The most popular varieties of cherries

The best varieties of cherries are divided into two large groups: amorel and sea. Morels are characterized by sweet-sour or sour fruits of burgundy or red flowers, whereas amoruli have a reddish or light pink tinge. Cherry varieties differ among themselves in the size of berries, color, content of sugars and carboxylic acids. Before planting a cherry you need to determine the cultivar of the berry to be grown. Below we will consider the best varieties of cherries.

Vladimirovskaya . Fruits ripen in early August. This is a medium-yielding bush cherry. Fruits are dark red and characterized by sweet and sour taste. High yield is achieved due to pollinators of other varieties, fruits are well transported. The most suitable varieties for pollination are Rastunya, Zhukovskaya, Polevka, Lyubskaya.

The bottle is pink and Cherry vole is a variety characterized by high yield. Fruits ripen in July. Berries are medium in size, red, sweet and sour. The pink bottle is characterized by an average frost resistance, whereas Polevka is a winter-hardy cherry variety. And quite well tolerates temperature changes and severe winter frosts. The best varieties for their pollination are Lyubskaya, Shubinka, Vladimirovskaya.

The consumer goods are black . This variety is characterized by an average yield. Cherry fruits - black or dark red, have a characteristic aroma and sweet and sour taste. Winter-resistant, prefers sun and warmth. Other varieties of cherries are used as pollinators: Moscow Griot, Shubinka, Rastunya, Vladimirovskaya, Lyubskaya, and others.

It should be taken into account that any cherry varieties are derived for a certain climatic zone. Therefore, it is best to purchase a cherry bred at the nearest experimental stations or breeding institutes. For each region there are their best varieties of cherries. So, for the northwestern regions it's the Urozhaynaya, Krasnopakharskaya, Vladimirovskaya new and Leningrad fast-waves. In this territory, it is possible to grow cherry varieties that are bred in the Republic of Belarus (Kistevaya, Malinovka, Novodvorskaya, Octava).

For the central Chernozem, the best cherry varieties are Morozovka, Zhukovskaya, Lebedinskaya, Ryazanochka, Diana, Griot Michurinsky, Farmer, Shokoladnitsa, Vavilov's Memories, Tamaris, Turgenevka, Rosa, Molodezhnaya and Rovesnitsa.

The cherry variety Zhukovskaya is especially popular. Characterized by increased winter hardiness. The height of the tree is about three meters. From one tree collect up to 20 kg of cherries. Fruits slightly elongated, large dark red or black. The fruit is characterized by high taste qualities.

High-yielding variety - Turgenevka. From one tree collect up to 25 kg of fruit. These are wonderful berries for the preparation of jam, juices and compotes.

In the south, such cherry varieties as Rossoshnaya Chernaya, Effektnaya, Griot Rossoshansky, Black Large, Surprise, Garland, Nadezhda, Khutorianka are popular.

Planting and caring for a cherry

The tree can bear fruit for 15 years. Cherry prefers sandy loam soil with a pH of about 7.0. Groundwater should lie at a depth of one and a half meters or more. Landing is best done in autumn until early October, and in spring in April. When planting a seedling, it is necessary to excavate a pit 50x50 cm. In the middle of it, a peg is driven in, and then a prepared mixture of soil that contains humus, superphosphate (40 g), potassium chloride (25 g), ash (1-2 g) is covered. If there is clay soil on your site, you need to add ten kilograms of sand. When the seedling is lowered into the pit, its root neck should be three cm above the ground level. Roots are covered with soil, while it is slightly compacted. After that, the tree is watered with water, the temperature of which is about 20 degrees. After watering, the trunk is tied to a peg and sprinkled with a 3-cm layer of humus by a layer of humus three months thick. In the summer, loosening of the stump is performed. In the autumn period, dig the earth around the cherry tree to a depth of 20 cm. To increase the yield, the cherry should be watered during the active vegetation.

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