American giant Chevrolet "Suburban"

A well-known American manufacturer Chevrolet said that some time ago the "Suburban" model was refreshed. Modernization touched the exterior design and interior of the car. The updated model is equipped with a more economical motor, which belongs to the popular family "EcoTec3". It is interesting that the production of this model began in 1933, and the popularity of Chevrolet "Suburban" is still not quenched. The car is widely used by American special services as a limousine for the protection of the US president and celebrities. This SUV has a unique load-carrying capacity, its volumes are impressive. It is noteworthy that the new American SUV has received an expanded list of equipment.

List of modern security

The updated "Suburban" model includes:

- on-board computer;

- rear view camera;

- three zones of climate control: manual, automatic and individual;

- Brake stabilization and anti-braking system;

- electric power steering;

- program of intellectual access to the salon (without a key);

- eight-cylinder engine;

- pumping of wheels;

- Cruise control;

- touch screen navigation;

- electric seat adjustment;

- heated seat;

- Wireless technology "Bluetooth".

The kit can be optionally expanded, setting to your choice and taste any additional functions, for example, put the electric sunroof in the roof.


Model Chevrolet "Suburban" 2013 built on the platform of GMT 900. The mass of the car is 3355 kg. Length - 5648 mm, height - 1951 mm, width - 2010 mm. The size of the wheels: 265 / 70R17, clearance length: 227 mm. The maximum speed can be developed up to 160 km / h. The volume of the fuel tank is 119 liters. The fuel grade 92 is recommended. The SUV is equipped with an automatic transmission. The volume of the engine is 5257 liters. Engine type: gasoline. Number of cylinders: eight, their arrangement is V-shaped. There is a huge trunk - 1297 liters, and if the seats are folded, - 3890 liters. Chevrolet "Suburban" accommodates nine people. Number of doors: five.

Safety first

The SUV has the most advanced safety technologies necessary to save the life of the driver and passengers on the road. Updated Chevrolet "Suburban" is equipped with double airbags (front and side). In the car there is a special electronic program "OnStar", responsible for mitigating the impact during the overturning of transport. It should automatically activate the emergency service call if the driver does not react after the airbags have been activated.

Chevrolet "Suburban": the price

The initial cost of the model "Suburban" in 2013 is 46300 dollars (in America).

"Suburban" remains the largest automotive product in the model line of Chevrolet. This model assumes a significant list of additional features for the convenience and security of the future owner. Chevrolet "Suburban" is ideal for a large family. In the long journey you can go easily, modern built-in programs and systems will make your trip enjoyable, safe and unforgettable.

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