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Why a child does not sleep well at night

For all parents, the dream of a child is perhaps the most valuable time, since it is during this period that they can fully rest before starting to learn the world again with their baby. But this is not always possible. Sometimes children arrange for parents to have sleepless nights. It is not worth paying attention to if this behavior is not systematic. Otherwise, over the problem: why does the child not sleep well at night? We need to think seriously.

Problems with sleeping in children are directly related to their age. So babies at night can suffer abdominal pain. If the baby feeds on breast milk, the mother should pay close attention to her diet and exclude all gas-producing products from her . These include cabbage, apples, legumes, fresh black bread. In case of feeding a child with special mixtures, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician about choosing a food of another manufacturer. Usually the colic stops on their own by 4 months, but until this time the baby can be given a fennel broth or special remedies, as well as a tummy massage.

The reason for the fact that a child does not sleep well at this age may be erupting teeth. This period you just need to wait out, as all the pain relievers give a short-term effect. Some recommend gum massage with ice, but this advice is not applicable in practice. The fact is that the child most often does not completely wake up at night, but is in a drowsy state. Such a massage at this time can finally wake him up and provide parents with several hours spent at the crib in unsuccessful attempts to put the baby to bed.

Another reason why a child does not sleep well at night can be that during the day he was not tired enough or there were some changes in his routine. So for some reason, Mom did not go with him for a day or evening walk or there was not the usual evening bath. All this could become an obstacle to a full night sleep of the child. This problem is easily eliminated by correcting the regime of the baby's day and does not require additional intervention from the doctors. A similar reason why a child does not sleep well at night is his emotional congestion during the day, related to communication with a large number of people or presence at some bright event. Children are very tired of strong emotions and impressions and therefore sometimes can not fall asleep because of this.

Much less often the reason why a child does not sleep well at night can be pathologies of the development of the central nervous system. This should inform the neurologist after a routine examination. If the mother is still concerned about the poor sleep of the baby, she can address this question to the pediatrician, who already decides about the expediency of sending the child to further examinations. Do not delay with a trip to the doctor, since it is much easier to prevent the disease than to treat it later.

In order for a baby to fall asleep and not be frightened when it wakes up, its retirement and inducement must occur in the same environment. That is, if he fell asleep in the light, he must wake up in the light. The solution to this problem was a night light, the dim light of which does not irritate the child's eyes and at the same time fights against darkness, which frightens many children.

If a child falls asleep badly, then it is necessary to work out a reflex, which promotes an early ascent to sleep. This can be done by performing the same actions on a daily basis before nighttime stowing at the same time. So the kid will understand that after a daily bath and feeding he must go to bed. It will be much easier for him to navigate in action. Do not be too scrupulous to treat his sleep, because the baby's body will tell him when and how much to sleep, parents just need to adjust this schedule a little.

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