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John Kennedy: A Short Biography

Kennedy is one of the most famous and famous presidents of America. The years of his reign - from 1961 to 1963, when he was killed. Kennedy was a participant in the war of 1939-1945, as well as a member of the Senate.

Childhood and youth

According to the local American tradition, he was called Jack. For the first time he was elected to the Senate at the age of 43 years. In the history of the States he was the youngest president. John Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in a small town called Brookly in the family of Catholics. He was the second child in the family.

As a child, John Kennedy was very frail physique, often sick, and because of scarlet fever, even almost died. When he grew up, many women, on the contrary, were crazy about him. When the boy was ten years old, his family moved to a twenty-room house. At school, the future president was distinguished by rebellious spirit, and his academic performance left much to be desired. Despite the fact that John Kennedy Jr. was very often sick, he continued to work hard in sports.

After graduation from school, he entered Harvard University, however, he stayed there for a short time because of health problems. Back in the States, Kennedy continues training - now in Princeton. Soon he falls ill, and doctors diagnose him: leukemia. Kennedy does not believe in doctors, and later they themselves admit that they have diagnosed the diagnosis incorrectly.

Journey through Europe and participation in hostilities

In 1936 John Kennedy returned to Harvard University. In summer, he travels to European countries, which further spurs his interest in politics and international relations. According to the patronage of his father, the future president gets acquainted with the head of the Catholic Church - Pope Pius XII.

Despite his poor health, Kennedy takes part in hostilities, which lasted until 1945. At the front, he takes an active part in the battles, showing courage when rescuing a boat sunk by enemy troops. And after the dismissal from the armed forces, he takes over the work of a journalist.

The beginning of political career

In 1946 John F. Kennedy was elected to the House of Congressmen. Then the same post is dealt with by him three more times. In 1960, his candidacy was first nominated for the presidency of the country, and, finally, in 1961 he became the head of the United States. Many of Kennedy's contemporaries were impressed by his determination, intellect and wisdom in governing the country. For example, Kennedy was able to achieve a ban on nuclear testing. He also conducted many popular reforms and became an amateur of the whole nation.

Personal life of the president

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was married to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, who was younger than him for 12 years. Instead of flowers and candy, Kennedy gave her books, which he himself considered the most valuable. Their wedding took place in the city of Newport. Subsequently, the Kennedy family had four children. However, the oldest girl and the youngest boy were killed. The average daughter Caroline became a writer. Son John died in tragic circumstances in a plane crash.

John Kennedy also had a large number of extramarital affairs. Among his passions was Pamela Turner, who worked as a spokesman for his wife Jacqueline. An aristocrat from Sweden Gunilla von Post described her relationship with the president in the book. Also the notorious Marilyn Monroe had a connection with Kennedy.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Death

Before the upcoming elections in 1963, Kennedy began a series of trips around the country. November 21, 1963, his procession was on the streets of Dallas. Exactly half a first day three shots rang out. The first bullet went right through, and also caused the wounding of the governor of Texas. One more shot hit the head and became fatal.

Within five minutes the president was taken to the hospital. But the doctors were powerless against such wounds, and it was already about one o'clock in the afternoon that the death of the president was reported. The Governor of the State of Texas, John Connaly, survived. After two hours, the police arrested the suspect in the murder - Lee Harvey Oswald, and two days later he was shot by Jack Ruby, whom the authorities suspected of having links with the Mafiosi. Ruby was sentenced to death.

But, having filed an appeal, he managed to get a pardon. The date of the new court has not yet been set, as Ruby discovered an oncological disease. He died in January 1967. There are many versions on which John Fitzgerald Kennedy could have been killed. According to one of them, the massacre of the president was a response to his program to combat organized crime.

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