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The territory of strangers

"Alien" alternatives.

The group "Another's territory" was formed in August 2005, in the city of Shakhty. Originally it was beautiful and melodic music. However, melody has not gone away and now, over time acquiring a more aggressive and hard sound, adding drive to live performances.

Initially, the group was a participant in all rock events held in their hometown. Over time, appeared in other areas of the Rostov region, participating in rock festivals held in the cities of Gukovo and Millerovo. Speaking in Taganrog, "Another's Territory" takes the first place in the competition "Carnations of the Fatherland".

Now, the guys led by vocalist Lyudmila, actively perform in Rostov rock clubs, as well as, from time to time, calls in the capital. There they were noted in the clubs "BREAD" and "LENTYA".

Over time, the composition of the team, as well as the style of the group. Musicians themselves call this: "something like an alternative punk))".

At the moment the structure includes:

Alexander Ryndin - solo guitar;

Dmitry Korobetsky - bass guitar and backing vocals;

Lyudmila Filonova - vocals;

Mikhail Berezhnoy - rhythm guitar;

Konstantin Kostin - percussion;

Sergey Medzhitov is a sound engineer.

Official community:

On the next embroilment "Ч.Т.", which took place in the Rostov rock club "Podzemka" on December 28, 2011, I managed to communicate with the frontman (or rather the "front-gel") of the collective, Filonova Lyudmila.

Q: The most standard question: what do you think about your music and who writes you the texts?

L: The style of the group is diverse, in one word and you will not. Although, there are songs that are not included in the designation of "alternative punk". The lyrics for the songs I write, well, the music is done by the guys, already at the rehearsals.

Q: In any case, it is believed that the style is determined by listeners and critics. The task of musicians is to make interesting and high-quality music. By the way, can you listen only at concerts?

L: Yes, at the moment we do not have any court records. We plan to do it closely, only the studio has not been chosen yet. Now there is only a couple of clips, shot by joint efforts. They can be found on the web, at By the way, we sent one of them to the first alternative. So, for the sake of laughter ...

Q: I guess the process of filming was fun?

L: When the clip for the song "Soldier" was filmed, the case took place in the quarry of the village "20 Years of the Red Army". There was a terrible wind, and the drummer brutally jabbed a plate on the head. Then the gypsies rushed to the music, danced at the top of the quarry.

Q: The Gypsies are the most terrible thing that was on the shooting?

L: It happens and is more interesting. For example, a clip for the song "Artist" was filmed in the old building of the former club in the attic. Then, with great difficulty, the drum set was dragged there . The process itself was fun, as someone called the "02" and they came to understand. But when they found out that we were musicians, they offered help in case someone ran into them.

Q: And yet everything went smoothly?

L: Lyapov, of course, was a lot and rzhacha too. For example, it was an attic in a decrepit building. The place we chose was everything on the holes. Even it was scary to walk. A place for the drummer - especially. We then put some boards, and all the time we were afraid that the drummer would not fall down together with the installation. By the way, there were mystical moments. In the song itself is sung about the ghost. When we looked at the material, the film showed a lot of strange spots, strongly resembling someone's silhouette.

Q: A new year has come , let's hope it's not the last. What are your plans for 2012? Maybe you are friends with some bands and plan joint performances?

L: The plans are as follows: to go to Moscow, to play more in the native Rostov region, of course, to record the song and make a normal video for it. With bands, of course, we are friends. This is the Rostov "AREA-61"; Shakhty groups "NARVASADAT", "GROUP A" and "MO". From the first there were proposals for joint performances. By the way, we recently learned that there is another group with the same name in St. Petersburg. However, we can call both "Another's Territory" and "Territory of Aliens". In any case, we are not them, and differ in sound and content.

Q: Finally: what can you say to people who are going to visit your concerts?

L: Everyone who is going to our concert wants to say: "Thank you for your support!". And also for spending your time on us. "Territory of Aliens" promises a great performance and a powerful live sound. No one will regret, see you soon!

Vitaly Molohov.

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