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How to draw a weapon: a step-by-step instruction

Boys are very fond of drawing weapons. Automata, pistols, crossbows - any military equipment causes the children to rapturously. True, not everyone has enough imagination and patience to independently portray the formidable attributes. Let's see how to draw a gun on the example of a conventional pistol. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and carefully look at the pictures offered.

Drawing outlines

To figure out how to draw a weapon, start with a simple sketch. First of all, you should draw the barrel of the future pistol. Draw a right rectangle on the sheet of paper, in the middle of it draw a horizontal line. Next, you need to determine the location of the handle. To do this, draw a rectangle that extends from the trunk, but not straight down, but under a slight slope - this will give realism to our future drawing. At the intersection of the trunk and the handle, mark the square - the place for the trigger mechanism. Round the base of the handle to give a visual volume.

Drawing details

Now, in order to clarify how to draw a weapon, carefully consider the pattern. The shape of the gun is quite simple, but the details should be carefully drawn. It is best to start with the image of the trigger and the trigger mechanism. Draw an oval inside the square prepared in advance. The trigger looks like a triangle of irregular shape. Next, draw the details of the bolt on the trunk. To do this, you should work in the top half of the harvested rectangle. In the back, draw a few thin elongated rectangles, located vertically. In the middle - a small oval - a place to charge the gun with bullets.

Applying the strokes

Just a little left to figure out how to draw a weapon in stages. We need to add strokes and small details that will give reality to our masterpiece. On the handle, apply a few vertical lines at the front and rear along the edges. In the middle, draw a rectangle that repeats the handle. These simple parts are necessary to keep the gun comfortable in your hand. For us, this is important, since they give a three-dimensional shape. Now draw the contour of the trigger mechanism to make the picture more naturalistic. The front of the barrel also needs to add volume. Draw a few short horizontal lines at the bottom. Add some cogs for reliability. Compare your image with the original picture. If you did everything right, now you know exactly how to draw a weapon.

Color the picture

In the end, erase all the extra lines to give the picture a complete look. Now, using a simple technique, you can show how to draw a weapon with a pencil. But you can colorize the image with felt-tip pens or colored pencils. To do this, use real "military" colors: gray or black shades. Having mastered the basic techniques, try to draw other types of military attributes: a crossbow, an automatic weapon, a machine gun or a rifle.

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