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"Old Yerevan", Chelyabinsk: reviews, menu

"Old Yerevan" is a network of cafes of Armenian cuisine with cozy interiors, delicious homemade food. A great place for meetings with friends or family holidays, and for banquets and corporate parties.


The first cafe appeared in 2007, it was small, accommodating only 30 people, but very cozy. In 2009, the institution moved to become more spacious. In 2010, there was already an art cafe with a modern and cozy design, and in February 2012 another cafe was opened in the center of the city. And finally, in 2014 the last institution on Engels Street was opened. Now this is a network into which there are currently three institutions.

Cafe "Old Yerevan": menu

First of all, it's worth paying attention to kebabs and kebabs. Shish kebab is prepared not only from the usual pork, chicken, beef, but also from turkey, vegetables, heart and liver ram.

For the snack - cheese Armenian dish (brynza, suluguni, chanakhi, greens), tsitsak (salted hot pepper), homemade boiled pork, pickles (wild garlic, cucumbers, garlic, okra, tomatoes, cabbage and pepper), pita bread with fillings.

At first you can try the Armenian ancient soup that is saved, made with matsoni from young wheat, lamb meat with vegetables, kharcho, Armenian okroshka. Very tasty cook here fries in pots or in a frying pan, manti with lamb or with mushrooms.

For dessert - baklava, homemade jam from cornel, walnuts, pumpkins, mulberries, eggplant or rose petals.

All dishes are prepared according to old recipes, with observance of national traditions.

When ordering, pay attention to the fact that the cafe "Old Yerevan" (Chelyabinsk) adds 10% for maintenance.


As a supplement to the meal, you can choose tea with natural herbs (thyme, mint, mountain brier, blackberry), green, black or flavored, or coffee, prepared in several different ways, coffee cocktails.

Among the alcoholic beverages there is a draft beer and a bottle, including a brand beer, which is called "Old Yerevan".

The choice of strong spirits is also good. You can try several varieties of vodka, including Armenian mulberry, apricot, pomegranate or cornelian, Armenian cognacs. In addition, there are whiskey, rum, tequila, liqueurs and vermouth.

In the wine list - Italy, France, Germany, Chile and, of course, Armenia: pomegranate, cherry, plum, blackberry, quince.

It is worth paying attention to cocktails, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. There are both classic mixes, and created by original recipes.


"Old Yerevan" is already a network of cafes, which includes three establishments. The first one is located at: ul. Molodogvardeytsev, 68. To reserve a table, you need to call 223-28-08.

The second cafe is located on Lenin Avenue, 71a. Phone for the reserve: 265-30-31. And the last institution can be found at: ul. Engels, 42-b. Phone for information and reservation: 778-15-51.

The restaurant has an official website and groups in social networks "FaceBook" and "VKontakte". Follow the news can also be in "Twitter" and "Instagram."

Through the site you can ask the question directly to the director, for this a special convenient form is provided, and there is also a form for booking the table. To order a banquet, you need to call 215-99-72.

Promotions and entertainment

All guests who visit the cafe "Old Yerevan" from Monday to Friday, from 12 to 15, are entitled to a 40% discount on the whole menu.

Also here regularly there are concerts of bright performers, photo reports about the past events can be viewed on the site or in a group in social networks.

You can try hookah at affordable prices at the cafe on the Molodogvardeytsev. Offer a hookah on a clay bowl, apple, orange or grapefruit. As a bulb filler, you can choose milk, wine or cognac.

Personal chef

If you are planning a grandiose holiday and want to surprise guests with exquisite cuisine, the "Personal Chef" service will become an excellent idea. The professional of his business will help you make a menu, calculate the size and quantity of portions, make a list of products and tell you where it is better to make purchases.

Also, the personal chef will show how to cook and decorate dishes and drinks, share professional secrets and, of course, prepare all dishes for a banquet, organize a festive table where you specify, outdoors or indoors.

The cost of the service is low. If a banquet to ten people - 1500 rubles, the price does not include more than twelve hours of work. You can also invite the waiter: one person for a banquet for up to twenty people.

It is possible to prepare dishes not only from your products, but also from the products of the cafe, if there is no time to engage in purchases.

With examples of ready meals and decor can be found on the site of the cafe.


Each cafe network has its own unique atmosphere, but at the same time there is a general mood.

In the institution of the Molodogvardeytsev a lot of natural wood, cozy warm colors, soft light crystal chandeliers, comfortable sofas, household utensils on the shelves. It seems that you are in a hospitable house with a warm atmosphere, where everyone is very happy.

Cafe "Old Yerevan" on Lenin Avenue is also stylized under the house, but the situation in it is slightly more strict, but no less cozy. Slightly rough wooden furniture, textiles, paintings on the walls, a fireplace with firewood, soft sofas, city motifs painted on the walls - all this invites to travel, immerses in a relaxing atmosphere, sets up for a rest.

Finally, "Old Yerevan" (Chelyabinsk) on Engels is, perhaps, the institution with the most modern design. Despite the fact that common motifs are preserved - natural wood, soft warm color scheme, the design looks more stylish. Unusual elements of decor, space, huge windows, lanterns, stylized antique. The place no longer looks like a house, it's a beautiful restaurant.


Delicious dishes of the menu can be served for dinner or a festive table, for this, the cafe has a delivery service. A pleasant discount of 40% applies to meals ordered at home.

To place an order, you need to call 26-11-777 or 776-87-81 from 11.00 to 23.00. At a certain amount of the order, delivery becomes free. The amount depends on the remoteness of the area.

In the menu - shashlik, lyulya-kebab, pizza, salads, khachapuri, lamadzho, Armenian juices and desserts, spirits.

Please note that the minimum weight of any dish is 200 grams, the exact price will be known after weighing the dish, the final amount will be reported by the operator.

Payment is possible not only in cash, but also with the help of a bank card or "Sberbank Online" service.

"Old Yerevan": reviews

On the service "Tripadvizor" about this institution left about twenty responses. The average score was four points out of five possible. Reviews about the cafe "Old Yerevan" (Chelyabinsk) in the bulk are good, but there are also negative ones.

Guests write about the good Armenian cuisine, delicious meat and wine, especially praise for shish kebab and lyulya-kebab, and note low prices. Also in the cafe like those who come to lunch in the afternoon, as a discount of 40% makes the prices for meals especially pleasant, and they cook almost everything delicious. They note the colorful atmosphere and Caucasian hospitality, live music.

Good reviews are also left on the dishes that are brought home delivery service, praise and the quality of meat, and the size of portions.

The negative aspects include the fact that the account includes 10% service charge. Also not all are satisfied with its quality. There are comments about the kitchen: they say that she is an amateur.

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