Blue Lake (Kiev) - a great place to relax

Residents of the Ukrainian capital were not lucky that they live far from the sea. Therefore, not everyone can spontaneously plan their summer vacation. As a rule, many families still can not get to rest on sea resorts. But the people of Kiev were very lucky with local water bodies. It is pure fresh Blue Lakes. Kiev in this regard is rich in such sights.

Some sleeping areas are erected right on their shores. Basically, they are all suitable for swimming, and therefore are popular places for recreation. It is here that those who for some reason can not plan a long vacation can spend their time.

A few words about the pond

One of the favorite places for locals is the Blue Lake. Kiev is only 20 km away from it. Near the pond there is a village Podgortsy. Its name was not accidental. The water in it is really clean, turquoise.

Lake Blue was formed not so long ago, several years ago. It appeared on the site of the former sand quarry. And from that time the pond became very fond of the inhabitants of Kiev and the neighborhoods

What is waiting for tourists?

During the summer heat and scorching heat, a great option will be a trip to the Blue Lakes (Kiev). This is a good place for a family holiday. After all, there is everything you need - clean water, suitable for swimming, convenient approach to it, sandy wide beaches, gently sloping plains nearby, forest belt and developing infrastructure around the reservoir. The bottom of the lake is level, without rocks and debris.

And nearby there is a small hilly terrain, from this and the name of the nearby village is Podgornoye. Recently, this place has become popular for hang gliding.

Illegal buildings

In recent years, private cottages are increasingly surrounded by the Blue Lake (Kiev). Photos that show what this leads to, you can see in the media. This problem is often covered in local newspapers. As a rule, this construction often has a judicial nature, since the land surrounding the lake is mainly sold illegally.

Paid and free beaches: what's the difference?

The territory near the pond is divided into two parts: paid and free.

On a paid beach, you have to pay for the entrance, and then the guests will have their own beds, plenty of space in the shade and sun, cafe, two volleyball fields. The free beach has all the same. Sunbeds can be rented, there are enough places in the shade, there are several public catering facilities, catamarans are offered from entertainment. But on a free beach there are always a lot of tourists who come to the Blue Lake (Kiev) to soak up the sun.

Over the entire coastline, snacks, ice cream, and even a hookah are offered. But stay for the night in the tent here will not work, as there are no places for camping. Also, it is not allowed to plant bonfires on the shore. These safety measures are taken in order to protect the nearest nature from an accidental fire.

On the Blue Lake (Kiev) you can come by car. Entry to the territory is paid, the vehicle is left in the parking lot.

How to get to the Blue Lakes?

It is not difficult to get to the lake. However, it is worth considering that due to the fact that the reservoir is artificial, it is not on many maps. To get to the place of rest, you need to navigate the place or ask the local residents.

You can come to Blue Lake (Kiev) by car. To do this, when you leave the capital, you need to go along Obuhovskaya highway up to 28 kilometers. The journey takes a little time - about 30 minutes. You can also organize a bicycle route along the same path.

You can get to the Blue Lake by public transport. To do this, from Kiev by metro you need to get to the station "Vydubychi", and then change to the minibus and go towards Obukhov.

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