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Salad from courgettes for the winter. A large number of recipes

Salad from courgettes for the winter - this is an inexpensive, dietary and very appetizing dish. And, you can prepare a whole assortment, adding a traditional recipe for a variety of ingredients and condiments. Let's get going.

Salads for the winter from zucchini do not have clear recipes, because the ingredients and the main quantity of them can be varied. Everything will depend on desire and taste preferences.

Traditional salad for the winter from zucchini. It will take at least six kilograms of vegetables. They should be cleaned and cut with medium cubes. Put the courgettes in a saucepan, add the pepper, half a liter of tomato sauce, a glass of sugar, one hundred grams of salt, two hundred and fifty grams of butter. Bring a salad of zucchini for the winter to a boiling state and stew for thirty minutes. At the very end, pour half a glass of table vinegar, boil for ten minutes. Further, still hot, the dish begins to roll over the sterilized jars and close.

Salad from courgettes for the winter with peppers (sweet and hot). Wash all vegetables well and clean. Three kilograms of courgettes cut into strips, and a half kilogram of juicy tomatoes, five large fleshy pepper and two red hot pass through a meat grinder. Bring the mixture to a boiling state. Next, add zucchini, as well as a glass of sunflower oil, a large spoonful of salt and a glass of sugar. Extinguish for thirty minutes, constantly need to stir the salad. Add two hundred and fifty grams of vinegar (table) and a hundred - crushed garlic cloves. After the salad boils, count five minutes, spread out on prepared jars. Then roll them up, turn them over and cover them with a thick rug. In a few days you can send them for storage.

Salad from courgettes for the winter with aubergines. The prepared dish can be consumed even immediately, since it will not need to be infused. In addition, it can also be rolled up. Three kilograms of courgettes and eggplants should be cleaned and cut into not very thick mugs. Wash three kilograms of bell pepper and carrots cut into strips, and six large onions and two kilograms of tomatoes finely chopped. In a large saucepan stir all the ingredients, add two glasses of vegetable oil and salt. Prepare a salad of vegetables for one hour, then add a glass of vinegar (table) and chopped garlic cloves. Cook it for fifteen minutes. Immediately begin to lay out on hot banks, close, turn over and cool under a thick blanket. You can store the dish in the pantry. In the event that vinegar is not added, then put the jars in a cold room or in a refrigerator. You can store it for six months.

Lecho with zucchini and bell pepper. This stock is very well kept throughout the winter. Three kilograms of peeled squash and twelve sweet Bulgarian peppers cut in the form of straws, and two kilograms of juicy bulbs and tomatoes to grind with a mincer, or a blender. Then proceed to prepare the marinade. To do this, four hundred grams of vegetable oil, three hundred sugar, two large spoons of salt and a glass of nine percent vinegar to mix. Bring it to a boil, and then dip it into a certain sequence of all the vegetables. The first should be zucchini, which is recommended to extinguish for fifteen minutes, then add onions and cook for five minutes. The next in line is the Bulgarian pepper, which is cooked for about five minutes. The last place should be laid tomatoes, cook for ten minutes. Then we perform the traditional and customary procedure: we lay out on sterilized jars and roll up. Salad from courgettes for the winter in the original gravy is ready.

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