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Lessons of skill: "Smokey Ice" for the brown eyes in stages

Brown eyes and on their own are quite an expressive detail of the face. And if their beauty and depth of view are emphasized with proper make-up, the word "eyes" will be the most suitable for them. Well, it is clear that the most appropriate type of "combat coloring" for happy owners of such "soul mirrors" is " smokey ice" or smoky makeup.


"Smokey Ice" for brown eyes, and not only for them, has a number of advantages, compared with other manners and types of application of shadows. First, it allows you to visually increase the size of the eyes, correct their shape and shape of the eyebrows. Secondly, will give the look velvety, softness, focuses on the color of the pupil. Thirdly, to make "smokes ice" for brown eyes can be in light colors and dark, varying different colors. And, finally, this "coloring" is universal for both evening and business day.

Instruction for execution

And now let's get down to the very "operation Y". First, decide which color scheme you want to use. Remember that any "blue ice" - for the brown eyes or others - consists of a combination of the lightest and darkest tones of one color palette. And the main principle of the technique of imposing is blurring without borders, soft transitions from one tone to another. So, let's get started. We propose to make "smokey ice" for brown eyes in brown tones.

  • Prepare the face: wash, dry, additionally clean with lotion or cosmetic milk. Lubricate with a moisturizer so that the skin does not feel dry.
  • To "smokey ice" for brown eyes looked better, use the base base or concealer, disguising dark circles under the eyes and other defects. Such a measure, in general, should be applied before any cosmetic procedure.
  • Take shades of light brown color, carefully applied to the entire eyelid. The form is rounded. Do it better with your fingers, light, patting movements. If you have shadows with a flickering effect, use them.
  • The next point of how to make "smokey ice" step by step is to use dark brown shadows. To do this, take the brush and paint the outer corners of the eyes. Then wipe it and carefully blend all boundaries.
  • In the inner corners, apply cream shades and rub. Strengthen the dark shade of the outer corners.
  • Now the piping. Use brown or black, you can and pencil. You have 2 options. The first - the arrows are held along the line of growth of the eyelashes and triturated until merging with the shadows. The second one is also closest to the inner edge of the eyelid, and from the middle to the outer edge of the line they neatly thicken. The result is the "cat's eye" effect. If you look at the different variants of "ice-colored ice", photos of which can be found in women's magazines, among them you will see both those lines.
  • The lower eyelids either just stain it with ink, or bring it down, only with a white pencil, and blend well. This will give the eyes a fresh, clear appearance.
  • Under the eyebrows, apply golden shadows.
  • The final stage is mascara. It is better to apply it twice, carefully cleansing lashes from the lumps.
  • Wipe the excess cosmetics with a cotton swab or napkin. Everything, you are ready to go out.

Practice a couple of times, and very soon you will learn to practically professionally manage your smoky make-up in minutes!

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