How to clean a draped coat at home: several ways

Going to the store for a new purchase, every woman wants to buy something elegant and beautiful. She also prefers light colors to dark ones. After all, you want to dilute the gray routine and make your life more festive. Do not deny yourself such a pleasure. You just need to find out how to clean a draped coat at home. Believe me, this is under the power of every hostess.

Tips for caring for the product

- In order to know exactly how to clean your coat at home, it is necessary to pay attention to its label and strictly follow the marks that are on it.

- Any cleaning agent must first be tested. To do this, it must be applied to the purl and make sure that it does not spoil it.

- Any stain should be removed from the edges and gradually moving to the center, so that the halo does not remain after such a procedure.

- For those who do not know how to clean the drape coat, let's explain: it is necessary to podporot its lining. Then under the place where there is a stain, you need to put tissue in order to absorb excess moisture.

- If you need to get a fat stain, then here comes to the rescue refined gasoline. But they need to clean it from the wrong side, and put a paper napkin on the stain.

- How do I clean a coat of coats at home from stains of coffee or tea? It is possible to propose a solution of ammonia and glycerin in a 1: 2 ratio.

- The simplest hydrogen peroxide will help get rid of beer spots.

- Fresh greasy stains can be tried to remove with a warm iron. To do this, cover the soiled area with a paper towel and iron it. The action can be repeated several times, but it is often necessary to change the towel.

- There is another way to combat fat spots. Before you can clean a draped coat at home, you need to prepare a solution of detergent, ammonia and half a glass of water. In this solution, moisten the cotton pad and wipe the stain, and then iron it through gauze.

- A solution of salt and ammonia in a 4: 1 ratio will help clear the greasy collar.

And a few more tips

In fact, cleaning such products is not a very complicated process. The main thing is to follow certain rules. Before you clean the drape coat at home, it should be hung and cleaned with a brush. From small contaminants help to get rid of a ball of rye bread. They can walk around the whole product. You can also use a "dry" wash. To do this, the coat should be spread out and sprinkled with a detergent. After half an hour it can be brushed. Then the product can be stripped off and well dried.

Clean the light coat

Happy owners of a white product should not despair if it is contaminated. It can also be cleaned. To begin with, it must be soaked in water with a liquid agent. It is better to use a rinse aid for rinsing. To prevent yellowing, do it better in cool water. When the water drains, the coat should be wrapped in a terry towel. When excess moisture is absorbed, it can be weighed on the hangers. Now we know how to clean a draped coat at home. You should pay attention to the above recommendations, and then it will last a long time in excellent condition.

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