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Insect mosquito: life span, conditions and habitat

There is no other person on earth who does not know that there is such an insect - a mosquito, whose lifespan, as many claim, is only one day. And today we will certainly dispel this myth! After all, in reality, the life of a mosquito is much longer in favorable conditions. Next to the man, of course, he did not last long - it was only to squeak, and he would be immediately slapped.

The life of a mosquito

In fact, everything depends on the conditions of its habitat - the life of an insect is affected by meteorological factors, the activity of parasites and even human exposure. On an average in captivity, male mosquitoes can live 3-4 weeks. Females are more lucky, their life span can sometimes last up to two months, but this happens very rarely.

Who bites us?

We are bitten only by evil and annoying mosquitoes. Males, as a rule, eat floral nectar, and we do not even notice them, because the human body does not interest them at all. Immediately pops up the thought: "How clever is the mosquito, the life span of which is very small, - how does it feel that people should stay away!" About komarihah this can not be said, but they have a reason. The fact is that without our blood they simply could not lay eggs. Everything is interconnected. As soon as the mosquito gets its portion of blood, it flies closer to the water - to a pond, a barrel of water and even a tin can, in which rainwater has accumulated. Everything will do, if only there is humidity. There the female lays eggs, their number varies from 30 to 150 at a time. And so every 2-3 days. She is such a large mother!

What distance can mosquitoes overcome?

This is a very mobile insect. Without landing a mosquito, the photo of which you see, can fly about a kilometer, but it does not happen so often. Basically, they overcome small distances, for example from a reservoir to a populated area and back. Most such flights are made by female mosquitoes, because they need human blood, and then a pond to lay eggs. Males can simply settle on some lawn near the pond and not go anywhere from there.

Wintering of mosquitoes

Some individuals who were lucky enough to appear at the end of a warm period may fall into a hibernation. A mosquito, whose life is quite short, usually chooses a basement, storerooms, a room containing animals, etc., for wintering. They sleep in a "stunned" state and wake up with the first heat. There was even one incident that occurred in Khabarovsk. The mosquito for 2 months was in the frost, which sometimes reached -26 degrees, and, as soon as it was carried into the warmth, it revived.

Historical reference

Incredibly, but the mosquito, whose life span is so short, is a very dangerous insect. At one time, a large number of people died from his bites, which in many cases exceeds the number of losses that occurred during armed conflicts during the World War. And this is true, because a mosquito is one of the first carriers of dangerous infectious diseases, which include malaria. The vaccine at that time was not, therefore someone survived (there were only one), and someone could not bear the disease. But now you can breathe peacefully, such cases are extremely rare.

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