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Section for children from 3 years for harmonious development

For a harmonious development the child needs physical activity. And here before parents there is a uneasy question on in what section to give the child in 3 years?

From what age

At an early age, pediatricians do not recommend giving the baby to sports clubs with heavy loads. Firstly, it may not be possible for a crumb, and it will form an incorrect perception of physical culture. Secondly, small children are more susceptible to viral diseases, and a visit to the team contributes to this.

Up to three years of age, the child does not need sections. For children from 3 years, you can find a useful and fascinating occupation.

Where to begin

The most important thing is to make the right choice. There are different sections for children from 3 years old. First of all, ask the child, and what he would like to do. If a crumb can not decide for himself, help him. To do this, find out which mugs are near your home. Attend classes as spectators, usually this is allowed by coaches. So the child can get an idea of a particular sport.

Selecting sports sections for children from 3 years old stands in their area. Tiring trips can discourage any desire to engage in, and for parents it is inconvenient.

If a child after several classes refuses to go to the section, ask about the reasons. Perhaps someone insults him or the coach makes comments too often. Encourage your baby, explain that very soon he will learn everything, that the result is achieved with time.

Often a child wants to drop a circle and do something else. Give him that opportunity. Let him try and seek an occupation to his liking.

Sections for children from 3 years old


This is one of the best options. Almost all children love water and are happy to play in it. So why not combine the useful with the pleasant? Especially since the swimming section for children from 3 years involves a visit together with parents. This is necessary for the safety of the baby. Swimming promotes the development of all muscle groups, it will teach coordination and increase resistance to infectious and viral diseases.

Aerobics or dancing

This option is suitable for both boys and girls. And if you have a son, be sure, in ballroom dancing without a pair, he will not remain. Boys are always missing in the dance hall. Such exercises are useful for the development of plasticity and a sense of rhythm. And if your crumbs have posture disorders, this kind of sport will help to cope with the problem.


A good option for the development of all muscle groups and endurance. A sense of rivalry will benefit and small victories will give the child self-confidence.

Figure skating

Perfectly develops coordination and possession of his body. Mistaken opinion that this sport is not for boys. Learning to stay on the ice, he may want to enroll in hockey or in the skating section.

Sports sections for children from 3 years are quite diverse. With caution, take this age to wrestling. Karate, judo, taekwondo are quite fashionable activities, but it's better to postpone them to the senior age.

How many sections can a child visit

First, select one option. Let the child be like a few months and get used to the new schedule of the day. If the kid does not get tired and wants to do something else, write it in another circle, it's better if the classes will be held on different days.

Do not be guided by the children of your friends, one and three or four sections are given easily, and the other and one is enough. Overwork is very dangerous at such a tender age. If you notice that the child is in a bad mood, become distracted, drowsy, reduce his physical activity, give up some activities. Otherwise, it can lead to nervous disorders and other diseases.

What you need to remember

Classes in the sports section should be fun and emotional satisfaction. If a child does not like this kind of sport - do not force him, all the same the result will be very low, and the kid will constantly be in a stressful situation.

You do not need to realize your unfulfilled dreams with the help of a child. After all, he is an individual, and his life goals may not coincide with yours.

Sections for children from 3 years old should be conducted not only by athletes, but by people with pedagogical education. Young children require special attention and attention. If you observe that the child is afraid of his coach and comes from a job depressed - change the circle.

After each lesson, ask the child how the training went, what he learned. Praise and encourage him, your support will help to cope with difficulties and give confidence.

Correctly selected section will help the child to be healthy and self-confident and will promote harmonious physical and psychological development.

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