Fashion 70-ies of the last century. Fashion history

A decade of bad taste was nicknamed the 70s with their incredible mixture of styles. But for some reason, not a single fashionable season passes, in which eminent designers are not nostalgic for this time. Elements or entire collections, exploiting the style of the 70's, appear with enviable constancy. So what is so beckoning in those, now already distant, years?

Fashionable everything that makes you different from others

In order to understand the fashion trends of a certain time span, in this case, decades, it is necessary to know what kind of generation lived and breathed. All social changes, new trends in culture, undoubtedly set the style and appearance. Fashion 70-ies primarily developed under the aegis of freedom and eclecticism, with the motto "Everything is possible!". Incredible mixture of styles: ethnic, safari, disco, hippie, etc. Is a distinctive feature of the decade. The history of fashion is unlikely to remember even more diverse and unlike any other period. The bet was made on a brightly emphasized individuality, but what it will be, everyone decides for himself. The place was found for everything - both for luxurious expensive couture outfits, and for cheap cotton things and pret-a-porter goods.

Designers during this period introduced the fashion for the length of midi and maxi for skirts and dresses. And if at first they were treated with caution and still preferred the mini, then by the mid-70's the trend became extremely popular.

For the first time there is such a thing as a basic wardrobe. Shops offer costumes with already successfully matched to them shirts, blouses, jumpers, skirts, etc. Increasingly, jeans have come to the forefront.

Hippie - the calling card of the 70's

The flowering of the hippie movement took place at the end of the sixties, and yet for the next decade this subculture still had a sufficiently strong position, which could not but affect the fashion. "Children of Flowers" preferred natural materials (cotton, linen, leather) and bright colors. A characteristic feature is the active use of folklore and ethnic motifs. And also worn and tattered jeans, denim vests, which have become one of the main attributes of this direction. But to think that the clothing of the 70s in the style of a hippie is an exclusively street direction is very erroneous. Confirmation of this - the work of famous designers of the time. For example, a legendary white shirt with embroidery, reminiscent of a robe, from Emmanuel Khan, or stylish dresses from Indian cotton with ethnic motives from Thay Porter. The carelessness of the hippy style has acquired a noble appearance. He found his admirers in all strata of society, regardless of social status and level of prosperity.

Eclectic clothing in the 70's

The progenitors of this fashion phenomenon can be called hippies. The roots of eclecticism are twofold and rest against either a lack of means, which led to an explosive mixture, or a desire to shock the people in any way. But, however that may be, the designers of the rules of the game accepted and the podiums filled with extravagant outfits. Among them, Yves Saint Laurent, who created a whole collection in the style of eclecticism using folklore motifs and black leather blouses. The history of fashion at this moment made a sharp turn from the usual and ordinary style to aggressively bright and provocative.

Disco style

A cheerful, light and carefree musical trend gave birth to an equally free from convention style. His integral part was tight-fitting leggings of bright, acid colors, shirts that ruffled in his eyes, shiny body and tops, ultra-short shorts. Add to this, and extremely daring makeup with an abundance of sequins and mother-of-pearl. The style of disco is practically a separate universe, a world of brilliance, bright colors and a combination of incongruous.

Glam-rock and punk culture in clothes

Fashion 70's, as already mentioned, is extremely rich in all kinds of trends and trends, styles. Glam-rock offered the world a game of floors and a unisex style. He harmoniously combines femininity and brutality, shocking and sexuality, defying the society. The materials in favor are black leather (matte or lacquered), metallized fabrics, velvet, as well as chiffon and silk, which adds an even greater contrast. Required attributes include spikes, rivets, fringe, zippers and simultaneously rhinestones and sequins. Its bright representatives can be called the legendary band Kiss (pictured), Gary Glitter, David Bowie, Mark Boan. These are scenic images that first shook England, and then the whole world.

The style of punk, we can say, was born with the light hand of M. McLaren, who in 1976 contributed to the debut of the band Sex Pistols. Their clothes were deliberately rough and torn, joined together by pins, which instantly, as they say, went to the people. And, by the way, it could be bought in the boutique of McLaren or W. Westwood.

70's Hairstyles

Freethinking and diversified trends in culture, including music, could not but affect not only clothes, but also hairstyles and make-up. In the 70s, the hairstyle ceased to be something obligatory, women began to choose what is convenient for them, practical, and most importantly - like it. Different styling and haircuts have become a reflection of individuality. The first thing associated with the 70's is noughts, they could be neat or hypertrophied. The second is curls and curls. In addition, for this time, characteristic hairdos, sideburns in men (thank you for this, E. Presley), voluminous bangs. Of all the diversity can be noted the extremely popular haircuts Gavroche, quads, pages and pixies. The fashion of the USSR in the 70's in terms of hairstyles was remembered by all the wild popularity of a chemical wave. To meet her it was possible on women of all ages.

Undoubtedly, the disco style was remembered by all the Afro hairstyle, as, for example, with the soloists of Ottawan and Boney M. Its popularity was not only a tribute to fashion, but also a measure of tolerance.

Elements wardrobe hails from the 70's

Each era can boast of some cult thing, not an exception and the 70-ies. First of all, it is, of course, a turtleneck. It was worn by absolutely everything: from schoolchildren of younger age to the leaders of large organizations and high-ranking individuals. The 70's they just gave her a second life. They put on a turtleneck almost with everything: with trouser suits, sarafans, skirts, vests, etc. Secondly - jeans. They have become a truly cult thing for more than one generation, their popularity has not faded to this day. In the 70s, jeans were completely different, from torn to hippy styles to expensive designer models. They firmly and permanently entered the wardrobe of all strata of the population, including individuals of royal blood.

Very popular were women's pantsuits, which were often supplemented with tunics, which was also a discovery and a fashionable find.

Fashion 70's in a new way

Everything new is, as you know, well forgotten old. Fashion makes coils, and the style of the 70's returns to us, albeit not in its original form, but changed and adapted, but still bright and catchy. Every year, designers create whole collections in retro style or take its individual elements. Not an exception and 2015-th. The style of the 70s is a true trend of the spring-summer season, which captured all the fashionable podiums in the world.

One of the main favorites is natural suede, which demonstrates the message to the ethnic culture and closeness to nature as well as possible. Luxury ponchos with hand embroidery or stylized coats, moccasins, light cotton dresses with vegetable prints are all that will be on the wave of popularity.

Do not ignore the style of the Boho, which was rich in the fashion of the 70's. Dresses and sarafans from light chiffon, easily flowing on the figure. All of them are decorated with traditional prints, embroidery, frills and folds.

And, of course, denim. Someone will object to this, that jeans were popular not only in the 70's. But in this season, those models are popular: a wide flared knee, an overstated waist, artistic cuts and scrapes, appliques and embroidery. Do not forget also about overalls that resemble working clothes, skirts, shirts and vests.

Fashion is a mirror of the mood of society, its priorities and interests. Such were the seventies - the time of searching for new horizons, readiness for future accomplishments, bright individualities. Fashion 70-ies of the twentieth century is unique, colorful and extremely heterogeneous, which allows modern designers to return to her ideas and draw inspiration from them again and again.

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