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Salad with tongue recipe

As in the old days, now a salad with tongue and cheese in sauce or water is considered a real delicacy dish, and represents a delicate taste of meat, rich in juices and full of dizzying and pleasant spicy flavors of cheese. In the language there is a unique fusion of unusual taste and a special, inviting taste. In addition, doctors acknowledge that the language contains a daily protein norm, so this dish is rich and caloric. It is worth noting that the salad recipe with the tongue has a very large number of varieties. For example, in Bulgaria they prefer a dish, which is a salad tongue with Bulgarian pepper. In France, the language is the basis for a hearty dish, which is served with cream sauce and ground pepper. A variety of spices, which are used in the preparation of the tongue, only maintain and improve the taste sensations.

In many ways, the difficulty of preparing this product is that people do not know which salad recipe with the tongue to choose, and with what seasonings and garnish it is best served. The taste of the tongue can greatly improve the garlic cloves, the dried carrots, and also the root of parsley. It is necessary to add all these spices and roots to the broth when boiling beef tongue , if you want to get an attractive taste. Now I will tell you a small and simple salad recipe with a tongue that will help you find out how long it is to cook the beef tongue and how the properly prepared salad should look.

Ukrainian salad recipe with tongue.

This salad was first tested by me in one Ukrainian restaurant. The main dish of this restaurant was a salad with a tongue that was only part of the whole dish. This dish impressed me not only with the taste, but also with the most unique serving of the salad, and also with the incredible smell that I was tempted to try. As I then learned from the chef, this salad is prepared quite simply and quickly, and in it there are actually absolutely no delicacies and rare ingredients.

The main ingredients for this salad were the following: Beef or pork tongue, a small head of cabbage, 2 onions onions, 3 pieces of pickled cucumber, a packet of champignons. Also, to improve taste and smell, I added lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt, and filled the salad with egg mayonnaise.

The cooking process takes place in the following order: To begin with, the tongue and pickled cucumbers must be carefully cut into small cubes. Onion is also cut into small cubes, and then a little vinegar is added to it. All this mixture must be well mixed and add a little sugar and salt. Then pour the resulting mixture with boiling water to half a bowl, and let the tongue a little marinate for 30-40 minutes. Champignons at this time should be boiled whole, and only then cut.

Then all the ingredients are mixed and poured with a small amount of lemon juice. After this, it is necessary to chop thinly cabbage and carefully mash the salad with your hands. The dish itself looks like this: cabbage is laid out in the center of the plate, and the marinated tongue dressed with mayonnaise is laid out on top.

Broth from the prepared tongue is also desirable to use in the dish, as it is obtained by a very rich variety of flavoring components and has a magnificent aroma. This broth is good as a basis for soups. After this article, the question is about that. How much to cook tongue beef must completely fall away. Due to its high content in the prepared iron dish, it is very useful for people with low hemoglobin content. In addition, for the recovery after delivery of lactating women, this dish will do the right thing. I wish you a pleasant appetite, and do not forget how and how much to cook the tongue of beef.

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