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Whitening the face at home: recipes and technology

Beautiful and clean skin is the dream of every woman. But, as a rule, it is not easy to achieve an ideal. Freckles, redness, pigmentation spots, acne, the presence of uneven terrain, allergic reactions significantly spoil the appearance. In order to get rid of them, you do not need to "run" into an expensive beauty salon, you can do face bleaching at home. Time and financial investments for this will not be so much, but here the result will please. An essential advantage of such a procedure is that you can experiment and "pick up" exactly what works.

Face whitening with grapefruit is very simple. It is necessary to make ice balls from the fruit juice and wipe their face as needed. Then wash and apply any fat cream. This is an excellent tool not only for redness, but also for fatigue and stress.

Whitening the face and getting rid of pigment spots is possible when using rice decoction. It is necessary to pour a large spoonful of rice with a glass of water and put on a fire. The broth should be cooled, strained and poured into ice molds. Use it should only be at night, and in the freezer it is recommended not to store more than 3 days.

Pigmented spots can be removed with the help of a saturated juice of lemon, or concentrated juice of parsley. To put them on the whole person is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to smear a problem place with a cotton bud until the pigmented spot disappears. But you need to be careful that the whitening of the face does not turn into drying the skin. After each procedure, be sure to use fat creams and serums.

A quick effect can be achieved by applying a regular fresh cucumber. Grate a couple of vegetables on a large grater, mix the resulting mass with finely chopped parsley and apply a thin layer on the face for half an hour. Then just wash it off and apply the cream. In a week you will notice that there are fewer freckles and there was a bleaching of the face. Home conditions you can do the procedure several times a day. Moreover, it is recommended to make cucumber juice, freeze it and use such ice in the morning to "awaken" the skin.

Getting rid of freckles is a long process. Useful and effective are procedures using sour-milk products.

It is necessary to ferment fatty milk, dip gauze strips into it and apply to the face for 20 minutes. Then just wipe the skin with a paper napkin, but do not wash. This procedure must be performed in the evening during the week. The result will be seen very quickly.

Cottage cheese mask can provide an even complexion for a week. To do this, half a pack of fat cottage cheese should be kneaded very carefully with one yolk and pour gradually 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Mask the beater and apply to the surface of the face a thick layer of minutes for fifteen or twenty. For a dry skin type, it is recommended to add a small spoonful of liquid honey.

A great effect can be achieved if you make masks in milk, changing supplements every day.

The first day - to make a thick slurry of ground oat flakes and milk. The mask is applied for half an hour, left to dry completely and washed off with cool water.

The second day - whole and warm cabbage leaves boiled in milk are put on the face, from above are covered with a towel. Leave them for about an hour, then wash with cool water and apply a greasy cream.

The third day - to make a thick mixture of milk, fatty cottage cheese, yolk and a spoonful of honey. You can replace the milk with a rustic sour milk.

It should be noted that the face whitening is best performed by using the juice of cucumber, lemon, parsley broth and fermented milk products.

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