20 to 60 years old. This means a difference in the figures, and in the complex, and in problems with the skin, etc.

A good cosmetic preparation for cellulite is usually appreciated for the following qualities:

  • Relatively low cost.
  • Economical consumption.
  • Easy application at home.
  • Pleasant smell and consistency.
  • Comfortable sensations during and after application.
  • Rapid achievement of the expected result.

Deserves recognition on these criteria and anti-cellulite cosmetics "Guam". Reviews about it relate not only to the sensations of application and usage, but also to the apparent benefits of the product.

What can I say about cosmetics for the body: "for" and "against"

Caring for the body is aimed at achieving several basic goals:

  • Maintaining youthful skin and slender shape;
  • Solving individual problems;
  • The desire to restore youth through careful intervention in the deep process of withering.

To begin with, it needs to be clarified that changes at the cellular level are irreversible. A little slow down them is possible only with the help of special therapy, the cost of which is not always justified.

In our power to affect only the outer layers of the skin. Here it is necessary to make a reservation: without careful care and constant maintenance of the achieved level, the skin will return to its original state. Moreover, professionals have proved that some drugs are literally addictive, since they are created on a hormonal basis. This "therapeutic cosmetics" is often dangerous for the body.

Natural remedies not only have a prolonged action, but also stimulate an independent cellular renewal, triggering a stopped mechanism of cellular activity. "Guam" - cosmetics, reviews of which around the world have created her reputation as a unique tool

Wrapping procedures

They were always appreciated and were considered one of the most expensive and popular salon services. The possibility of self-application at home has become available not so long ago.

It should be remembered that wrapping with the use of improvised materials of questionable quality does not bring the expected result.

The bet is made on the composition of the product, which is applied to the skin. Guam wraps come to the rescue. The reviews point out a positive effect on metabolic processes, acceleration of excretion of toxins and toxins. Outwardly it looks like increased sweating on problem areas of the body, their smoothness and moisturizing after the procedure.

The reputation of Guam in Russia: components of success

The climate of our country is very specific, so the lack of sunny days and high-calorie nutrition impose an imprint on the figures of Russians. This applies to complexion, skin and hair.

In cosmetics based on marine minerals, there is everything necessary for the body of a woman. All the requirements of cosmetologists are "Guam" in their composition. Cosmetics, reviews of which mean more than the estimates of some experts - that's how you can characterize it.

Objectively about the shortcomings

Some women say that body cosmetics "Guam" causes burning or, on the contrary, an excessive feeling of cold in the area of application, redness of the skin and the appearance of a small swelling. These are the most frequent complaints of customers about the harm that caused them anti-cellulite cosmetics "Guam". These reviews are not entirely objective: like any other means, cosmetics based on algae are not universal. The drug tolerance test should be carried out prior to use and be guided by its results. The smell of this line is very specific, but this only confirms the naturalness of their composition. Extract of brown algae, mineral salts and phytoplankton create a specific aroma characteristic of the seashore.

Effect duration

Many girls are wondering how long the effect of using Italian body cosmetics remains. The preservation of a long-term result depends on the efforts made to achieve it. Regularity of use, persistence and following a certain system of procedures - this is the key to success. Like all medical products, you need to apply body care to your complex. Day and night cream are not interchangeable and do not take on each other's functions. The same applies to gels, scrubs, bandages and everything else from the range of the Guam range. Cosmetics, reviews about the magnificent effect of which warms interest to it, acts in tandem with the efforts of the woman herself.

As a result of proper use, the effect of using these remedies is preserved for a long time, so the most effective course usage will be. Moreover, in the series of the Italian cosmetic line "Guam" you can find funds for every taste and level of income. It is worth noting that even very expensive means fully justify their value.

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