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What are the parrots fed at home?

Properly composed diet of your pet - a pledge of his long and carefree life. That's why every owner should take as much attention to this issue as possible. Our feathered friends are no less vulnerable to various diseases, the cause of which is often an unbalanced diet. Therefore, the question of what feed parrots living in a house or apartment, so often worried about attentive breeders.

First of all, the basis for feeding domestic feathered pets is the grain mixture, which can be purchased at any pet store. In connection with the question of what parrots are fed at home, many owners note that they prefer ready-made meals from foreign, and not domestic producers. This is primarily due to the high level of quality of the product. Nevertheless, no matter how good the prepared feed, it can not be used as the only food product for a pet. You can diversify the diet of the pet with fresh vegetables and fruits. It is important that all products are washed and spared from internal pits. Banned in this category include potatoes, avocados, mangoes and papayas.

In addition, thinking about what feed parrots at home, it is worth paying attention to not sprouted grain. Its inclusion in the pet's diet is mandatory, as it contains many useful vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the bird. The main thing is not to overdo it with this product, adding it little by little to the finished mixture at each feeding. During the day, the pet should be provided with two meals a day, this is connected with the question of how to properly feed the parrot. In addition, it is very important to provide the bird with constant fresh water for drinking.

Many owners have a question about what they feed the parrots at home, they say that they like twice a week to pamper their pets with sour-milk products. These include kefir, yogurt and fermented baked milk. The level of their fat content should not exceed three percent. Also parrots can cook porridge on the water, without adding any sugar or salt. In addition, every two weeks you can give out a small piece of boiled egg.

Having dealt with what you can feed the parrots, it is also worth mentioning the list of products prohibited for poultry . First of all, they include salted and sweet nuts, spicy greens, for example, parsley or dill, milk, cream and sour cream. It is not recommended to include in the diet of a favorite garlic or onion, vegetables in cooked, paren or fried form.

As a "food entertainment" home parrots can be given fresh branches of trees. An exception are coniferous species, poplar, bird cherry, oak. Collect them better in forests, remotely located from factories and motor roads. In addition to the branches, small pieces of cardboard or wood chips can be added to the finished grain mixture, giving additional load to the beak and the brain. Thus, in the process of feeding the pet will be able to successfully develop their thinking abilities.

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