How and with what to wear a magnificent skirt? Advice to women of fashion

For several years in the fashion - lush skirts. These models allow women to feel like real princesses. There is a question about what to wear a magnificent skirt. After all, the wrong combinations of wardrobe elements can create a so-called carnival appearance. So with what to wear a magnificent skirt, so that this does not happen? Complementing it, things need to be selected wisely.

With what to wear a lush skirt of retro style?

The past century does not leave fashionable contemporary designers alone. Women's lush skirts are a retro style of the 60's. Sophistication and femininity of images incredibly attracts people around. The main thing is to know what to wear a magnificent skirt.

And this is not the only important point. If in the Middle Ages the sign of female attractiveness and dignity was a magnificent and spacious hem to the very floor, then in the 50's Christian Dior introduced a shortened version of the fashion. Unusual and a combination of various styles, the constant addition of onions with new styles, cut lines, mixing of textures and fabrics has brought a magnificent skirt incredible popularity.

Combine such a model can be with classical things, and with youth cottage elements of the wardrobe. It all depends on what the image you are creating is for. You can choose a style for the office, and for relaxing with friends.

Short and long models

With what to wear a magnificent skirt and what should it be? First, it's all about length. Short models in combination with a bright light top are ideal for friendly parties. A business suit requires a long skirt. And this is not necessarily a retro style, requiring stylish hair styling, makeup and various attributes of the past era.

For office style

So, first, consider the image of a business woman. With what to wear a magnificent skirt below the knee? As a rule, they are made of crepe de chine, dense silk, satin, satin or jacquard. Colors are chosen classical - beige, white, black, green, blue, red. The bow is complemented with a jacket in combination with a top or silk blouse.

By the way, in fashion today, lush skirts in polka dots are slightly below the knee. They are made of dense fabrics, because they perfectly hold their shape. A variegated top to such models does not fit. The perfect companion in this ensemble is a monophonic blouse in the tone of a pea or a main canvas.

Long lush skirts have one important advantage. For a short model mini requires the presence of beautiful slender legs and the corresponding age of the fashionista. Well, a long skirt is able to balance the figure with any flaws. Excess weight can be hidden and visually make the silhouette feminine and subtle.

For walks

For relaxation with friends modern designers offer women a variety of options. In fashion today, the most diverse styles and materials from which they are performed. You can stay on a strict model of cashmere black or blue. It will look great with a white blouse with a vest.

Well, you can choose a freer style - with frills, folds, side cuts, additions in the form of a wide belt or Basques. Materials used are very different. It remains only to pick up the top. For example, with what to wear a lush skirt to the knees, made of delicate guipure or light chiffon? It will look great bright light blozochka or top. For cool weather skirts of fine knitwear, combined with more restrained blouses, will suit.

Black and white

One more thing. In the fashion, of course, there are white and black models. They allow you to create a retro-image without much difficulty. Do not think long over what to wear a white fluffy skirt or black. In combination with a monochrome turtleneck, a light handkerchief on the neck, suitable for color, and a lush hair style in the style of the 60s, they will look just great.

However, if you want to look more modern and stylish, you can include your imagination. Classic colors make it possible to combine skirts with a wide variety of tops, tones and accessories.

Image integrity

Modern stylists give women a lot of advice on what to wear with a fluffy midi skirt, mini or maxi. But the most important thing is to observe integrity in the image you create. That is, you need to pay attention to every detail, even the smallest. Up to the underwear. Of course, he can not be seen from under his clothes. However, in the perception of its image, it allows you to feel a special harmony. To a magnificent skirt is to choose a bra with the effect of "push-up". It will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the line of your breasts. In addition, the lush bottom of the created image will balance. And one more important point. In order for the waist to look like an "aspen", it is desirable to stay on a rigid corset with a wide belt.

Fashion trends of the current season

To date, various designers often disagree about what to wear lush skirts with. Photos in modern fashion magazines offer women a variety of images. If a couple of years ago, stylists recommended wearing such models with tops and short jackets, for an advantageous underline of the waistline, this year everything changes. For example, a loose wide bottom is proposed to be combined with shapeless jackets and oversized sweaters. It looks at first glance rather cumbersome. But some details allow you to balance the bow, retaining the fragility and elegance of the female figure. The jacket or sweater in this case will complement the wide belt. However, if you have problems with overweight, this method should not be used. Otherwise, the effect creates an even greater formlessness and bulkiness of the figure.

So what should the owners of magnificent forms do? They should pay attention to tight-fitting turtlenecks and fitted blouses. With a properly selected brassiere, the appearance of the woman will be simply magnificent. But thin belts are not recommended in this case. Otherwise, you will create the impression of a so-called "overtaken sausage". But a wide skirt-sun with a white or beige blouse and a wide leather belt will look just perfect. Turtlenecks, shirts and blouses are always refueled. Waistcoats, cardigans, pullovers, sweaters and jackets are put on top of the skirt.


So, let's sum up. Lush skirts have firmly strengthened their positions in the modern fashion world. This is - not up to the holes of the well-worn plot "black bottom and white top". Especially if you show a little imagination when creating your image. With what to wear a magnificent skirt to look bright and colorful? What tricks to show? In no case should not forget about accessories. The role of color accents will perfectly play a variety of handbags, belts, ties, neck scarves and, of course, shoes.

The most advantageous option for the formation of everyday image and in the spring-summer, and in the autumn-winter period is, of course, a black skirt. It all depends on what material it is made of. With what to wear a magnificent black skirt from light, flying, flowing fabrics? Quite impressive compositions are obtained in combination with blouses in a multi-colored strip or flower.

But in the bright spring and hot summer days, a white fluffy skirt is perfect. On cloudy autumn days, with the right choice of top, a white model in black peas will be appropriate.

Particular attention should be paid also to the choice of shoes. Here limits and boundaries do not exist even for the most daring decisions. In modern street style, more and more often there are different dresses in combination with sports shoes. Did not become an exception and a magnificent skirt. It will look great with slipper-shoes on a thin hairpin and with sneakers on a massive platform. Winter and autumn are recommended to wear boots, boots-pipes and Cossacks. A good combination of skirt and ankle boots. They perfectly underline the grace of the female ankle.

In a word, a wide lush skirt is an excellent element of the women's wardrobe. Correct combination of it with other things will allow you to look simply amazing. Do not even doubt that the views of the surrounding men will be riveted to you.

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