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Touching words to my mother from her daughter. Congratulations with your own words

Birthday - an excellent occasion to please the most precious person in the world - Mom. An integral part of any holiday will be congratulation. The text will tell how it should be and how to compose it.

Muse for poets

Famous writers of the world dedicated their poems to their mothers. From domestic writers about the parents wrote Sergei Yesenin, Marina Tsvetaeva, Eduard Asadov.

Each work - a masterpiece, because these works - not just rhymed lines, and a piece of the soul of geniuses.

A good gift will be a verse to my mother from her daughter. To tears of happiness and joy touches his own creativity. But if you lack the talent of the poet, you can read what others have written. A heartfelt and warm poem to the world was presented by a little-known talent Leonid Mikhailovsky. His song, beginning with the words "In the course of time has grown up, in feelings more strict" - a real ode to motherly kindness. Work glorifies feelings for women and expresses gratitude for unlimited love. Ode can be a great greeting or a toast.

Lullaby - the anthem of childhood

A very sensual gift is a poem to my mother from her daughter. Until the tears of sincerity and gratitude, he will only finish if he is uttered with all his heart. Particularly gentle and precise words were written by Victor Gin. In his work the man talks about simple, but such important things for each person, as lullabies. His poem "Have you sung songs for a long time" is a sadness for childhood that you can not bring back. The author is satisfied with everything, he is confident in the road he has chosen. The only thing that he lacks in adult life - the amount of maternal heat that was before. His work is a gratitude for sincere feelings.

An appendix to this poem can be a song to mom from her daughter. You can perform a lullaby, which only you and the two of you know. It will be a real surprise that will be remembered for a long time.

Thanks for the beauty

When a child is asked who he thinks is the most beautiful in the world, he answers - to his mother. And this is not surprising. For each baby, his mother is beautiful externally, the standard of style.

Beauty of native people does not go away. The poet Alexander Tvardovsky also talked about this. His work can be used as a poem to his mother from an adult daughter. The author uses ordinary comparisons to extol the woman. The virtuoso notes that the years do not concern her. Poetry "Your beauty does not grow old" will not only be a pleasant compliment, but also a harmonious literary pause that will tear you away from everyday life.

Tell your mother, as she, you can and in your own words. Use the following text: "Dear and lovely mother! You have always been for me a model of beauty! Ever since I was a child, I tried on your shoes and pulled the lipstick out of my purse to make up my lips and look like you. I'm very glad that I have your smile and look. Every day I thank the Lord that I have not only got your eyes, but also a part of your wonderful, clean and great soul. "

Prose congratulations or poems to my mother from an adult daughter - it does not matter. The main thing is that words come from the heart and carry emotional coloring.

The magic of poetry

Do you want to write a poem yourself? But do not you have a talent for a poet or ideas for content? Do not worry, there are several ways that you can make up a few bars.

The process is not at all like chemical bonds and mathematical equations. In order to master the art, you do not need to learn for years and cram the volumes of textbooks. Genius lives in the middle of each of us. In order to wake up the poet, one should only prepare well.

The first step to making rhymed words of gratitude to my mother is someone else's work. Long and carefully read the works that famous and talented poets wrote. Through a dozen verses your mind will be tuned to creativity, and phrases themselves will be born. You just have to write them down until they leave your head.

You can also try to rewrite the work of another author in your own words. First replace one turn, then a line. This system will help you to keep not only the rhyme, but also the size.

Another way - select the phrases you want to see in the text. Later try to put them into sentences. Then - in the rhymed columns.

In any case, you will fill up the vocabulary and tune in to a positive wave, which will help to write a touching greeting to my mother. From the daughter of any verse will be heartfelt and successful.

Perfect melodic congratulations

Supplement your congratulations with songs. Today it is very easy to find the text and the phonogram. If you have a voice and a rumor, you can safely sing to the native person.

Melody should be selected depending on the age of the performer and birthday girl. If the daughter is small, then a children's song from a cartoon or a fairy tale will suit her. One of the best options - a soul motive from the picture "Mom for mammoth". Words from this tape are very light, familiar to everyone, and most importantly - reflect childlike tenderness.

The ideal song for my mother from her daughter, who is already an adult, is "Happy Birthday". Artist - "Freestyle". In it the basic scheme of relations of these two people is collected. The melody is simple, but the text contains all the necessary elements for congratulations: sensuality, life example and wishes.

From the heart

In order to write a few lines, you can not have musical and poetic talents. It's enough just to successfully put together what you feel. You can use a funny children's story, lovely memories.

Very touching words to my mother from her daughter: "Today is an unusual day. The most dear to me a person all over the world celebrates an anniversary. Now we celebrate not just one more date of birth, but the victory of good, light and sincerity over all life troubles. My mother is a person who does not stop at problems. Its power and wisdom are unrivaled. Let the fire burning in you, and illuminating everything around us, never fade. "

It would also be appropriate: "Our life costs nothing without battles. All we have is a difficult job. But you have taught us how to fight injustice. So may God grant you many more years for the kindness and love that you gave us. Let the Almighty bless you, because all that we have is your merit. With the anniversary, Mom! " From the daughter it will sound very good.

The basis of success is rehearsal

Another nuance, which should not be forgotten, is intonation. In order for the surprise to succeed and the song or speech fascinated the audience, you should carefully prepare.

To do this, retell the text several times in front of the mirror. You can also write down words to a dictaphone or take pictures of yourself to the camera. This will help to look at the speech from the side and find the gaps in the room. After that, you can easily fix the errors, rewrite the text. If you are not sure what words you want to read to your beloved mother, like her, then you can enlist the support of relatives.

Poem or speech supplement with a light melody or photos. Especially bright it will look in a large circle of guests. Take care that the performance is not too long, because then he can lose his lightness and turn into a boring lecture.

The Legend of the Angel

No less touching words to my mother from her daughter - a parable. The story begins with the fact that the toddler who should be born spoke to the Creator in heaven. The child was afraid of a new world, which should get to, because he says to the Most High:

"I feel so warm and well here now." With You I am happy and have fun. They sing songs and smile. And how will I live on earth, because I do not know anything?

- An angel will take care of you, who will give joy and happiness. He sings lullabies. And from his smile will be fun and you, - answered the Lord.

"But I do not know human speech!" Protested the child. "And how will I speak to You?"

"The angel will carefully teach you not only words, but prayers, with which we will talk.

"It's dangerous on the ground!" The baby cried in horror. - Who will protect me from trouble?

"The angel will keep your peace even at the cost of his own life," the Creator said.

Remained a few seconds before birth, and the kid asked:

"My God, what is the name of my guard?"

"His name is Mom," answered the Almighty.

Hearty congratulations

This simple legend - the most touching words to my mother from her daughter. But the main advantage of the parable is sincerity and warmth. By the way, after the story, the following text will be relevant: "I was lucky to have not only a heavenly angel, but also an earthly one. His goal is to bring me happiness. This is my mom. A lot of kind and merciful people I have met in life, but none of them can compare with you. Your love is unlimited, it is able to heal, both bodily and spiritual wounds. You are bottomless and you will always find the time to comfort me. Today I wish you only one thing: never leave me. "

These touching words to my mother from her daughter will be appropriate only in the event that there is time for such a long speech. The last text can be voiced without a parable.

Celebration as an excuse to remember the main thing

Remind mother of her love should not only be her birthday. Take care, respect and cherish your native person every day and hour. There is no greater joy for the old woman than the attention of her adult children. A basic call and visit is more expensive than imported gifts.

To your beloved mother give so much time, feelings and patience, how many received in the childhood.

Do not wait for a holiday or an occasion. Bring a bouquet of wildflowers right now. Tell me how you love, thank for caring, kiss. Fate develops in different ways. She gives one a long life to one, while another counts a short time. And before it does not end, the main thing is to understand that the hour of talking with parents is a hundred times more expensive than the same time in front of the computer monitor or the TV screen.

A holiday is an occasion not only to say words of gratitude to your mother, but also to understand her role in your life.

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