Decorating your body. The meaning of the tattoo "fox"

Often, tattoos are made just like that, "if only it were." This approach is only bewildering, but still it is a private matter for everyone. Now let's talk about those who give special importance to each new drawing on their body. In particular, about people who want to decorate their skin with a fox image. What is the meaning of tattoo "fox"?

In China, this animal (it is called there only as "ku-li") is a symbol of longevity. This is one of the versions that reveals the importance of tattoo "fox". Also in this country the animal is endowed with some erotic properties. According to Chinese superstitions, women with such drawings on the body were dangerous and beautiful temptresses. This is another meaning of tattoo "fox". But not the last.

A separate "personality" is the nine-tailed fox. This image is often chosen by those wishing to make a tattoo. The animal has even its own history. In this case, the value of the tattoo "fox" is somewhat different from the previous descriptions.

Nine-tailed fox is a sacred, divine animal, but it is difficult to call it good, white and fluffy. The legend tells us that at the age of fifty, a fox can reincarnate in a person, disguising himself in this way and hiding his true identity from those around him. When this creature celebrates its centenary, it prefers to reincarnate into a beautiful and luxurious woman or oracle. Some foxes take on the appearance of a man in order to get in touch with a woman. The highest rank the fox acquires at the age of a thousand years. By this age, she becomes the owner of nine tails and a magnificent shiny golden fur. The voice of this fox, or rather her howl, resembles the crying of a small child. Spends his leisure this creature, hunting for man.

According to the beliefs, you can overcome the evil spells of this fox and defend yourself against its curse by eating its flesh.

In ancient China, the nine-tailed fox was presented in the form of a sensual beauty, into which the animal was transformed due to its perfect natural strength. Such a "fox" interfered with the prosperity of the country, and one day convinced the king of the need to arrange incredible in its extravagance of feasts, and this eventually led to the fall of the Yin dynasty.

Since its first victory, this insidious creature traveled a lot, destroying several countries along the way. "Fox" became the wife of the crowned Indian prince. After-wife of King Yin of the Zhou Dynasty. She, intending to go to Japan (which she managed to do), made her way to the boat of the Japanese representatives of the Tang dynasty, who were visiting then in China.

Once in the coveted country, the fox turned into a beautiful woman and took the name Tamanomoe. Soon she turned the head of the emperor Toba, and after a while he became incapacitated and spent the rest of his life in bed. But the creature did not manage to frolic for too long - her disguise and true nature were revealed because of the blue radiance coming from her body, and she was killed with the help of a magic mirror belonging to the storyteller Yin-Yang.

All the stories show this creature is by no means the best side, but in Japan the animal is considered sacred. In fact, unlike China and India, the nine-tailed fox appeared in this country and harmed the authorities only if the power of the emperor began to oppress people, animals and birds. And the nine tails of this creature are a symbol of future prosperity.

So keep in mind - if you decide to do a "fox" tattoo, its meaning can be different, and it's up to you to decide what is the point of investing and investing it at all. The location of it can be absolutely anything. Whether you make a tattoo "fox" on the leg, arm, back or other part of the body - the decision is yours.

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