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It is worth trying a good cognac

It's great to be able to afford the luxury. Unique spirits, limited edition, elegant exquisite decanters and, of course, sky-high prices. However, it is worth, albeit rarely, maybe one day in life, but try at least one good cognac from several of the most amazing and prestigious cognacs in the world.

Periodically people turn to each other with a request "Advise a good cognac". There are decent options, for example, this cognac belongs to a completely limited exclusive series. Interestingly, it is based on a combination of three unique alcohols, they have different aging: 41, 43 and 44 years. When you combine all these three years together, you will get the general age of the composition - as much as 128 years. Particular pride - a crystal decanter handmade, which has a pearl necklace on the neck. In the world there are 3068 bottles of this cognac. Is it intriguing? Want to know how much is a good cognac? Price Camus Cognac Cuve 3.128 per bottle - $ 2500.

Cognac Courvoisier L'Esprit - everything is exquisite in it, starting from a changeable flavor and ending with a unique decanter in which a wonderful drink is stored. The aftertaste is very special - it lasts at least half an hour and gives an incredible range of incredible sensations. Decanter for this good cognac is made of the crystal of the famous and prestigious brand Lalique. In the batch of these cognacs there are only 2000 bottles, the price for one bottle is $ 6,800. According to experts, they are at least about 150 years old. In fact, they slept for a century and a half in the demidzhones of the cellars of the cognac house - in huge glass bottles. The price for a bottle is $ 6,500.

Cognac Hardy Perfection Fire is made from pure, completely undiluted exclusive cognac spirits, the age of which is 140 years. For such unique alcohols, a rare, incredibly tasty grapes of French Colombard, which grows in the region of Grand Champagne, was taken. The balanced taste of one of the most chic cognacs in the world expresses the tone of an oak and coffee-chocolate notes. Cognac Hardy Perfection Fire is in the crystal decanters Daum. A total of 300 such decanters were made.

Hennessy Ellipse is also a very good cognac. It is based on seven best cognac spirits, they were selected by seven generations of masters of assembly in a cognac house. Unlike classic standard Hennessy cognacs, this drink contains 43.5% alcohol, not 40%.

No less good cognac L'Art de Martell has a complex taste, with notes of currant, nutty flavor and shades of hazelnut. This cognac has an exceptionally long aftertaste. An elegant and refined drink was admitted in 1997. The limited edition counts 1997 decanters. In this case, the bottle costs $ 3,630. The decanter for this cognac is made of sapphire glass with the use of platinum filling and is packed in a chic mahogany box of handmade

Hennessey Beaute du Siecle is produced by a batch comprising 100 exclusive bottles. An expensive and exquisitely packed decanter is placed in a casket made of aluminum and Venetian glass. The casket is also decorated with two exotic beads, from expensive Venetian glass. In this box there are also four glasses.

Now you know what a good cognac is. Give preference to quality drinks.

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