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Tea set is a universal gift, which will always come in handy. A variety of designs, shapes, color solutions makes it possible to make such a gift almost unique. The tea ceremony is no less popular with us than in Japan or China, although the ceremonial is, of course, incomparably more primitive. Nevertheless, tea drinking is one of the most pleasant and emotional pastimes absolutely for any company.

Tea set when meeting guests is of no small importance. He largely sets the character of the meeting, expresses his attitude towards the guest, creates a special mood. Of course, the difference between cheap stamped mugs and elegant cups of fine porcelain is obvious. The first option is more suitable for the office, when there is no time for lengthy conversations over a cup of tea, the second is for the reception of guests with whom you want to sit longer and enjoy both the drink itself and the atmosphere created by its warmth.

The prototype of the popular Russian service was the traditional Chinese tea set. Today in our country such dishes are made of different materials: ceramics, glass, metal, porcelain. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most high-quality was and still is porcelain. Therefore, if you want to buy for yourself or as a gift is really a good tea set, it is better to choose it in the performance of precisely this material. If the high price may seem like an obstacle, then you should stop on a small kit, which has the most necessary (without additional items), but you can be sure that it will please you or the one to whom you have presented it for many years.

Tableware for tea from porcelain is a real work of art. Sets are "everyday" and designed for special occasions, from items for six, twelve or twenty-four persons.

Ceramic tea set is usually bought "for yourself", and if you need a good gift - choose a more expensive porcelain. Ceramics is cheaper, but not so durable, beautiful and elegant. However, now much more attention than material, is given to the design and shape of the dishes. Leading manufacturers work with famous designers, thanks to which they create truly exclusive items of dishes, many of which are produced in a single copy.

Especially popular now are sets in Oriental style with hand-painted. In the price of minimalism and simplicity. Eastern traditions of tea drinking, it should be noted, we are perceived not so much in a philosophical way as in adopting the geometry of tea utensils: low cups, trapezoid teapots, the presence of additional items that not all use.

Sometimes dishes are purchased and just as an ornament. Japanese tea set, for example, can become not just a service, but a self-sufficient piece of furniture. Choose a suitable option for yourself from the required number of items, materials and the corresponding design today is not very difficult. Thanks to the popularity of such dishes, its choice in stores is incredibly diverse.

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