Holiday Inn Sanya Bay 5 * (Sanya, China): description, photos and reviews

Holiday Inn Sanya Bay is a five-star hotel in one of the most chic resorts of South China (Hainan Island). The hotel positions itself as a beachfront, and indeed, from the sea it is across the road. The hotel is a country hotel, relatively new. It was built in two thousand five years. The hotel is a network hotel, belongs to the "Intercontinental" line. Tourist programs are organized here by the international group Holiday Inn, which has opened the second hotel in Sanya for the last ten years. Both these companies offer you rest and service that meets the requirements of all international standards. No wonder the number of Russian tourists both on the island of Hainan in general, and in Sanya, is growing every year. Rest here is prestigious, not very expensive and absolutely safe.

How to get there and when to go

Sanya is a Chinese resort that hosts tourists all year round. Although earlier in this area exiled officials, now everyone is happy to visit the local beaches. Even the rainy season in Sanya is almost invisible, and the temperature fluctuations are minimal. The high season depends on the holidays that tourists come to celebrate, and not at all from weather or climate. The least is in Sanya people in the summer, when the sun can burn, and on the sea rise strong waves. In October or September, typhoons are possible, but in practice they are rare. In Sanya, there is an international airport Phoenix, which is located eleven kilometers from the city center and very close to our hotel. Regular flights by Aeroflot, Southern and Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines, fly here. True, only charter planes come from Moscow without transplantations. The transit stop is best done in Wuhan. A big plus of Holiday Inn Sanya Bay, photo of which will satisfy any tourist with a taste, is that if you fly directly to Sanya airport, then you are brought here first, and taken last. But if you arrive not in Phoenix, but in another hub, know that before the hotel you have to go from three to five hours.

Sanya, Yalong Bay

Bay, where the hotel is located Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Yalong Bay, is considered the most prestigious place in the vicinity of the city. It is built mainly by five-star hotels with beautiful gardens and pools of quaint shape. On three sides the bay, which is almost eight kilometers long, is surrounded by mountains, which look great in any weather. This area seems to be created for a quiet and peaceful holiday of tourists. You can wander all day and evening in the many kilometers of beaches and brightly lit embankments. Few people have fun, there are hiking and cycling paths. There is a surf, a fresh sea breeze. From time to time there are special dance venues where music is constantly playing. It's safe and beautiful to walk around the local mountains, where now and then there are giant trees and beautiful waterfalls.

Location, what is next to the hotel

Holiday Inn Sanya Bay is located a few kilometers from the most interesting sights of Sanya Island. This is the park "Edge of the World", the temple complex Nyanshan. To the center of the capital Sanya, as well as to the airport of the island and its sea gate, about fifteen to twenty minutes drive. And to such large Chinese megacities, like Beijing or Shanghai, it takes three to four hours to get there. The hotel is located in the central part of the coast. At the gates of the hotel stop of city buses, which can reach the center of Sanya and the main attractions, the ticket costs depending on the distance - three to four yuan (27-35 rubles) one way. To the left of the entrance - trays with fruits, essentials, drinks, mosquito and mosquito bites, tourist shops, where they offer trips around the island. A little further in the same direction - an inexpensive cafe with seafood.

Holiday Inn Sanya Bay: hotel description, area

The area of the hotel and the surrounding park is more than twenty-seven square kilometers. The design of its buildings and park zone is modern, stylish and chic. It was made by American companies "AJ-DJ" and "Smallwoods". The hotel is designed in such a way that Western and Eastern islands are visible from its buildings. The hotel offers free parking for the guests. There are thermal springs right on site. The park area is very well maintained. There are secluded summerhouses with tables, armchairs and chaise lounges, set in picturesque places. Territory though small, but it is sustained with taste.

Where do the guests live?

In the Holiday Inn Sanya Bay hotel complex - more than three hundred twenty stylish rooms with original design. The vast majority of them are classified as "luxury". From the windows of these rooms you can see the sea, the courtyard with a pool or green mountains, as if descended from the works of famous Chinese graphics. They are very large in size - forty-six square meters. There is another thirty-one representative number. They are similar in terms and conditions of service to "suites". But twenty representative apartments are truly huge. Their area is ninety-six square meters. In addition, they have very large balconies, from where you can see both the sea and the mountains. Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Bay also has a so-called "business floor" for VIP clients. Its residents can enjoy not only breakfast included in the cost of living, but also tea, coffee, cocktails. All rooms have satellite TV (one Russian channel), good internet, ironing board with iron, hairdryer, refrigerator and mini bar with two bottles of mineral water, which bring daily. In the rooms you can make green or black tea, "Nescafe" - for this there is everything you need, including glasses and spoons. Beds are equipped with hard and soft cushions from "Slumberberd", and in the bathroom water flows from the thermal spring. The rooms have fumigators, in case there are mosquitoes. Cleaning daily and impeccable, the bed and towels shine with whiteness. All rooms have bathrobes and slippers. They give out cosmetic accessories - soap, gel, shampoo, rinse, toothbrushes with mini-paste, napkins, shower cap. For a room with a view of the sea you will have to pay extra separately.

How to feed the tourists

Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Bay 5 * boasts an amazing cuisine with fine chefs. At your service there is a restaurant "Lin Nan Sui Yaan", which serves buffet-style meals and a Chinese-style menu. Basically it is the cuisine of the provinces of Guangdong and Hainan. You can try such local delicacies as shark fins, abalon, "swallow's nests". There is also a restaurant with European dishes here, if the Chinese seem too unfamiliar to you. It is called "Marina", and here you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a restaurant in the traditional Chinese garden. On the ground floor of the hotel building, in the lobby, there is a bar. It is stylized as a Chinese tavern for the rich, with a painted ceiling and carved columns. Breakfasts are in local style, although you can find the usual dishes. Of meat - bacon, sausages, sausage, samsa for a couple and manti. Served also cheeses (including tofu) and eggs in the form you want - boiled, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and seasonings ... There are yoghurts with muesli, honey, various jams. Good coffee and tea from the machine. Large selection of noodles and thick soups. A lot of sauces and marinades, so you can combine sauces with dishes yourself. The same and with seasonings - if the food seems to you fresh, you add spices to taste. Of course, there is always rice, as well as a mass of baked and stewed vegetables and mushrooms. Good and delicious pastries, which always uses poppies, nuts, different grains, sesame. There are also different pancakes stuffed. Many fruits - watermelons, melons, pineapples, tangerines, "dragon eye", grapes. To fruits here carry also tomatoes "cherry". Good at the Holiday Inn Sanya Bay (China) and dinners. They are also served in the form of a buffet, where you can choose dishes that you can eat immediately, or they are cooked on a burner or grill. Pork, chicken, fish, a lot of kebabs, seafood (crabs, shrimps, mussels, scallops). On the sweet table - air biscuits with different layers. In drinks at dinner included yellow tea and a bottle of beer per person.

The services

The Holiday Inn Sanya Bay has a gift shop in the lobby. Seminars and conferences are often held here, especially since there are all necessary equipment and halls for their carrying out. The hotel is ready for celebrations, receptions and banquets. Simultaneously, more than two hundred people can feast there, and a banquet can be organized for almost four hundred people. Here you can rent a car or bicycle for trips around the island, exchange rubles for local currency, and wash clothes. This hotel is often traveled not only for the purpose of tourism or beach holidays, but also to improve, so it can safely be called a kind of exclusive sanatorium. The hotel has a wellness complex with a whole program of different procedures - these are massages of different types (including traditional Chinese, for feet), water, fish, and much more. There is a beauty salon, a gym. Spa treatments are available from eleven in the morning to ten in the evening, and fish therapy is a little earlier, from nine. If you came with children and want them to have fun, but at the same time want to relax from them, too, the hotel administration will gladly help you. From eleven in the morning until late in the evening, the teachers will take care of the kids, so you can "hand" them after breakfast and "get it" before you go to bed. For children there is a playground, slides, sandbox, a living area with rabbits and chickens. In the evenings, the guests are entertained by a musical group from the Philippines. At the reception - free Wi-Fi. Once a day, the shuttle bus leaves from the hotel to the pedestrian and shopping street of Sanya (it takes to McDonald's). There he goes at one o'clock in the afternoon, back - at five in the evening.

Sea and sun baths

The municipal beach is just steps away from the Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Bay. Reviews assure: in order to get there, you need to move a narrow, with very little traffic, road. The water is clean, the entrance to the sea is sandy. There are not many people. The sand is shallow, pleasant. The water temperature in winter is not tropical - about twenty-three degrees or slightly higher, but it gives a feeling of coolness. In the summer, it warms up to thirty. There is always a small surf, which does not interfere with swimming. The beach is safe, guards work. The bathing area is surrounded by buoys. There are umbrellas and sun loungers. On the public bus directly from the hotel you can reach another beach - Yaluvan, insanely beautiful, with clear turquoise water. In the hotel, without any problems and deposits, beach towels are given out. And on the sea you can go right in the hotel dressing gown. From nine o'clock in the morning to eleven at the Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Bay 5, a tropical thermal pool is open. Depth is different. Around him a lot of sun loungers. After sunset, a barbecue is organized near the pool. There is a children's "paddling pool" in the hotel.


Of course, tour operators will not leave you alone in the Holiday Inn Sanya Bay. Reviews, however, are advised to buy excursions from local residents. Otherwise, unless you are taken to the center of Chinese medicine and will offer a short sightseeing tour. If you contact the local travel agency, you will be provided with a good car with a chauffeur and will provide an individual program. Of course, there are no ancient temples or palaces on this island, but the lush nature may well replace them. Landscaped park "Edge of the World" is a kind of "garden of stones", where bizarre boulders with romantic names are scattered along the sea. They admire nature and on the mountain "The Deer turned its head". Especially there it is beautiful in the evening. But in the daytime you can have a great time there, especially since you have a lot of attractions at your disposal, in particular, tobbogan. Be sure to visit the Museum of Pearls and Plantation, where it is grown.

Holiday Inn Sanya Bay 5: reviews

Hotel guests praise both the hotel itself and the surrounding area primarily for a comfortable climate for a relaxing holiday. There is no heat or suffocating damp heat. It often blows a cool breeze, but it does not get cold at all. Guests really like the proximity of the hotel to the sea - from any room to the beach no more than three minutes walk. Holidaymakers positively responded that it is quiet here, the public rests mostly decent. However, many complain about the restrictions of the Chinese government about access to the Internet. For example, in the country forbidden "Facebook", "Youtube", "Twitter." The food of tourists is organized very competently. Many people like that often you can choose a dish in raw form or as a semi-finished product, and everything else is prepared for you and add those sauces and seasonings that you specify. Although "all inclusive" works here, most of the guests take meals at the Holiday Inn Sanya Bay 5 * on a half-board basis, and dine in the city (unless, of course, there is still a place in the stomach after such an abundant "buff"). The most popular dishes are Peking duck and lobster. In any cafe or restaurant of the city you can call from the hotel free transfer, which, of course, can not but please tourists.

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