Petunia terry: care, cultivation

Petunia terry - plants related to the family Paschennye, absolutely unpretentious. Ideal for beginner gardeners, look great in ampelnyh planting. Blossom throughout the summer.

The motherland of petunias is Argentina. Plants have a variety of colors. To the conditions of care and soil, flowers are very unpretentious, the only "but" - terry petunias do not like acidic soils, in such conditions they grow slowly and bloom poorly. Terry species reach a height of about 1 meter.

Petunia is terry. Cultivation from seeds

Almost all petunias are grown by seed method. The sowing begins in early March, considering that the seed material is very small in size, it is germinated by a superficial method, without burrowing into the ground.

You can multiply plants by collecting dried flowers that have remained after flowering. They are carefully cut, laid out on paper and dried, after full drying, seeds are obtained, which are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator prior to sowing. (True, this option is suitable only for the most common species.)

Still it is possible to breed petunias by cuttings, but this method is used very rarely, because the seeds of this plant have very high germination capacity.

Here one should make one reservation: petunia terry have seeds in the form of a dragee. It is desirable to sow them in a soil mixture, poured with a stimulant. Seeds lightly squeeze into the ground and cover with glass, carefully monitor the moisture of the soil. Approximately a month later the seedlings are dived into separate containers.

Many growers wonder: "Is it possible to grow petunia at home?"

Grow, of course, you can, but that's just the flowers you will not wait for it. The fact is that the flowers require a fairly long light day, but even providing the plant with additional illumination, you will not achieve good results. Petunias need access to fresh air. At home, they stretch and almost do not bloom.

Even in poorly ventilated loggias or balconies, flowers do not grow in full force.

The only thing you can do when growing petunia at home is to cut it in the beginning of spring on cuttings and then in May, your balcony will be decorated with flowering petunia.

Petunia terry: problems in growing

Perhaps the only problem that can arise with this flower is the absence of flowering. This may be due to unfavorable growth conditions.

Garden flower must receive a bright light, moderate watering (too abundant affects the plant negatively) and fertilizing. When everything is in order, abundant and long flowering is provided (photo of a terry petunia during flowering see in the article).

Helpful advice

When planting plants on a permanent place, be sure to leave enough space for each flower (about 20 cm) otherwise the flowers will interfere with each other and will not be able to fully develop.

Seeds of hybrid species of petunia (they include terry) to breed at home will not work. That is, the seed material harvested from hybrids next year will please you with the most common petunias. Unfortunately, seeds can not inherit parental traits.

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