Rose Tattoo: What does this mean?

Tattooing is a great opportunity to distinguish yourself against the background of other people. And although to date, various patterns and images on the body of anyone not particularly surprised, self-expression has not yet been repealed. Quality art tattoo will always be noticeable. It reflects the inner world of the owner of this drawing, can even slightly reveal hidden attachments and desires. The tattoo of a rose is considered one of the most popular. This image is very often seen not only on girls, but also on guys. Why do many people prefer this particular tattoo and what is its meaning?

We note at once that the symbols of prisoners will not be considered. The artistic tattoo has nothing to do with prison culture. Therefore, do not abandon such an elegant and beautiful tattoo only because of the prejudiced attitude of others. The same opinion will be expressed to you by a professional master.

What does a rose tattoo mean? In fact, there are many options. This flower often adorns tombstones and monuments, symbolizing eternal memory, imperishability and unfading life. A broken rose means sorrow, sadness, loss and loss.

In Egypt, this magnificent plant has always been considered a symbol of the feminine principle, motherhood. The Italians associated the rose with the onset of a warm sunny spring and prosperity. But in China, the rose has become a symbol of contentment and excess. Japanese interpretation is somewhat different. In this case, the tattoo of a rose means tenderness, pride and power. In the west, this flower is equated with the lotus. In Russia, a rose is considered a paradise plant. And pronounced sharp spikes symbolize the victim and the agony.

You can easily find a wide variety of sketches of tattoos. Roses on them, as a rule, sometimes have rather unusual colors. And it also carries a special meaning. A yellow rose means fun and joy. Red - passion, desire, sensuality. Bordovan - harmony. Gold is inner perfection. White - innocence, purity, purity of thoughts, desires and actions. In combination with a red rose, the tattoo takes on the meaning of the unity of opposites. Orange flower means energy. Pink - a recognition, gratitude. A lighter shade of the flower speaks about the friendliness of its owner, as well as the romanticism. A rose tattoo, made in blue, characterizes a person as a creative and non-ordinary person. Dreamers prefer blue flowers. But a black rose carries in itself, if not sinister, then quite definitely a negative meaning. This tattoo speaks of sadness, longing, close acquaintance with death, loss and deprivation.

The image of a rose on a man does not say anything about his femininity. In ancient Persia, the rose was considered a symbol of the stronger sex. In addition, this flower often appears in the style of old-school. The tattoo of a rose in a man is considered a symbol of loyalty and honesty, as well as a strong love affection for one partner. But if the flower is depicted with sharp spikes, then, most likely, the person has repeatedly burned into relationships.

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