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Serial killer Richard Chase

Richard Chase - the famous vampire from Sacramento, was recognized as one of the most brutal killers in the world. Six of his victims were killed in the most perverted way, and the maniac used their blood, believing that only so he can exist.

It was after the capture of this criminal in crime appeared the term "disorganized serial killer", which is characterized by serious mental disorders and spontaneity of their actions. Richard himself was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but despite the mental disorder, he was sentenced to death.

Childhood of Richard Trenton

Richard was born on May 23, 1950 in Santa Clara, California, USA. The child was rather late, but already from an early age he suffered from his environment. My father drank and quite often beat young Richard, and his mother developed paranoia, because of which the family later broke up.

Since 10 years, like many future killers, Richard Trenton has a craving for mockery of animals. Thus, the child expressed his aggression on defenseless creatures, dismembered their bodies and even bitten off their heads. Also, for a long time the teenager had a problem with urinary incontinence, but the parents did not give the son's problems due attention. The environment did not accept Richard and preferred to ignore his deviations, just do not contact him, rather than treat him in special institutions.

Adolescent problems

Despite the rather pleasant appearance, the behavior of a teenager repelled peers. In high school, when opportunities appeared to be friends with girls, Richard realizes that he has serious problems with potency. Because of this, as well as the tense atmosphere at home, it's too early to use alcohol and drugs (marijuana, LSD).

Outwardly, many liked Richard Chase. The photos that have remained since the time of his youth, prove that the guy was, really, pretty. But this did not help him socialize.

Psychiatric hospitals in the life of a maniac

At the age of 18, when the problem with potency begins to seriously perturb the young man, he independently turns to doctors to find out the cause of his illness. There were no physical abnormalities, but after talking to a psychiatrist, it turned out that sexual dysfunction is associated with the suppression of aggression. Later it will be known that the sexual excitement of Richard Trenton Chase could only come from dismembering the bodies and eating the flesh of animals and humans.

At 24, his condition deteriorates sharply. The desire to kill animals becomes more obvious, and his frustration begins to frighten others. So, according to the patient, his blood turned into powder, and the heart regularly stopped. In order not to die, Richard decides that he needs to consume the blood of animals as a food. He used the internal organs of rats, rabbits, cats, dogs and birds raw or grind them with a mixer.

He enters the hospital in an inadequate state in search of someone who stole his pulmonary artery. The orderlies considered his behavior for an overdose of drugs and sent to a hospital. Then he once again enters the hospital after deciding to inject intravenously the blood of the rabbit he killed, according to the patient, the cause of his illness was that the animal drank acid from the battery before death. After the research, Richard is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

In the psychiatric hospital, the doctor's recommendations do not help much, presumably because of the prolonged use of drugs. From the clinic, he escapes, but in 1976 he enters the hospital for criminals "Beverly Mener."

In the same year, his mother was taken home from the clinic, which at that time had already divorced Richard's father. She believed that her husband wanted to poison her. In her opinion, doctors also want to kill her son, so soon he forbids him to use prescribed medications.

The mother frankly ignores the abnormal behavior of her son. She does not send him for treatment, but soon he buys Richard a separate apartment, where he moves to live.

Independent life

The future serial killer Richard Chase never worked and received benefits. Since then, as one begins to live, he stops washing and watching himself.

Because of the belief that, apart from blood, nothing will help him, he stops eating food and grows thin to 68 kg with a height of 180 cm. He cold-bloodedly kills animals. Even though he directly confesses to one of the owners that he ate his dog, because his body needs fresh blood, he is not sent for compulsory treatment.

At the same time Richard is interested in the biography of the Hillside Detractor and I am sure that they have similar fates: they are both victims of a conspiracy of Nazis and aliens.

In August 1977, near the Lake Pairamid Lake, the police discovered Chase's car, where they found a bucket of blood, beef liver and two rifles. Later it was possible to detain Chase himself: naked, smeared in blood, running along the beach. He is sure, his blood oozes through the skin.

Six months later, Richard acquires a pistol caliber 22, from which in the future will kill 6 people.

First victim

Chase loved to enter other people's houses. He had a clear position: "If the door is closed, no one waits for you there." In late December 1977, he comes to a strange house, where he shoots a woman in the kitchen. After a miss runs.

After 2 days, on December 29, kills a random passer-by. Richard drove down the street, where he saw 51-year-old Ambrose Griffin. The killer shoots directly from the window of his truck, 2 bullets hit the victim in the chest, Ambrose dies on the spot.

Richard killed a stranger not for any reason, but to test his strength. He admires the act and plans for the future. In the local newspaper he finds a note about his crime and keeps it in memory. Then no one knew who Richard Trenton Chase was. The photo of this criminal did not appear in the media soon.

A series of premeditated murders

On January 10, 1978, Richard Chase acquires cartridges for his weapons to "start hunting." A day later, he was met by Dawn Larson - a neighbor. Chase demanded a cigarette, but after that he did not let go until he got the whole pack. According to the girl, in his arms he carried 3 dogs.

January 21 was a very busy day in Richard's life. He tries to enter the neighbor's house, but the door is closed.

After that, he meets his former classmate Nancy Holden, who in the future will surrender him to law enforcement agencies. She does not recognize her classmate in the guy, but Richard himself calls his name and surname. After a brief and unpleasant conversation, Nancy leaves on her car.

Further, Richard rushes into the house of Robert and Barbara Edwards, but not finding anyone inside, arranges a pogrom. The young man steals the money of the spouses, defecates in a baby crib and urinates in a box with clothes. When Robert Edwards returns home, Richard is able to quickly escape.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the murderer Richard Chase enters the house of David and Teresa Wallen. The hostess went into the courtyard, and at this time the killer managed to penetrate inside. When Theresa came back, Richard immediately shot her three times.

The corpse of the pregnant housewife of the house maniac was dragged into the bedroom, where he raped him. After the end of the sexual intercourse, Richard opened the victim's stomach, cut out part of the organs, collected blood in a bucket and poured it into the tub. Going out into the street, he found dog feces, came back and put it in the mouth of the dead Teresa.

On the same day, the police unveiled the killer's marks, based only on their assumptions and the analysis of the crime. The media was worried about this incident, but no one linked him to the death of Ambrose Griffin.

The last murders of a maniac

January 27 Richard Chase continues his series of murders. Then his victims were four people: Evelina Mirot (38 years old), her son Jason (6 years old), her two-year-old nephew David Ferreire and their neighbor Dan Meredith. The latter was killed immediately when the maniac got into the house. After Chase went to the bathroom and killed Evelina. He took the body of the mistress to the room where he raped him, drank blood through the holes in his neck, and dismembered.

Jason stood up to the noise, then was killed. Then Richard killed David and then ate part of his brain. The killer was frightened by a knock from the ground floor, taking with him the corpse of the baby, he escaped in a family car. Neighbors saw him leaving that house and being able to describe the killer.

After the maniac perverted over the corpse of little David: he drank the insides of the baby through a straw made from the penis of a child.

Capture of a maniac

On February 1, Nancy Holden informs the police that she recognized the killer by a photo-identification - it's Richard Trenton Chase. After that, they begin the operation to catch him. Contact with him failed, and it was decided to establish surveillance for the apartment of the suspect.

When Richard left the house, he was detained by police on the way to the truck. He had a box with a 22-caliber pistol and bloody wallpaper.

During the search of the van and the apartment of the maniac, the remains of the victims, their personal belongings, the calendar plan for future murders were found.

The trial of a serial killer

Only in January 1979 the court declared Richard Chase guilty of six murders. Despite the arguments of the defense towards the inadequate mental health of the defendant, he is judged as a healthy person.

After 4 months, Richard sent to the prison "San Quentin", where he was to be executed in a gas chamber. During his stay there, he communicates with psychiatrists and talks about his hypotheses about the Nazis and aliens. His fault in the incidents does not recognize.

December 26, 1980 Richard Chase - maniac, murderer, psychopath, commits suicide, taking a lethal dose of psychotropic drugs.

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