The drug 'Vetom'. Reviews, application

The "Vetom" agent for the current time is one of the most powerful probiotics. Such drugs are microorganisms (most often bacteria), the reception of which benefits the human body.

If a sick person needs a powerful immunocorrector, the best alternative is the medicine "Vetom". Reviews of people who took voluntary part in the study of the properties of the drug, confirmed the improvement of all indicators of the general state of the body after three days of admission. What is its secret? First of all, this means, like any probiotic, is directed to the natural, natural for the human body, the maintenance of health. The creators of the drug "Vetom" isolated from the natural environment special bacteria - saprophytes. These are strains of Bacillus Subtilis and Licheniformis. It is their properties that completely suppress the development of pathogenic, and, importantly, putrefactive microflora in the digestive organs, make Vetom medicine so effective. Its application is effective also for stimulating the immunity not only of humans, but also of domestic animals. The direct influence on the triggering mechanisms of the body's defense forces allows this drug to fight a very wide range of diseases. The tool "Vetom" - the development of Russian scientists.

By the forces of researchers, strains of saprophytes used have been changed in such a way that the pathogenic microflora has no chance of adapting to Vetom. Comments of practicing naturopaths testify to the high effectiveness of the remedy in cases where the use of antibiotics does not bring a proper result. This just proves the effectiveness of the struggle of saprophytes against pathogenic agents. Naturopaths emphasize an important feature of the drug "Vetom" - the following natural, nature-developed mechanisms, which contributes to a rapid response from the body.

There are other properties of the drug "Vetom". The patient's testimonies indicate that he has also proven to be highly effective in treating such digestive tract diseases as acute intestinal infections and poisoning. It promotes the most rapid restoration of the structure and functions of the intestinal mucosa, normalizes the natural microflora. And most importantly, the bacteria of this remedy retain a high level of activity, even under aggressive conditions of the stomach environment.

Bacteria, like almost every living organism, are capable of producing amino acids, various enzymes, vitamins, and, what is especially important for us, bacteriocins. These are substances that suppress or completely destroy pathogens. That is, they produce the same effect that we expect from antibiotics. The main difference between them and antibiotics is that they do not cause them to become addicted to pathogenic microflora (hence their effectiveness does not decrease even with repeated administration), they have no side effects with respect to the human body. Moreover, they clean the walls of the intestine, thereby increasing its permeability to much needed vitamins and nutrients.

The drug "Vetom". Instructions for use

  • Preventive ten-day course: three doses a day for half an hour before a meal. The course is recommended to be repeated about four times a year.
  • As a therapeutic ten-day course, increase the number of doses to seven doses per day.
  • For extremely serious illnesses, the drug should be taken on a regular basis (in consultation with the doctor).

Restoration of the biological balance of the gastrointestinal tract is one of the main tasks of saprophytes of the drug "Vetom". Comments on the rapid positive result in the treatment of acute respiratory disease, influenza are explained by the ability of the drug to activate the rapid production of interferon. Recall that interferon - this, in fact, is the same substance that is aimed at preventing the multiplication of viruses. Interferon marks virus-infected cells, as a result of which it loses access to the amino acids of the cell and can not reproduce. However, the introduction of another's interferon into the body does not give such an effect as the development of one's own (after all, the latter is not perceived as a foreign protein object). Therefore, we can say with certainty that there is as yet no analogue for Vetom for the treatment of viral infections.

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