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Obesity is one of the biggest problems of modern society. A lot of people in the world suffer from the excess weight and complications to which it leads (heart disease, veins and so on). The largest number of obese people live in developed countries. Wrong food (fast food), inactivity, overeating - all these factors lead to the appearance of excess weight.

Below is the top 10 of the thickest people on Earth, as well as photos of the thickest people who have lost weight.

Rosales Maira Lisabet

Its maximum weight was 500 kilograms. This woman had a really great willpower. Myra was born in 1980 in the United States. At 32, because of the unrealistically large weight, the girl practically did not move. Thanks to eleven operations, a rigid diet and special exercises managed to lose about 400 kg.

Now Maira is conducting a special course for everyone who wants to say goodbye with being overweight. The whole life of a woman is a confirmation that you can achieve everything. It is necessary only very much to want it. To date, Myra decided to lose another thirty kilograms, and that's for sure she will succeed!

Hughes Robert Earl

The maximum weight is 486 kilograms. This very fat man in the world was born in the US in 1926. Problems with excess weight in this truly gigantic boy have been observed since childhood. So, at the age of six, Robert weighed ninety-two kilograms, and at thirteen his weight reached 248 kg. At an early age, the boy became ill with whooping cough, after which the weight gain became uncontrollable. Many times, Robert tried to lose weight, but all attempts were in vain.

Using his weight, the young man earned money. As a curiosity, he was shown at fairs, and citizens willingly paid for such an unusual sight. Delivered Hughes to the events on a special cart, since it was extremely difficult for the young man to move independently. In those years, there were no clinics for treating such problems.

During the next "show", he contracted measles and died, as he simply did not have time to take him to the nearest hospital. Thousands of Americans hurried to the funeral of a very fat man. Hughes died at the age of 32.

Duel Patrick

This one of the very fat people was born in the USA in 1962. His body weight was 511 kg. For several years Patrick did not leave his house because of the inability to move independently. After hospitalization in the clinic, where Dyuel was removed fat deposits and part of the stomach, as well as several months of diet and exercise, he was able to lose weight to 193 kilograms. The total weight loss was 318 kilograms.

Hebranco Michael

The maximum mass of this giant's body was 453 kilograms. During his life, Michael was able to lose weight and recover about two tons.

This one of the very fat people was born in the USA in 1953. Since his early childhood, he began to have problems with overweight. At the age of 16, his weight was 160 kg, and by 23 years it had grown to four hundred kilograms. After a complicated treatment, Michael lost weight to ninety pounds, and his waist decreased 3 times. Achieve these results helped exercise and diet.

However, after two years, Michael again suffered from excessive weight and weighed 453 kg, because of what he again got into the hospital. Then again I managed to pull myself together and lose weight to 80 kg. This man died in 2013 with a weight of two hundred and fifty kilograms. Through his efforts, Michael entered the Guinness Book of Records as the only person who threw off the largest body weight in history.

Bradford Rosalie

Rosalie was born in 1943 in the United States. By the age of fourteen her weight had reached ninety-three kilograms. The maximum weight Rosalie scored by forty-four years, it was 544 kg. After that, the woman fell into the deepest depression and even tried to commit suicide. At that time Rosalie because of the huge mass was limited in movements and could only clap your hands.

However, she managed to cope with depression, took herself in hand, adhered to a diet and practiced sports, thanks to which in a year her weight fell by one hundred and ninety kilograms. Subsequently, weight loss was generally four hundred and sixteen kilograms. Despite her successes, Rosalie still abandoned the diet, classes and again began to recover rapidly. In 2006, the woman died as a result of postoperative complications, when her excess skin was excised.

Hudson Walter

The maximum weight is 544 kilograms. Walter was born in 1944 in the United States. He went down in history as one of the very heavy people with a waist circumference of almost three meters. A man died at the age of forty-seven in 1991. The coffin for his funeral was like a railway container.

Uribe Manuel

The maximum body weight is 587 kilograms. Since childhood, this Mexican boy was fat, and by the age of twenty-two his weight had reached 130 kilograms. But on this the process of mass recruitment continued, and soon Uribe could no longer move.

Doctors offered to do a special operation for him, but Manuel preferred a strict diet, thanks to which later he lost weight to three hundred and eighty-one kilograms and even managed to get out of the house. In 2008, Manuel married and in three years could lose weight to one hundred and eighty-seven kilograms. But in 2014 the man died in the hospital.

Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari

This man from Saudi Arabia was born in 1991. Its maximum weight was 610 kilograms. Shaari can no longer move independently. At the moment he is the thickest person on Earth. The ruler of Saudi Arabia ordered personally that the Shaari be transferred to the capital and hospitalized. In 2013, a man underwent surgery, as a result of which he got rid of one hundred and fifty kilograms.

Minnoch John

Weight - six hundred and thirty-five kilograms. He was born in 1941 and by the age of twenty he reached one hundred and eighty kilograms. By the age of thirty, his weight had increased to four hundred kilograms, which meant that the young man could not walk. A sedentary lifestyle provoked an even greater weight gain. For several years, its mass has grown to 635 kilograms. The man could not even turn without help.

Minnoch was hospitalized. Thanks to diets, his weight dropped to two hundred and fifteen kilograms. Unfortunately, after the termination of therapy the former kilograms quickly returned. The man died in 1983.

Yeager Carol

The maximum weight is 727 kilograms. It is considered the most fat among all very fat people. Carol was born in Michigan in 1960. Since childhood, the girl suffered from overweight. In his youth, a relative tried to rape her, and because of her stress, she began to eat too much. Carol repeatedly hospitalized, and each time transported with the help of firefighters.

The doctors helped to relieve her a few pounds, but after the treatment they returned again. So Carol reached a record seven hundred twenty-seven kilograms. The width of the body at the same time was one and a half meters, and the weight index was 251.

Because of obesity, a woman became disabled with heart failure and diabetes. She could not walk. In 1994, Yeager died at a weight of five hundred and forty-five kilograms.

How fat people are fat

The obesity therapy is complex. And for very fat people (see the photo above), treatment should include counseling of a psychologist, nutritionist, exercise complex, special diet, medication (for example, hormone replacement) and surgical treatment, as well as concomitant diseases (diabetes, etc.).

Among surgical operations conducted with obesity, there are:

  • Gastric banding. It is a laparoscopic (that is, without incisions) intervention, during which a special ring is placed on the stomach, which gives it the appearance of an hourglass. The upper part of the stomach thus has a volume of only fifteen milliliters, and to fill it (that is, saturation), only a tablespoon of food is sufficient. Therefore, such an operation simply excludes overeating. The indication for such intervention is the weight of more than 180 kg.
  • Sleeve gastroplasty. A specific operation that is used to narrow the stomach (in order to limit the excess intake of food). When carrying out such a surgical intervention, a narrow passage is formed from the stomach in order to obstruct the passage of solid food.
  • Gastric bypass. It is appointed if necessary to get rid of ninety percent of excess weight. This intervention combines a decrease in the volume of the stomach and malabsorption, that is, insufficient absorption of food. Such intervention presupposes the formation of a so-called small stomach by suppressing the organ and attaching to it a loop of the small intestine. As a result, food is much faster than the gastrointestinal tract. A small stomach with a volume of up to sixty grams severely limits the amount of food taken, and with bile, a food lump occurs only after passing through a small intestine 1.5 meters in length.

In addition to the above methods, liposuction is used, and later excision of "extra" stretched skin.

Photos of very fat people who have lost weight

The problem of excess weight is difficult to solve. But some people with excess weight, thanks to a clearly defined goal and incredible willpower, managed to get rid of hated kilograms. Below are very fat people who lost weight, photos before and after.

Myra Rosales: before losing weight, her weight is 500 kg, and after - about 70.

This is Emma Sealy. Her weight before weight loss was 181 kilograms, and after weight loss decreased to almost 51.

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