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Shilov Museum in Moscow: address, time of work. People's Artist of the USSR Alexander Makovich Shilov

Gallery Shilov Alexander Maksovich, academician of painting, - an exclusive collection of the artist's works, which he created with love and attention to people over the years of creative life. When the work has accumulated a lot, over three hundred and fifty, the painter in 1996 appealed to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and offered his works as a gift to the Motherland.

The appearance of the gallery

The Shilov Museum was opened in 1997 on Znamenka in the 5th. This building was built by the architect E.E. Tyurin. After the artist transferred 400 more works, it was decided to increase the gallery's area. Approaching the museum, the visitor begins to understand that he is entering a temple where art reigns.

The entrance is decorated with symmetrical niches, in which there are statues. The doors frame two pyramidal thuys. Entering the spacious lobby, made in warm golden pink colors, the guest, even without having begun the inspection, adjusts to a sublime harmony. Columns, stucco molding, an amazing set-up floor - everything hits at the entrance. Having risen on a short wide marble staircase, you can start examining the exposition. Even for the sake of inspecting the interiors, it makes sense to visit the Shilov Museum. Not every day you find yourself in a magnificent palace.

Before we start to travel from painting to painting, we will first get acquainted with the main stages of the artist's life.

Short biography of AM Shilov

Alexander Makovich Shilov was born in the cold, hungry, military Moscow in October of the 43rd year. From the age of fourteen he began to study painting and painting, having received a higher art education in 1973. Three years later he was admitted to the Union of Artists. The hobby artist consisted several times in marriage. From the second wife he had a daughter Mashenka, whom he loved dearly. The child fell seriously ill and died. The artist dreamed of seeing her as an adult beauty.

That's how she could grow up. Unfortunately, no money for serious diseases does not help. Portraits of your beloved daughter can be seen if you visit the Shilov Museum.

Characteristics of the artist's work

The works of AM Shilov are all perceived ambiguously. He chose a style for work that is called realism. This manner of work is accessible to the perception of many people, especially since Alexander Shilov's paintings are written with striking textural authenticity. Velvet is really so soft that he wants to stroke his hand, the satin glitters and shimmers, a light translucent silk lays down in soft folds, transparent laces glow.

The color of his paintings is noble and modest. Master loves not only oil painting, but also a pastel, the technical capabilities of which he masterfully mastered. His works should be looked at to make an independent conclusion, which is better: Malevich's "Black Square", which has been worn for almost a century, or the work of our contemporary. In the work of Shilov, the portrait prevails, although, of course, there are still-lifes and landscapes. His work is full of romance and that proportion of beauty and purity that is lacking in the harsh everyday life. We, unfortunately, are busy getting the daily bread, and we have no time to stop and peer into the face of the veteran. The artist allows us to die before the portraits of not only statesmen, but next to ordinary old men and old women. On their faces - lived a difficult path. Let's look at one portrait, which represents the museum of Shilov.

"More silence"

Stricken large hands, wrinkled noble face, fatigue in the whole pose. Slightly worn lapels of a neat jacket, a modest cap on his knees. But he was once a young man, full of strength and hope. Time took everything.

Even if an elderly person is surrounded by a large family of loving people, he can not help but wonder why he was given a life, and what will happen afterwards. "Are not you afraid of death? The philosopher asked his students. "So you did not think about her." Just a cry of the soul broke out from the ancient poet, when he asked God with hope: "Is there a life for death?". He came up with a wonderful metaphor. The poet likened death to the Ganges, which flows into a huge ocean. If our little entity joins something majestic, then death is not terrible, it will not. What did the old man think about, leaning heavily on his wand, without which he can not do without? All portraits make you think. Some - over the joy of the bride, the other - over the pride of the veteran. They do not leave indifferent and overturn something in the soul of the viewer. But in order to create a gallery Shilov.

Still life

In a simple clay jug, a bright bouquet of pansies is placed on a white linen tablecloth.

An even grayish-brownish background does not detract from the contemplation of plain, living only a day or two of elegant flowers. A beautiful colorist made a wonderful bouquet, which will live a long life and will please more than one generation of spectators.

Winter landscape

The portraits created by Aleksandr Makovich Shilov are unusually good. But I want to say that the landscapes filled with love for the Motherland, he's great.

The spring sun already makes you wake up, warming your corner of a snow-covered village. Unfinished branches of trees have already turned green. The village was lost at the edge of the forest. The snow thaws, revealing here and there last year's grass. The sky is bright blue. Its reflections lie on a white snow glade. On the roof of the dilapidated hut, it is almost gone. And behind it you can see the dome of the church shining in the sun , which has stood here since ancient times. They spared her, and she is as beautiful as she was two hundred years ago when she was set up by the whole world.

Controversial artist

Shilov is an artist who causes various disputes. They talk a lot about him, but it's best to make your own idea of his work by visiting the Shilov Museum in Moscow. Only after seeing the portraits of old men and old women, monks and nuns, famous people of our country, landscapes of Russia in different seasons, still lifes, one can say: "it stuck in my soul" or "I do not accept it". It is never worthwhile to form an opinion from other, often biased, words, both good and negative.

How the museum works

Like most museums, it opens daily at eleven o'clock in the morning and closes at seven in the evening, except on Thursday, when the visit day is extended until nine in the evening. Welcome, the museum of Shilov awaits you.

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