The Museum of Death in Arbat: come to be scared or laugh!

In the capital of Russia there are many interesting places, where you can go on weekends. Recently, museums, art galleries and various exhibitions have become increasingly popular. Who said that such exhibitions should be boring? Want to see something really unusual, visit the museum of death on the Arbat! Prepare to be surprised, afraid and laugh!

The history of the appearance of a "deadly" exposition

The new Arbat is one of the most magical and strange places. It is here that you can visit the exposition dedicated to medieval tortures (Museum of corporal punishment), or the museum "Point G" (this is an erotic exhibition). Not so long ago, there was another unusual institution. It is a museum of death in the Arbat. In its exhibition halls you can see the attributes of funeral rites from different countries, find out how one or another people treat the end of earthly existence, and also admire the models of the deceased from popular films, see a copy of Lenin's body. In addition, here you can take pictures with your favorite exhibits or read scientific articles posted on special stands. An unusual museum was opened on February 7, 2014, and today it is difficult to imagine Arbat without it. Moscow is a city in which it is easy not only to go on classical excursions, but also to see something unique.

Unconventional funeral in the Gulf of Guinea

The real pride of the museum is a collection of unusual coffins. Here you can see a sarcophagus in the form of a mobile phone, a giant carrot, a bundle of money, a matryoshka or a rocket. And all this is not the fruit of the imagination of the creators of the exposition, but copies of real coffins from Ghana. Residents of the coast of the Gulf of Guinea have made original sarcophagi long enough and bury their loved ones in them. A good tone in this area is to order an unusual coffin during life and put it at home in the form of an original piece of furniture. It is possible that the museum of death on the Arbat would not have appeared at all, if this tradition had not inspired his curator, Alexander Donskoy. He admits that he himself has already chosen for himself a coffin in the form of a huge fish. Relatives and friends do not always understand this decision, but he remains adamant and answers them: "I can not be buried as I want?"

Amazing Collection

If you went to walk to Novy Arbat, the death museum is a place that should definitely be visited. There is simply no other such collection in Moscow. In addition to the unique curly coffins, in four halls you can see the most unusual exhibits collected from all over the world. These are multi-colored skulls, a ritual coach from England, skeletons, vessels for burial of internal organs and heads. In addition, here you can see urns for ashes from different countries and eras. The Museum of Death on Arbat offers a look at mock-ups of unusual tombstones and copies of dead men from various films.

Why was the death museum created?

The main advertising slogan of this institution is: "Come to us - be scared or laugh!" Indeed, it is impossible to call a museum an exceptionally gloomy and terrible place. Some of the exhibits are chilled. But still the main goal of the creators of the exposition is not to frighten the guests, but to surprise them. Most of the collection hints at the inevitability of the end, but calls for treating him calmly, with a grain of irony. What is the most informal and creative place in the capital? This, of course, Arbat. Moscow is a city in which a lot of different museums, but it is the exposition dedicated to death that can please an informal atmosphere. In this place each guest feels calm and relaxed. But at the same time the exposition can not be called exclusively entertaining. In addition to exhibits, there are information stands in the halls . Having studied them, you can learn many interesting facts about the funeral rituals of different countries and the attitude towards death in different cultures in general.

Address, mode of operation and cost

Anyone over 18 years of age can visit the museum. For ethical reasons, minors are not allowed to inspect the exposition even when accompanied by adults. The admission ticket costs 200 rubles. Exact address: Novy Arbat, 15, the museum of death has a noticeable sign, which it is impossible to pass. The exposition works daily from 12.00 to 0.00 hours, without days off and holidays. Attention: there is no organized excursion service in the museum, however, employees happily walk through the halls together with visitors and tell interesting facts and stories about the exhibits.

Guest Reviews

What do people who have already visited this unusual place say? Many museums of death attract, mainly because of its unusual and original. There are dissatisfied visitors who claim that there are very few exhibits and information in this institution, and the ticket is disproportionately expensive. Disappointed often and those visitors who go to the death museum with a desire to see something gloomy and mystical. However, for a one-time hike this place in any case fits perfectly. Inspection of the four rooms will not take too long, and the cost of entry is half that of an average movie ticket. So why not please yourself with new impressions and not go to the museum of death? The exhibits here are exhibited very different, and you will definitely like at least some of them. Do not forget to take a camera with you - the shooting is free and encouraged by the museum's management.

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