The Estel Thermokeratin procedure - what is it? "Estelle thermokeratin": reviews of hairdressers and customers

Our hair is affected by negative factors as much as the skin. It is they who feel the consequences of all our experiments. As a result, the hair becomes brittle, loses its shine and looks like a dry straw. In this situation, it seems that nothing can be done, and the former brilliance and beauty can not be returned. But to grow a head of hair, dreaming of well-groomed locks, is not the only way out. Desperate beauties comes to the rescue of keratin. Reviews about him are good, and this contributes to the fact that the ladies decide on keratinizing. But what is it? What is the procedure? Thermokeratin reviews are different.

Is it right to go to the procedure, based only on reviews, and not realizing what kind of substance is keratin? We will try to answer this question. Thermokeratin - what is it? Solution of all problems or a temporary measure?

general information

Keratin is a natural component of the hair. As a result of the influence of "chemistry", hot air during drying and other factors, natural keratin is destroyed. Hair becomes lifeless and brittle, lose its attractive appearance and pleasant shine. Fill this defect with thermokeratin. Reviews of hairdressers are reduced to the fact that the absolute majority of girls after the procedure hair look much better. This is natural, because keratin, which is part of the complex for the procedure, penetrates into the structure of the hair, smooths the scales and envelops the hair shaft with a protective layer. It prevents further destruction of keratin. Thanks to this, the hair again starts to shine and look healthy and beautiful. The name "thermokeratin" comes from the mechanism of the procedure, which is performed at an elevated temperature of the working material.

Who really needs this?

Reviews of girls who tested the procedure, may be the reason for going to the salon. However, it will be useful to know in advance who needs this procedure. So, keratinizing returns a healthy and well-groomed look to hair that suffered as a result of chemical wave, staining using ammonia-containing paints, as well as ringlets that have lost their former shine due to frequent styling. After the procedure, the hair, saturated with keratin and amino acids, becomes lively, soft and obedient. To preserve the achieved result, it is recommended to use the set of "Termokeratin" series Estel.

So the effect will last as long as possible.

Kit Contents

The kit is designed with all the hair features in mind. Three-step care ensures long-term preservation of the effect of the procedure.

Mask "Estel thermokeratin", reviews about which are almost all positive, promotes the restoration of the structure of the hair from the inside due to the fact that keratin in its composition faster and better penetrates into the deep layers of the hair shaft.

The thermal activator that starts the procedure is the second component of the set. Due to the effect of temperature, keratin penetrates the hair much faster, smoothes it from the inside and out, "gluing" the hair scales. The hair supply is restored, the scales are smooth, the ends are joined back. It is through this that the natural shine and silkiness of the curls are achieved.

The final stage of the procedure is the use of keratin water. It moisturizes the hair, fixes the effect of the procedure, additionally sealing the tips and giving the hair elasticity.

If dyeing was performed in parallel with the procedure, then keratin water promotes long-term preservation of color.

Result of procedure

The need for three-phase care is based on the property of keratin to accumulate in the hair, optimally embedded in it. Using all three components of the set guarantees your hair:

  • Color fixation;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Increase of elasticity;
  • Protection from UV rays;
  • Protection from high temperatures;
  • Smoothing disobedient ringlets;
  • Antistatic effect;
  • "Gluing together" the tips of the tips.

This is not all that Estel does. Thermokeratin also provides shielding. In particular, due to the protective layer on the surface of the hair, it becomes less susceptible to the influence of aggressive environmental factors. Girls vying to praise the effect.

When can I perform the procedure

Due to the unique formula and innovative mechanism of action, keratinizing can be performed at various times, for example, directly after dyeing the hair to fix the color. It also prevents fading, subsequent deformation and the destruction of the hair. Carrying out the procedure in the intervals after staining will prevent damage to the hair shaft during application and the effects of paint and dye pigments. Unpainted hair can also be keratinized to enhance natural gloss, softness and elasticity. After the salon procedure for fixing the effect and prolonging the action of keratin, it is recommended to perform everything at home.

Due to the fact that keratin accumulates in the hair, it will significantly prolong the effect.

Shielding as a method of protecting hair

Screening is a relatively new service that is provided in the salons. The products for these purposes are produced by the domestic producer Estelle.

Shielding (thermokeratin) affects not only the outer part of the hair, as, for example, lamination. The main difference is that when shielding hair is protected from the inside, getting additional nutrients. Due to the high activity of the components entering the screening coating, they penetrate into the very core of the rod. Some barbers say that the maximum result can be achieved with simultaneous screening and lamination.

Effect duration

The duration of the protective coating can vary from a week to a month. It all depends on how much the hair is damaged, and on the frequency of washing your head. Each time, the protective film will be thinned, so the effect will last longer if after visiting the salon continue to take care of the hair at home. Damaged, weak and dull curls very quickly absorb the substances that make up the composition for screening, in particular if thermokeratin was used for this. That is, the worse the condition of the head of hear, the faster the effect will disappear. Thermo keratin for hair, whose reviews indicate a lack of risk to health, are truthful. The procedure is non-traumatic, so you can repeat it as many times as you like.

While the effect is retained on the hair, the color after staining will not fade.

Series composition

A lot of active natural ingredients that make up hair care products provide long-lasting effect and care. For example, soy protein restores hair from the inside, and amino acids increase resistance to the action of environmental factors. Components of plant origin - an additional source of nutrition, helping to restore metabolic processes. If they flow incorrectly, the hair grows dull and falls out. Penetration of substances into the hair is due to ceramides, which accelerate the transplantation of active components into the structure of the hair. The procedure can be done not only in the cabin, but at home. Below we will consider the mechanism of its carrying out.

Step 1: Preparation

Thermokeratin, feedback about which can form an opinion on the procedure as a panacea, is rather a preventive measure, rather than a cure for all problems. If the hair falls out and overcomes dandruff, then first you need to cure the underlying problem. Keratinizing and screening only keep the hair in good condition, and not remove all the problems. Despite the fact that the procedure can help "glue" the split ends, it is best to cut them all the same.

The protective film sooner or later disappears, and the split ends return to their original state. Before the procedure, wash your hair. Ideal - shampoo, which comes complete with a set. Next, we use the balsam for deep nutrition, and after it we apply the mask and keep on the hair for about 10 minutes to achieve the best effect. Is it possible to do without this stage? It is possible, but it provides a longer duration of the procedure.

Stage 2: application of thermokeratin and activator

The hair is slightly dried, and then a means for the procedure is applied to them. It can be either colorless or colorless. In the first case, think about how to prevent skin staining. The solution to the problem is a fat cream, which is applied along the hair growth line. Remember that the product should never be applied to roots. Therefore, both in the cabin and at home, a retreat is made to a centimeter.

After the application of keratin, a thermal activator is used.

Step 3: Wash off

Means "Estel thermokeratin", reviews of which indicate the duration of the procedure, after applying for some time is kept on the hair, and then washed off. It is best to use running water at a comfortable temperature. It should not be too cold or hot. Flush the composition better several times. As a result, a lightweight weightless film will remain on the hair, and the remedy will be completely washed away.

Step 4: Securing

The last step is fixing. Wash hair is dried with a hot hair dryer, and then a tool is applied to them to fix the effect of the procedure and hot drying is repeated.

Now the procedure is complete.


"Thermokeratin Estel" (reviews and effect from the application we reviewed above) has some drawbacks. The opinions of the girls who tested the salon procedure or conducted it at home include information that not everything is as good as it might seem. For example, hair has to be washed more often. The reason is that a protective film of keratin collects dust, and sebum on it is much more noticeable. As a result, the hair quickly begins to seem dirty and untidy. Normal washing solves this problem.

Due to the fact that keratin makes the hair heavier, the load on the bulb increases, which can provoke an increased loss. Not all substances that make up the product are natural. Therefore, before the procedure, you need to check whether any of the components causes allergies. A careful study of the composition and a preliminary test will help to avoid this problem. Keratin is a natural substance, but it is quickly destroyed by the action of water. Therefore, winter and autumn with high humidity are not suitable for the procedure, because the effect will very quickly come to naught, and the salon will have to be visited again.

Appeal to specialists

Due to the fact that thermokeratinization is a complicated procedure, many prefer to conduct it in the salon, and not at home. This is justified, since the master will be able to make it at the highest level. On all it is necessary to spend two hours and to pay from two thousand rubles.

A hairdresser will first wash his hair, even if his head is clean. Professional shampoos not only completely remove sebum and remnants of styling products, but also nourish the hair from roots to the tips. Further keratin composition and thermoactivator are applied. Thanks to this keratin penetrates deeper into the hair, restoring it from the inside. The composition is applied over the entire length, from the skin it is necessary to retreat by 10-15 mm.

In the end, after washing off the composition, the hairdresser holds an iron on each strand. This is done not only for straightening, but also for keratin to better connect with hair and smooth scales on the surface. The procedure "Thermokeratin Estel", reviews about which are mostly enthusiastic, are more effective when exposed to high temperatures.

After the master finishes the work, in the first three days, washing the hair is strictly prohibited. To preserve the shape of the hairstyle, it is recommended to avoid changing the selection all the time that the keratin film remains on the hair. It is recommended to use shampoos and balsams of a special series. If these conditions are met, the effect of the "thermokeratin Estel" procedure (reviews, the price - all of which are discussed above) will last for a long time.

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