How to weave braids with ribbon yourself

What does it mean for a woman a beautiful hairstyle that can be easily built on its own within ten to fifteen minutes? In fact, good styling makes you feel more confident and relaxed, and also very significantly raises self-esteem. Locks or a bun, a Greek tail, or combed hair with a straightforward parting ... There are lots of everyday hairstyles . We will talk about how to weave braids with ribbon and do it quickly, beautifully, and also original!

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In fact, in order to make a great and topical hairstyle, you need very little. To do this, you will need the most common tools and jewelry, which as much as possible complement your image. So, how to weave braids with ribbon? Many people associate this hairstyle with childhood, when the mother in front of the kindergarten or school braided her hair. However, despite of everything, such packing is actual and now, irrespective of age or action for which it is done. We need a brush or comb, invisibility, hairpins, hair styling, a beautiful ribbon, flowers to decorate the hair.

How to weave braids with ribbon? It can all

Today there are a lot of different ways and techniques of weaving braid. This is the "fish tail", the French spit, spikelet, four- and five-row Braids .... In each of these hairstyles you can weave a silk or satin ribbon. It will be a great addition, which not only beautifies, but also helps to fix the hairstyle. All mothers know how to weave braids with ribbons. In addition, weighting the hair and giving the necessary rigidity to children's pigtails, the tape allows you to twist the child at least a couple of times a day, and not every three to four hours. We'll talk about how to weave braids, photos of which you can see in the article. It's quite easy!

How to weave braids with ribbon

Consider the example of the French braid. Now people who do not know how to braid a French braid can count on their fingers. To do this, carefully combed hair divided on the back of the neck into three parts. And then, in the process of weaving braids, pick up the side strands, gradually weaving them into the braid. If at the same time you weave a ribbon in the hair, then the effect turns out incomparable! It should be noted that the tape can be either contrasting, or ideally suited to the color along with the color scheme. You can leave the end of the spit freely falling on the shoulders, and you can fix it with invisible or stiletto, pre-packed in the form of a figure eight, a basket or in any convenient way for you. Having processed a hairdress with means for fixing, it is possible to add artificial or alive flowers, hairpins with pearls .... If you are an extravagant person, you can braid not the traditional braid, but skip it diagonally across the back of the neck and weave a contrasting tape. And in order to make a festive hairstyle, it is enough to decorate the braid with not only ribbon, but also with fresh flowers, perfectly in harmony with the outfit.

Also worth noting is the simplest way of laying. Twisting traditional, French braid or "fish tail", you can add not even a ribbon, but the most usual multi-colored laces or thick threads. The effect is simply amazing!

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