In step with the times, fashion and style: "Rhapsody" - haircut and volume

Any lady wants her hair to be not only shiny, healthy, fit well in different hairstyles, but also lush. And if nature in this plan has been greedy or gave you a fine hair structure, then the skill of the hairdresser and the types of haircuts that are called voluminous help come to their aid.

What is good about "Rhapsody"

It is to them refers to "Rhapsody" - a haircut with a romantic musical name. It is ideal for young ladies and mature ladies who follow fashion and seek to make their image more modern. The unique property of the hairstyle is that it does not require special packing. Just wash your head, allow your hair to dry out, shaking it occasionally and lifting it with your hands, and then comb it. You will be convinced that "Rhapsody" is a haircut for all occasions. What else is its pluses? The haircut makes it possible to hide the excess density if the hair is really too much, or, conversely, visually increase their number. This is especially important for the occipital parietal part, after all, it accentuates attention to itself when modeling styling. And even on curly hair looks "Rhapsody". Haircut helps to regulate the curls, they stop confusing, they lie down in beautiful rings or curls. Such a woman's head looks well-groomed, as if only from the salon, although in fact from the moment of visiting the master could go through more than one day. And one more important point. Relating to the classics, without having a lot of variations, the hairstyle nevertheless remains modern for any generation. This is explained by the fact that it allows you to experiment, for example, with the shape of a bang, introducing a fresh jet into the image. This is in the first place. And secondly, "Rhapsody" - a haircut, as if specially invented for a different kind of bronzing, toning, melioration and other color experiments with hair. They look very impressive, stylish, bright, and the female image acquires individuality and chic. That is why "Rhapsody" can be considered a classic brand and a brand in the style of "Hair Fashion Art", which literally translates as "Modern art and style of hair styling."

Design technology

A haircut "Rhapsody" for long hair will suit those women who want to keep the length. The technique of doing a haircut is that only the ends of the strands are trimmed when they are superimposed on each other. Thus, the shape is modeled, and the completeness is attached with the help of a filing. When decorating, the strands are superimposed on each other, which makes it possible to avoid staggering, ensures a harmonious transition from one length to the other. By this principle occurs as a haircut "Rhapsody" on medium hair, and on long and even short. Particular attention is paid to strands on both sides of the face and around the neck, as well as bangs. The specified zones are cut with a fleece forward, along an arc-shaped line. The rest of the hair mass is combed back and processed step by step. An interesting innovative solution is the alternation of strands of different lengths and bangs, treated not classically evenly, but at an angle or with a mouse. This design of the hairstyle introduces extravagance into the image and is very popular with young people.

Do not forget, "Rhapsody" is an old, kind classic, rethought in a modern way!

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